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Wednesday, December 14, 2022



Mike said...

The GQP and Faux news will find something wrong with this.

Dave Miller said...

Mike... without any irony, some clown will say... remember when presidents went away quietly and just kept QUIET during subsequent administrations? Don't we have ONE PRESIDENT AT A TIME!!!

And yes, I speak Mothership lingo.

Les Carpenter said...

Love this guy. Reminds me of my father. And the beautiful thing is he's black, i'm white. So, if the GQP & Faux snooze find fault... who gives a fuck.

Anonymous said...

My mom and I were talking about how this awful day ten years ago would change things. And it did but not as we hoped.

The helpers were there, former President Obama meeting with as many of the families as he could. The pictures of him from that day revealed a man filled up with sorrow. His empathy and kindness was a blessing for so many.

In addition to the helpers we got to watch as a specific group of humans dove into the greed, lies, and hatred that has defined human history for too long (looking at you A. Jones).

It occurred to me that each of us has a choice to make. As Ezekiel Jones declares, I’m not proud that I’m a thief, I’m proud that I’m the best thief ever which to me means choose to use my gifts (whether light or dark) for The Good of All and May It Harm None.

My resolve after that day is to continue to choose. Each day I acknowledge the darkness and light within me and set my focus on the grey, a balance between the two. Imagine our world if more humans did the same.

When we know better we do better.

Grey One Talks Sass on my phone

Dave Miller said...

Thank you Grey... your statement "Each day I acknowledge the darkness and light within me and set my focus on the grey, a balance between the two. Imagine our world if more humans did the same" rings so true.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Mike, Dave M., Les, and Grey One Talks Sass

I'll never forget that day.

The fact that nothing was done about weapons of war after the slaughter of the innocents made me realize that this country will never recover from its gun culture illness.

I'm just glad I live in a state that has strict gun laws. In fact, the states with the most lenient gun laws have the highest rates of firearm deaths. The states with the strictest gun laws have the lowest.

There IS a correlation. But the NRA, corrupt pols (Dems and Republicans) refuse to see it.

The rest of the world thinks we are stupid on this issue and don't care about how many children die each year because of our lax gun laws.

Death from firearms is now the leading cause of fatalities in children and teens. Not disease.

What kind of country tolerates that year after year?

It's difficult to repeat "America is the greatest country in the world" knowing this country (those in power) choose to live with the fact that its idiotic gun fetishes kill more children and teens every year than does any childhood disease.

What a country!

Les Carpenter said...

Only in America Shaw. Only in America. Whether anyone wishes to acknowledge it or not America's gun problem stems from willful and abject ignorance. And, the guru(s) of ignorance is the NRA. They have a lot of sheeple supporting their ignorance. By doing nothing to counteract and reduce the problem essentially means the NRA and those supporting the current ignorance the NRA preaches are complicit in the horrifying statistics you noted.

Shaw Kenawe said...

This country has had to work its way through many injustices and face up to its complicity in prolonging those injustices.

I don't know when America will get the courage to fix this very fixable problem.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"When your supporters think like middle schoolers, sell them middle-school stuff!"