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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Trumper Starts 2018 With a Tweet Calling for Jailing of Political Opponents

Notice that Lord Dampnut tweets out "accused" Huma Abedin, which is then followed by Jail!

More evidence of his total ignorance of our justice system and his dreams of being a dictator.

Trump and his administration have been accused of conspiring with the Russians to steal the 2016 election.

By Trump's logic, he and his closest advisors should be in JAIL!

He's an embarrassing nincompoop who governs by tweeting. Exactly like a birdbrain would.

Donald Trump is not "exactly turning over a new page in the new year. He didn’t make it two days into 2018 before calling for a political opponent to be jailed."

Crooked Hillary Clinton’s top aid, Huma Abedin, has been accused of disregarding basic security protocols. She put Classified Passwords into the hands of foreign agents. Remember sailors pictures on submarine? Jail! Deep State Justice Dept must finally act? Also on Comey & others
"Yes, that’s the man whose inner circle is being indicted one by one as part of an investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russian election hackers, calling for his former opponent’s top aide to be jailed for lax email security practices that have been thoroughly investigated already.

And check out that kicker: “Also on Comey & others.” Trump can’t even keep himself to wishing for one political prisoner at a time. His imagination is busy populating an entire prison with people who’ve dared to oppose him, stand up to him or make him look bad" --Laura Clawson, D.K.

And never forget the Biggest Liar of the United States, Donald J. Trump's, biggest promise to his gullible supporters:

"According to NBC News, Trump has visited one of his golf clubs at least 91 times since taking office a year ago. 

Yet when he was on the campaign trail, Trump said he wouldn’t be spending time on the greens as president. 

 “I’m going to be working for you,” Trump said at an August 2016 rally. “I’m not going to have time to go play golf.”

MEANWHILE, in Minnesota on Highway #52, this was erected by Republicans!

This is a billboard erected by Republicans on southbound Minnesota Hwy #52. Happy New Year America!


Infidel753 said...

While Trump is declaring support for the anti-regime protests in Iran (whose motives I suspect he doesn't understand very well), deep down he wishes he could treat those who oppose him here in the US the same way the Iranian theocracy treats its opponents. And he probably doesn't even notice the irony.

"Republicans for Honesty in Government" -- they must feel pretty lonely these days.

Anonymous said...


But he’s President, and Hillary’s NOT

Shaw Kenawe said...

It's true that Hillary's not the president.

It is also true that Hillary is not being investigated by the FBI for obstruction of justice or conspiring with a hostile foreign government to steal an election. Donald Trump is. It is also true that none of Hillary's people were charged with a felony or are under indictment by the DoJ. Four of Trump's people are though.

You're right. Donald Trump is the president and the most disliked on in modern American history, so you've got that to be proud of.

Also: Barack Hussein Obama beat out Donald Trump for Most Admired Man in the world, and Hillary was chosen Most Admired Woman in the world.

But, as you noted. Donald Trump is the president and Hillary is not.

PS. Look up the phrase Pyrrhic victory.

Kevin Robbins said...

You're overlooking the fact that because of his sterling leadership no one died in airplane crashes this year. Or, I believe as I saw somewhere, for the past several years.

Since taking office I have been very strict on Commercial Aviation. Good news - it was just reported that there were Zero deaths in 2017, the best and safest year on record!

I think he's improving. Normally it would have been "very, very strict." Baby steps.

Shaw Kenawe said...

PM Carpenter of The Carpentariat:

Starting with birtherism — a foul, filthy, racist lie whose ugliness immediately alienated all those with a sense of political dignity — and then on to ridiculing American POWs and mocking the severely disabled, Trump advertised a total lack of character. And the more he advertised it, the more his pudden-head followers adored him. For they weren't looking for a policy maven who could help resolve the nation's problems; they mostly wanted someone in the White as crass, callous, and unconscionable as they."

And they think it's cool that Trump is sticking his tiny finger in America's eye. They're disrupters; that's their idea of governing -- being assh0/3$. And their only response to people who tell them Trump is a hated dumbass preznit is "Hillary lost; Trump won!"

Rational Nation USA said...

Yes Infidel it is very, very likely they do. In fact it is a certainty.

Rational Nation USA said...

A fully rational person has to marvel at how Trump supporters are apparently completely blind to Trump's authoritarian leanings. They are likely willfully blind to it, or, they just wholeheartedly support it when it serves their conservative ideological beliefs.

Basically Trump has succeeded in insuring conservatism has lost all credibility.

Jerry Critter said...

Trump supporters like being told what to do and to think. It is fundamental to being a Fundamentalist.