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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Trump Twees to Kim Jong Un: Mine is Bigger Than Yours

The deteriorating mind of Toddler Trump has his finger not only on a Twitter account but on the nuclear button. This is what happens when 30% of the American voting public loses its mind and votes for a undisciplined fool and malignant narcissist.

He essentially tweeted to Kim Jong Un and all the world to see: "Mine is bigger than yours!"

Someone, John Kelly?, needs to tell this "fking moron" that threatening another crazy leader with nuclear weapons on a twitter account is not funny; it is the threat of a certifiable nut case. 

Trump is mentally unwell.

Where are the adults in his administration? Why have the Republicans done nothing to rein in this deviant bloat of a human catastrophe? 

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Where the hell is the Republican leadership? No one, except a mentally deranged person, acts like this. Trump has shown America and the world that he is certifiably crazy, more so than Kim Jong Un.

We need to get his bloated body and demented mind out of office now.

25th Amendment! NOW!


Les Carpenter said...

Two certifiable crazies acting like 5th grade schoolyard bullies.

Scary sh*t. Yet not surprising.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what would you have wanted him to say in response?
No one says any another what Kim aim said!
If JFK had said the exact same thing, his Quote would have gone down in History

Shaw Kenawe said...


If you do not understand how demented and deranged Trump's tweet to Kim Jong Un is, then no one can help you.

Do not expect me or anyone here to enlighten you because you are incapable of being enlightened.

Your comment here is as childish and bizarre as Trump's, and that is telling us a great deal about you.

Dave Miller said...


What do I expect him to say?

I expect him, as President, to publicly ignore sandbox taunts. Respond forcefully and respectfully, thus highlighting how dangerous the NK leader is.

That's how a real world leader builds coalitions to go to war. If we need to attack NK over this, we want our allies and world opinion on our side.

Currently, that's going to be hard given the non confidence building behavior of Pres Trump.

Anonymous said...

Dave, why on earth are you liberals always so worried about others opinions?

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Anonymous said...
Dave, why on earth are you liberals always so worried about others opinions?"

Anon, we're not at all "worried" about other people's opinions, we just try to understand why Trumpistas still support him when we know for damn sure that if he were a Democratic president , they would have called for his head on a pike by now. We wonder what the fascination is for them for this man who has only 30% support in his own country and even less around the world. It may be that Trumpistas need to do a bit of worrying on why they support this malignant narcissist and mentally deranged disaster.

Anonymous said...

Ms.Shaw, we support him because he absolutely makes you folks bats**t crazy

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous, International terrorists who indescriminately murder innocent people make us folks batshyte crazy as well, so it appears you'd support them too.

Normal people usually give their support to politician with intelligence, knowledge of history, and human decency. Since Trump has none of those attributes all you're left with is loving him because he drives mentally healthy people nuts.

It's a great insight to your character.

Anonymous said...

Well Ms.Shaw....we calls em like we sees em