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Monday, May 17, 2010


Liberty University, for giving a self-identified rodeo clown an honarary degree and allowing him to slobber while mouthing meaningless platitudes and stupid disjointed one-liners, or Glenn Beck himself, who outdid himself again in his galumphing nincompoopery. 

It is especially hilarious to hear the clown say this:  "Anyone who wants to take your choice away is evil."

So anti-choice people are evil, Glenn?  Of course we don't expect a dimwit to actually think about what he's saying.  But thanks Glenn for telling the LU audience you think anti-choice is evil.

"Labels are meaningless."  says Beck, who called the President a racist.

And finally, his last bit of advice to the LU graduates: 

"Someone you meet today is afraid or suffering. Find them. Find them everyday and comfort them.   Shoot to kill!" 

This is Beck's idea of cutting wit and incisive wisdom. 

Glenn never disappoints those who expect him to always act like a braying jackass on acid.

Oh and apparently Liberty U.'s Seminary President, Ergun Caner, is a fraud.

More here on Caner.

Glenn.  It's Time for You to Stop All of Your Sobbing!


Leslie Parsley said...

Oh my God! Can you hear me screaming all the way up there?
He's going to outdo Jim Baker.

"Someone you meet today is afraid or suffering. Find them. Find them everyday and comfort them. Shoot to kill!"

Shoot to kill? What the eff?

Shaw Kenawe said...


The man is unbalanced. And stupid.

A lethal combination, but it's what makes someone a celeb with the Fringies.

He has said that we should not believe anything he says.

Liberty U. gave an honorary degree to a walking fraud, and subjected their "graduates" to a garbled, unfocused, rambling waste of words.

The stupider their clowns are, the more they love them.

Sue said...

mmmmmmm, I'm listening to the moron woman and the rodeo clown right now on Olbermann. Hideous, simply hideous. Makes me want to flee this country, I can't stand these people!!

TAO said... can't flee, you can't are surrounded by them...

They are everywhere...

Sue said...

it's like Michael Jacksons Thriller video, they are everywhere, coming at us, these hideous people!!

RJ said...

During the speech Glenn Beck [excuse me, Dr Beck] cries a lot and in getting ready for his speech to the NRA later in the day, tells this group of aliens that they should "shoot to kill!"

Though Dr. Beck is a Mormon who believes Jesus is from Albany NY and this evangelical fundamentalist crowd could care less as they share the essence of what Dr Beck is about: an overwhelming, neurotic visceral hatred of liberals, progressives, Democrats, Atheists, Homos and of late, Mexicans!

Shaw Kenawe said...

And Beck may very well use the honorary title of "Dr." and make himself look like more of a fool than he already is.

dmarks said...

Shaw: I guess he is about as much of a Dr as a can of Dr Pepper is?