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Monday, July 22, 2019

A truthful response to President Dotard's tweets

Attacking “coastal elites” when u live in a Nyc penthouse and shit in an actual gold toilet in between rounds of golf at your namesake country club, while convincing ignorant white people that you care about them, is the single greatest con job act of snake oil salesmanship ever.

Sent by P.E. reader, R.C.  Couldn't resist this:


Mark Kennedy said...

Democrats are consciously and deliberately destroying our nation as founded, its distinct culture, traditions, and heritage. They are also selling our birthright out from under us and rendering citizenship almost meaninglesss.

Ray Cranston said...

Hey Kennedy, Who was it that wanted to override the SCOTUS decision on the census question? What party did he belong to? Who said no one has the right to criticize America or the president while he's in office? Who shamed America by taking babies and kids away from their parents as a deterent?

You've got to be some sort of fanatical fascist idiot to write what you did, especially here. I don't know why Shaw didn't delete it.

What is our "distinct" culture? America is made up of ALL cultures not just White Anglo Saxon supremacists, okay? Our "traditions" are many and varied, not just ONE. We celebrate the 4th of July as our unique tradition. Other countries (Canada for one) have "Thanks giving" days. So even that isn't unique to America. Our traditions come from all over the world. The only truly American traditions come from our Native Americans. It's people like you who are destroying America by looking the other way while tRump breaks laws and embarrasses America with his stupidity every day.

You belong to a cult that can't see its own faults and errors.

Rational Nation USA said...

What you say is true Ray. Folks like MK above really are clueless regarding core American values and the constitution. They have sold their souls to the devil via a super con job pulled off by Super Con Dotard trump.

America and the principles that made it great are at great risk as long as the Dotard remains in office.