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Thursday, January 25, 2018



Anonymous said...

Why no one has asked Melania why she hasn't divorced her cheater husband? This happeed in a Republican marriage, so the GOPers are okay with it. It's only a scandal when Democrats cheat on their spouses. It's god's blessing when Trump screws around. That's how his supporters think.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... ppl might ask her, of DJT about it if they weren't afraid to stand before the press and answer questions.

We are almost over a year since the last presidential press conference. Really, for such a master debater and negotiator, it's hard to believe DJT is so scared he won't stand before America and hold s press conference.

Rational Nation USA said...

Franklin Graham weighed in on this. It seems Franklin, while not giving Trump a pass, feels Trump is a good man, placed in the presidency by God. Therefore he is the right man at the right time to MAGA.

So, you see, the reporters must know Melanie is working to support the good family man that God chose to make POTUS.

Does that explain everything?

Lady Pinkbottom said...

Do you libruls remember MURPHY BROWN, the TV series that kind of tore down whatever glass ceilings on decency existed? It’s baaaack! imagine what that’ll cover these days?

Oh dear, dear, dear! I wonder if it'll show an episode about a degenerate who cheats on all of his wives and commits adultery on a regular basis with sleazy porn stars?!!!!

I wonder if the series will shock people and show a billionaire businessman who lies on a regular basis, who cheats people out of their money by setting up bogus schools or by not paying them what he owes them, a degenerate who makes fun of the handicapped and POWs and women he doesn't think are beautiful enough for him to have sex with.

I wonder if the series will sink to such a level in the gutter that it will show a man who is a unapologetic racist? Who says Mexicans are rapists and criminals, who denigrates Native Americans and Muslims. Would the networks really go into the gutter and develope a show around a morally corrupt person like that?????

My goodness! I ever so miss the days when the worst thing we saw on teevee was an unwed mother with an executive's job.

Meanwhile, I was raised on LEAVE IT TO BEAVER and FATHER KNOWS BEST Where women knew their place --under men -- and stayed there. Hrumpf!

KanaW said...

I'm pretty sure everyone already knows why Melania hasn't divorced The Donald (TM).

It's called $$$$. Exactly why she married him in the first place.

Howard Brazee said...

Because we know the answer. We know why they got married.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Howard, KanaW, Lady P., R.N., Dave, Anon,

Donald Trump is incapable of being faithful to his wife, and to the truth. That's all we need to know about this abberration that lives in America's White House. And that's all we have to know about the people who continue to support this supperating sore on America.

Dave Miller said...

In Trumps immigration offer to the Dems, he's offering a path to citizenship for almost 2 million ppl here "illegally."

One of the conditions is that they are of "good moral character."

I wonder how that will be defined by the Trump Admin and if Trump himself will meet the standard. Maybe we could just deport him.

After all, if character counts once again, he's gonna be in trouble...

Infidel753 said...

There's a saying that if you marry for money, you're going to earn every penny. Melania must have known what Trump was like, including the philandering, when she married him. Apparently she decided she would be able to tolerate it.....for the money.

Of course, back then she couldn't have known she'd have to do it with the whole world watching so closely. No one then could have imagined him becoming President.

She's probably counting the hours until this train-wreck of a Presidency ends, as so many other people are.

The J Mopper said...

The new republican mantra is "deny, deny, deny". Any accusations are met with a "Fake News" response - meaning that there is no wrong doing. Sadly, this defense is becoming widely accepted among the Trump supporters in the midst of growing evidence.