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Saturday, October 8, 2011

FOR ALL THE SARAH PALIN SUCKERS: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Explain How "The Quitter" Took Your Money and Ran...AWAY!

Jon Stewart uncovers Palin's money grabbing con--she knew she wasn't running a long, long time ago, but that didn't stop her from scamming her gullible supporters:

And Stephen Colbert takes the lipstick off this phoney pitbull for everyone to see:

Sarah Palin: The biggest scammer in American political history!

NEWSWEEK today highlights this paragraph from  [Joe McGinniss's] Daily Beast article, entitled, “Arrivederci, Sarah!”

“In our 235 years as a nation, [Sarah Palin] might have been—other than the Civil War—the gravest threat our republic has ever faced. Not only was she the most unqualified candidate in our history, she might have been the most mentally fragile, and she was certainly the only one ever who flirted openly with the notion of ending the separation of church and state.”

And for all those Palin apologists who never bothered to look behind the curtain to see the con artist working the emotional levers that kept her supporters blind to the con game she was playing, take a look  how phenomenally well Joe McGinniss's book "The Rogue" is doing:

Congratulations, Joe, well done!


okjimm said...

So... when is the IRS gonna audit her?

Shaw Kenawe said...

okjimm, I think the PAC she started allows her to keep all the money she raises and use it as she sees fit, so long as it is done in connection with a political issue.

Jerry Critter said...

The real dopes in this whole thing are the people who donated money to Palin...and they got what they deserve!

As they say, "A fool and his money are soon parted".

okjimm said...

I understand .... but... was it all spent 'properly'.... I am guessing it wasn't... isn't

Anonymous said...

if we're lucky she'll sink into the obscurity she so richly deserves