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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

These are the tweets of a mentally deranged human being

Where is the Republican leadership? Why are they not responding to Trump's obvious madness?

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Rational Nation USA said...

Proving once again, by his own words, that he is a seriously childlike and dangerously unbalanced human being.

Dave Miller said...

Very Presidential Mr Kotter...

And this is the person the deranged extremist right believes is causing other countries to respect us.

I believe DJT loves America, but also his pocketbook. But I also believe he is simply in over his head as president. He is just not up to the task of international relations, struggles to be truthful and plays way more golf than Obama, who conservatives felt spent an inordinate amount of time on the links.

The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Individual) said...

The first button comment reminds me of what he said during the primary debates concerning the size of his equipment. Now it's the size of his button. Also recall that he claimed that Kirsten Gillibrand would "do anything" to get campaign contributions from him (back when he was a private citizen).

His supporters are accepting of Trump's sexual perversions, btw. Rusty Shackelford (who supported Roy Moore) recently wrote "Show me a guy who's never grabbed a pussy and I'll show you a limpwristed faggot".

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, if Trump loves America, he has a bizarre way of showing that love. He continually embarrasses and debases her with his demented tweeting. He is in over his head because he's ignorant and doesn't know anything about American history or her place in the world. He has, in one long miserable year, dragged America into the gutter and made her a laughing stock.

IMO, Trump loves himself and his immediate family and not anything else.

Dervish,Rusty writes that sort of outrageous twaddle in order to draw attention to himself, like Trump does. That's the behavior of a deeply insecure, fearful person. He keeps coming here trying to get his comments published -- again, seeking attention because he's looking for someone, anyone to pay attention to him.

A toddler misbehaves, throws tantrums, and utters forbidden words in his rage all to get mommy and daddy to pay attention. If you think of Little Rusty as nothing more than a needy toddler, his blatherings are more pitiful than outrageous.

He's trying to provoke you to say something, anything, to him. Best thing to do is ignore the unfortunate little man.

Sean K. said...

If the oddly hued, demented, malignantly narcissistic, manbaby in chief wants to destroy North Korea, he should just buy it and turn it into a casino.