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Sunday, February 28, 2021



Every single Republican in Congress opposed sending people relief during the worst pandemic in a hundred years.


Every Republican who had the chance voted for a $2.3 trillion tax break for the wealthy four years ago, during the Trump Cultist Administration.

McConnell: "Trump is morally responsible for the January 6th  attack on the Capitol."

Also McConnell:  "I absolutely support Donald Trump as the 2024 Republican nominee for President."

Captured at the Trump Cult Rally in Orlando, Florida.  




Les Carpenter said...

Hypocrisy on steroids... the Q-GOP.

Anonymous said...

Will you be watching the POS give his next insurrection speech from the CockPac nazi party pep rally super spreader today?

Les Carpenter said...

CPAC - Proud fascists.

Mike said...

I've commented several times now when a tRUMPer leaves a whinny comment about the 1.9 trillion help package. I say 'no conservative gets to complain about budgets or deficits ever again. EVER!'

Les Carpenter said...

Every rational, intelligent, honest America should be watching tRump on CPAC. The bullshit and lies are so deep that only a complete moron could fail to see the abject dishonesty of tRump and the now Q-GOP.

A modern day Hitler right here in America tRump is supported by a party enamored of Nazi mentality.

This nation, democracy, and the republic is FU^C^ED for certain. Thanks to the seditious insurrectionist tRump the Jakal.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Stephen King:

"When Donald Trump gets a standing O at CPAC, remember they’re applauding a man who fomented a riot in the US Capital and who, thanks to stupidity, ineptitude, and callous disregard, killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. That is who they are applauding."

Bluebullamerica said...

How people can get so deluded and insane as to buy into the crap flowing from the GOPQ is a mystery all of history won't be able to solve.

skudrunner said...

If they wiped out the hundreds of millions of pork from the "stimulus" bill I think most of the republicans would support it. Pork to reward states who are totally mismanaged, Transportation infrastructure, Checks to couples who make under 150k in Mississippi, Billions to USPS so they can continue to lose money. Why do our elected elite have to tag on so much pork instead of making a clean stimulus bill.

Two faced joey says follow the science then keeps schools closed which hurts minorities to a disproportionate degree. Shut down the pipeline and raise fuel prices by 30% which hurts the poor and middle class. Raise taxes on corporations who will increase prices to pay the increased taxes which hurts the middle class and poor.
We really need to have term limits and elect a smarter breed of politician.


Trump said Biden's first month has been the biggest failure in the history of the country.

Unemployment is down,Covid cases are down and vaccinations are way up. No wonder he's confused. He's never witnessed success in his life.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know how far down the rabbit hole the rabid far right Trumpistas are, read this:

"CHUCK…I felt exactly the same way…only I felt anticipation for a few DAYS! I was texting two friends, both of whom loved it, too. I told a friend that when Trump was finished, I felt SO FANTASTIC, full of hope and patriotism and trust in him, then it HIT ME quickly; it’s BIDEN IN CHARGE NOW! OMG!! I felt scared. When Trump lost, that same friend called and said “I don’t feel safe anymore”….I agree, to this day.

This cultists choses to ignore that the man she idolizes is the same traitor who incited an insurrection on her country's Capitol that got 5 people, included a policeman killed and the same guy who incited his mobs to HANG PENCE!

Here's the cultists again: "But having him in charge of the GOP is hopeful………he made himself if not the next candidate, he made NO BONES ABOUT IT that HE WILL BE THE KINGMAKER…and that’s good for ME. And he can do it if he continues to speak like he did yesterday.. less bragging, more FACTS, comparisons, etc…excellent."

She and her rabid right wing cultists are happy that the man who is repsonsible for the attack on America's democracy is in charge of the DEAD Republican Party and now the head of the Trumpublican Party.

Trump is facing all kinds of criminal charges for fraud, sexual assault, and this bimbo whorships him?

Les Carpenter said...

Damn Straight IIWTSII!

Les Carpenter said...

... less bragging, more facts...

Definitely spoken like a deluded trumper with their eyes closed, their ears stuffed with cotton, and their cognitive mind fully asleep. A perfect example of a Dotard donnie cultist.

Jerry said...

Your first two sentences says it all.
Democrats better get ready to counter the Trumpians. They one once and came close the second time. This fight will last at least ten years and remnants of their hate will live on forever. It's a part of the country we have tried to change and have been among us since the beginning.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, Mike, Bluebullamerica, skud, IIWTSII,

It all there for America and the world to see: The Republican Party is dead, and The Trumpublican Party, worshippers of a golden idol -- the man who incited insurrectionists against his own government and his own vice president -- has replaced it. For all their shenanigans, and bleatings, and show of paganism with their false idols, THEY ARE A MINORITY!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous @10:47

No surprise there. That's the same blogger who allowed one of her commenters to promote assassinating President Obama on her blog. Real patriots, those whackos! She posts false videos and blast emails, because she's too lazy or full of herself to seek the truth. Reading that blog is akin to reading a grammar school gossip sheet. Don't waste your precious time. They're irredeemable cultists.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Trumpey's appearance at the Cult-fest CPAC was shameful. He offered no policy, no vision, no hope. All he's good for is whining, criticizing Biden (by far a better human being than he ever was or ever will be) and repeating the Big Lie that he won. Only deluded nincompoops believe anything he says.

If we're lucky, Trump will either be in prison for all his crimes or speaking at rallies for his crazy cultists while the rest of us move on and live our excellent lives without him