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Monday, January 29, 2018

The McCabe Firing

 President Trump reportedly told then-acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe that he should ask his wife, who had lost a bid for political office in Virginia, how it felt to be a loser, NBC News reported Monday.

Trump made the remarks in a phone call to McCabe the day he fired FBI Director James Comey that was placed to demand why Comey was allowed to fly on a FBI plane from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., after being fired. 

 McCabe told Trump that he hadn’t been asked about the flight but that he would have authorized it if he had. Trump fell silent before lashing out at McCabe and telling him to ask his wife what it felt like to be a loser, according to NBC. The FBI head replied, “OK, sir,” before Trump ended the call. 

McCabe’s wife had run as a Democrat for state office in Virginia but had lost the race.

If McCabe knew then what is public knowledge now, he could have told Trump to ask Melania how it felt to know that Trump, her new husband, was cheating on her with a porn star after the recent birth of their son.

That is far, far worse than losing an election.

Trump is a blight on America. He is an undisciplined, moral pig and pathological liar. 

His supporters are worse than he is.


Jerry Critter said...

“That is far, far worse than losing an election.”

For a normal person, yes, but I bet Trump thinks it is worse to lose an election.

Anonymous said...

President Chaos and Incompetent.