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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Trump's warning against exercising our First Amendment right.

"Trump said Friday that criticism of the United States is unacceptable and that the four congresswomen “can’t get away with” it. 

 'I can tell you this, you can’t talk that way about our country, not when I’m the president,” he told reporters outside the White House."


For a guy who holds the highest office in America, trump is ignorant of what it means to BE an American. It means that we Americans are free to criticize our government, the president, and the laws of the land. Period.

Trump doesn't know how to be an American. He only knows how to be a dictator, like the leaders of Russia and North Korea that he admires.

The four minority Congresswomen who criticize him and his government are better and more knowledgeable than trump is.

Thousands of men and women, since the founding of this country, have died protecting our right to criticize the government and the president.

If trump doesn't like that part of being an American, he can go live in Putin's Russia or Kim Jong Un's North Korea where they jail or murder people who criticize them.

The four minority Congresswomen will continue to do exactly what they've been doing -- criticizing trump and the government.

And there's nothing trump can do about it. Not a goddamn thing. It is against the law for trump to stop an American citizen from freely expressing his or her opinion about him and his government.

Trump is an ignorant tyrant who knows nothing about our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

And for that he deserves all the criticism we can throw at him.


BB-Idaho said...

Trumpland Uber Alles?

Rational Nation USA said...

Yup, and don't think for a New York minute Dotard wouldn't jail or order dis detractors killed if he thought he could get away with it.

Maybe he would if his cult grows large enough.

Rational Nation USA said...

The Dotard is as dumb as a bag of rocks as well as the greatest threat to our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

Retire tRump 2020.

bluzdude said...

Just thinking back to that ancient time of the Obama Administration. I wonder if there was any criticism of the country back then?

Hypocritical maggots...

Once again, these "unwritten rules" only apply to Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finally talking about >"Trump's warning against exercising our First Amendment right." <Liked it!

Shaw Kenawe said...

BB-Idaho. That is frightening and too true!

RN, President Dotard appeals to undereducated voters. He said this. He loves the poorly educated voters. And the love him.

Bluzdude, welcome to P.E. well we here know what colossal hypocrites the TrumpCultists are. When President Obama wa in office there wasn't a day that went by without them criticizing him and his administration. Also President Dotard led the chorus of Birtherism against President Obama, which called into question his presidency's legitimacy. And trump never shut up about what a mess America was. Someone should have told him what he told The Squad.

He,s a fool and so are his cultists.

PS. I love Mel Brooks.

Eric said...

This reminds me of a very old joke. An American was traveling in the USSR when he got into a discussion with a local about the relative merits of their countries´political systems. “Whatever happens,” the American propounded, “the fact is that we Americans are the only people in the world who have the freedom to criticize our courts, our leaders and our government.” “Not so!” said the Russian. Everybody in the world criticizes your courts, your leaders and your government!”

Ed said...

The trouble with concepts like "country" and "government" is that some people can't tell the difference.

ZapPow said...

Well, bluzdude and Shawn Kenawe, the most important part of what Trump said is: "not when I’m the president". As soon as he isn't president anymore, it will be OK to criticize the country, its administration, the "anti-american idiots" who didn't reelect him (I hope)… In fact, it will be a patriotic duty.

wesley Bradshaw said...

I wish someone would ask Trump why the hell we fought the Revolutionary War.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Eric, good one. Thanks for stopping by.

ZapPow But trump forgets that it is our right to criticize him and America even while he's president. In fact, it is our duty. The Goopers criticized President Obama ceaselessly when he was in office, but Mr. Obama is, of course, a tougher guy who understood our Constitution and our rights. Trump is a weakling and an ignoramus.

wesley Bradshaw, trump would know the first thing about the Revolutionary War. He's an ignoramus. Ask him if Martha Washington was a 10, and he'd be able to explain why she wasn't. That's all he knows.

Oh, and how the United States could wipe out Afghanistan with nuclear weapons. Someone told him that little sound bit. He knows that too.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Tha above should read "...trump WOULDN'T know the first thing about the Revolutionary War"