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Saturday, January 20, 2018


From blogging buddy and fb friend, MJS:

"Trump is responsible for the shutdown of the government, despite what his feckless friends and allies might have us believe.  It is, nonetheless, just a blip on the political radar, despite how painful it may be to some.  The fact is we must never forget the greater danger, and it is a danger, of Trump in the White House.

"He does not believe in American ideals and institutions. He does not believe in a free press or free speech; unconstrained, he would crack down on both. He does not believe in the rule of law, a Justice Department free of political interference, the separation of powers or an independent judiciary. He does not believe in the United States as a beacon and example to the world."

I continue to be confident, despite the setbacks to civility and common sense, that our institutions can withstand this assault and that our national reputation has, over the years, been so well-earned that others will understand that Donald Trump does NOT reflect who we are.  We can only hope."

From my friend, Stephen B.

Warning - Hyperbole ahead: sometimes it is the best way to make a point.

Trump rescinds policy forbidding burning witches at the stake, tells congress "you don't want them burned? Pass bipartisan legislation forbidding it!"

Republicans: Witches are of the devil. We're in control, let'm burn.

Democrats: We won't allow this bill funding the government to pass unless it says that at least suspected witches are not flammable - they have to be convicted before they are torched.

Trump: I think everyone agrees with that.

Republicans: um...


Republicans: The democrats care more about suspected witches than funding our troops. Why should the whole country suffer for the sake of such a small minority?

Average American: Great, the government is shut down. Both sides are to blame. Congress is in the pocket of big firewood!

Far-Left fringe: Why do democrats want to burn convicted witches? Why haven't they passed a bill prohibiting burning anyone? This is why I don't vote. They're all the same.

Far-right fringe: Anyone got a match?


Shaw Kenawe said...

In 2013, trump was very clear on who should get blamed for any government shutdown: not the political parties, not Congress, THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S., in trump's statements from 2013, is solely responsible for a government shutdown.

This is the first time in U.S. History that a political party with control of all three branches of government shut down that same government. No matter what lies the Gooper tell themselves, the truth is that trump and his party are responsible, and a majority of the American people agree.

Rational Nation USA said...

Well said MJS, well said indeed.

EGG Zactly said...

Melania Trump celebrates one year as FLOTUS with dignity and grace while we learn about her philandering husband and his porn star mistresses he had to pay off to keep quiet about him. Trump, the Orange CHEAT-O Republican president.

skudrunner said...

I do agree that it is Trump's fault. He has asked congress to do their job and arrive at a permanent solution to a Deferred program that has been allowed to survive for five years with no action on either side. Even the supreme leader who put this in place said it is temporary then forgot about it.
It is totally OK to deprive the 330 million citizens of government in order to assist 800K Illegal Non-Citizens. Why would anyone see a problem with blaming the republicans for this shutdown. This is totally political posturing and plays well in the media.
If the democrats cared so much why haven't they done anything in the past. Could it be that their president lost interest or maybe it would make them look bad.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Skud, I'll just leave it at this: "A shutdown in government means the president is weak." -- Donald J. Trump, 2013.

Rational Nation USA said...

I, at the risk of being despised even more by the right will add just this, your comment quote is beyond the grasp of weak minds.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, you will be despised by the radical righties, not by thoghtful conservatives, like David Frum, Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, Brett Stevens, Kathleen Parker, Michael Gerson, Peggy NoonN, Ana Navarro, Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake, and dozens more who care more for country than a political party. The radical crazies on the far right who support trump are a distinct minority in this country and the world. Thoughtful conservatives who have studied trump closely see him for the ignorant con man and dirty libertine that he is.

Craig said...

Skud, DACA was signed in 2012. In 2013 the Senate passed a bi-partisan comprehensive immigration bill that addressed the Dreamers. The vote was 84-15. The bill died in Boehner's House because the Freedom For Whites Caucus cried amnesty. So, yeah, Obama wanted a permanent fix from congress but the Repubs in the House and later the Senate wouldn't lift a finger. They still won't. Once again, you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

skudrunner said...

Couldn't agree with you more. In 2013 and today we had weak presidents and the other side was totally responsible for the shutdown. 2013 was teddy and today is charlie.

I do have a question for you. Why in five years did congress do nothing about DACA. They had two meetings one was a photo op and the other was meaningless. Now it is worth shutting down the government and laying off all non-essential personnel. If they are nonessential why even bring the back because that could help pay for the support of illegals.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Craig, Skud only listens to what the far right says. I knew that The GOP congress sabotaged President Obama every time he tried to do something about DACA. If you read some of the far right news sites or blogs, you'll see the overarching reason that the GOP is so against DACA -- they believe the Democrats will gain more votes by allowing them to attain citizenship.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Skud, you conveniently forget that the Goopers' goal was to obstruct and sabotage President Obama, and that McConnell said his only goal as Senate president was to make President Obama a one-term president. He failed at that. But you and your friends continue to call President "weak" when the American people know better. President Obama was an intelligent, dignified, decent. Human being, and was temperamentally excellent as president. The GOP supports a man who shagged a porn star after his 3rd wife just gave birth to his son, a man who cheated people out of their hard earned money for a fake university, and a wreck of a human being who's an imbecilic toddler, says all we need to know. You and the rest of the GOP will have a lot to answer for for continuing to support this blight on America.

Craig said...

Shaw, I should know better than to engage with someone so willfully ignorant and immune to a set of basic facts on any subject but, I can't help it. Skud, you have access to the Google machine. Look up "gang of 8" and while you're at it, "Robert Draper, Caucus Room Steakhouse". The Repub strategy for governing is to not govern. Educate yourself, patriot.

I see the mothership is all in on #releasethememo. Hannity, Breitbart and Russian bots leading them around by the nose. It's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

So the "Art of the Deal" great deal maker delivered a government shut down on the first anniversary of his administration. Incompetence, stupidity, and recklessness, your name is TRUMP!


Trump himself said in 2013 that a govt. shutdown is always the president's fault and the fault of a weak president.

Rational Nation USA said...

That was then, Obama was president.
This is now, tRump is president. All 3 branches of gov't are in Republican hands, the genius and master deal maker couldn't get it down.

Total incompetence.

skudrunner said...

Of course they are going to say they want to make the president a one term. I can't ever remember a party saying they hope the opponent wins the next election. Even the democrats hopped Reagan was a one term president.
You were the one who said a government shutdown was the sign of a weak president and I agreed. Sometimes I wish the republicans would vote for a bill without seeing it but they don't.

There is no reason to not give money to illegals after all we can take it from medicare or from medicaid.
I am all for developing a long term solution for DACA but why should they go to the front of the line on citizenship.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Skud, one of the problems we have is your habit of making up stuff I've never written. It was DONALD J. TRUMP, not I, who said a shutdown is a "weak" president's fault. I just repeated trump's own belief of who's responsible for a government shutdown. This is the biggest problem when trying to have a discussion with a Trumper -- they either don't listen or read with any attention or they deliberately misinterpret, which is damn dishonest and what liars like Trump do.

As for your cynical comment about all opposing parties don't want a second term for the president, you and the rest of your tribe leave out the part where America was in the worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression and instead of coming together to help the country, McConnell thought only of partisan politics, not America's welfare. Shameful.

So shameful that I have a really, really difficult time recognizing the GOP as an American political party. Any group that would elevate a malevolent personality like trump to the presidency is a group that has lost its soul. its not just my opinion, a MAJORITY of Americans and the world despise what the GOP represents -- Donald Trump.

skudrunner said...

Shaw, You stated it so you must believe it. I remember how the democrats supported GWB on both of his wins and then how obama blamed him for everything that went wrong two years after he left office.

The biggest difference between us is I don't have a party and feel all politicians are dishonest and only do what is in their self interest. This applies to trump and all members of congress regardless of their party affiliation.

Trump is non toxic, obama was a great president, the clintons are honest and there is a tooth fairy. Somehow none of these statements are true.

Dimwit said...

Why would strong, willful, proud and demanding women …independent and anti-sexist terms, “Hear me ROAR” types of women (as they’d have you believe) want to wear …um…….what they call “pink pussy hats” on their heads?

Am I missing something?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dear Dim,

You're missing a lot.

Trump bragged about grabbing any woman he wants by the "pussy" because he's a star. Normal girls and women found that brag repulsive sexism and gutter talk that reduced girls and women to just a body part for Don the Cons pleasure.

Years ago gays were called "queer." The LGBT community took that slur and owned it, thereby rendering it useless in its ability to shock and demean the LGBT community.

That's what the Trumpistas did with Hillary's "basket of deplorable" remark. They took ownership of it and proudly called themselves "deplorable."

The girls and women who wear pink pussy hats took ownership of trump's brag that he could violate any woman he wanted to.

That you're clueless on why groups take ownership of a slur ( it's also why many of our African American brothers and sisters call each other the "N" word., but I wouldn't expect you to understand that either), so that you're clueless about why women and girls ear those is a YYYUUUGGGEE indication of why you're probably a big supporter of the immoral pg who's currently defiling America's White House.

Trumpistas embraced "deplorable," a majority of American women embraced the Immoral Pig-in-the-White House's pussy brag and robbed Trump of the pride he took in his boast.

However, he's still does well with porn stars, especially when one of his recovering from childbirth.

Anyone who admires that is pig, and a deplorable one, at that.

dmarks said...

Skud said

"It is totally OK to deprive the 330 million citizens of government in order to assist 800K Illegal Non-Citizens. "

You have failed to show any "Depriving".

I see you are on the Trump train, or still on the Trump train. If I can count anything as fortunate, I never got on it to begin with.

Bill said...

You know what I love about the Trumpanzees? Their indignation over women wearing pussy hats but their silence on the guy in the White House who paid off a porn star just before the election so she'd stay quiet about their sexy times when Melania was having his baby. They're not ashamed of that because their good Christian values accept whoremongers and elevate them to highest office. That doesn't embarrass them, but people wearing pink hates do. Hahahaha!

dmarks said...

Shaw said: "Normal girls and women found that brag repulsive sexism and gutter talk that reduced girls and women to just a body part for Don the Cons pleasure."

I'm sure Lisa at WYD doesn't count as "normal". I've seen how she encourages, applauds, and supports rape jokes and sexual assault threats at WYD "Weigh Your Diaper".

dmarks said...

"Anonymous Bill said... You know what I love about the Trumpanzees? "

I don't love them, Bill: all they do is fling poo.

Welcome to the Planet of the Apes.

Shaw Kenawe said...

dmarks! Long time no see!

Thanks for dropping in. That WYD blog is a venue for all the racist, anti- everyone and everything Trumpistas to advertise their smug stupidity and fake erudition. Also it's an outhouse posing as a discussion board.

dmarks said...

It's almost as if the Trump presidency was invented for the lower primates at WYD to hoot even louder, rattle their cage bars, and fling into the faces of unwary passers-by.

dmarks said...

"Also it's an outhouse posing as a discussion board."

And yes, Lisa, who thinks rape is funny, is their own Queen Latrina.

Shaw Kenawe said...

dmarks, I've read your comments over the years on this blog and other blogs, but I never realized you had such a wicked sense of humor. BTW, "wicked" in Bostonese is a superlative meaning awesome. As in "wicked good."

"Queen Latrina" is hilarious! Aptly named since I've hear it called The Stench Trench, The Skank Tank, The Stool Pool, and The Sh*t Pit.

dmarks said...

It's a swirling bowl of sump-guppies, after all...

"Not everything floating there is a fish." Fair warning.

Thanks, Shaw!!! Glad to see you too are fighting the good fight.

R.C. said...

Lindsey Vonn, Olympian gold medalist skier said she'll be representing the American people, not trump in the Olympics. Who can blame her for not wanting to represent a lying whoremonger and pig like trump. Trump represents the far right Evangelical Christianists. Not to be confused with real Christians.

Ducky's here said...

Interesting ruling in Pennsylvania. The state districting has been declared gerrymandered.
This comes just after a similarSCOTUS ruling against North Carolina.

Other suits are due to be taken up by SCOTUS and there maybe some hope for democracy in America.

Infidel753 said...

Ducky: The Pennsylvania case is interesting in that it's the state supreme court ruling based on the state constitution, which makes it less likely that the US Supreme Court will reverse it. There's some hope that other states might be influenced by it, though.

Pennsylvania's gerrymandering is especially egregious. The actual vote is fairly close to 50-50, but the Congressional delegation is 13 Republicans and 5 Democrats.