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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Another Provocative Flag Was Flown at Another Alito Home

Our country was born on the backs of rebellion against the Church of England. Remember the First Amendment brings freedom for citizens to believe what they want, no longer having to bend the knee before any king or state approved deity. 

This is outrageous and unacceptable. The SCOTUS is elevating and promoting Christianity. Someone should tell this guy about the US Constitution. There is lots of great stuff in there, including an unambiguous rejection of any government favored or supported religion. 

The US Constitution is what governs this nation - now and for the past 236 years. Even the most conservative right wing American should be outraged by this expression, that is if they still have a shred of patriotism in them. 

Remember when an "activist" Supreme Court was an unforgiveable sin to Republicans? Of course, it only depends on the activism. A "Christian-minded" government? The founders are rolling in their graves. 


Sam said...

IF we can turn things around (a great task) the Republicans will claim the Democrats have an activist court. One day the Democrats will have the votes to change the court, and the laws. Politics and power change, it just takes a long time. There was a time when Democrats had the votes to run the government. That time will come again. Probably too late. Too late for me anyways. Meanwhile, I live in a country whose policies I do not like. The politicians are screwy, as usual. Keep voting for more liberal politics, change will come.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Too late, maybe, for us, Same but not for our children and grandchildren!

Sometimes, in sickness, a person has to experience an almost fatal fever before it breaks and the person is returned to good health.

I see Trumpism as that fever. Will it finally break and restore sanity to this country?

At this point, I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

For a supreme court justice alito is apparently pretty damn ignorant of the very document he is charged with protecting.

The damn christian nationalists and neo-Nazis are poisoning the blood of Americans with their dictatorial authoritarian garbage and hate for democracy.

They have CHOSEN to seperate themselves from the spirit of our Constitution and our democratic republic. Choosing the rule of personality and deceit over truth, liberty, and democracy.

The FIGHT is on and the ignorance of the neo-Nazi christian nationalist movement in America WILL ultimately fail. And fail big time.

Shaw Kenawe said...


I hope you're correct.

Surveys have shown that more and more Americans are turning away from religion. So this Christian Nationalist movement may be a reaction to that trend.

Les Carpenter said...

For some reason Google isn't allowing me to comment using my Google account. Hmm. It's why the above comment is posted as anonymous.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Laurence Tribe: "Alito serves not for life but during good behavior. That’s the language of the constitution. It is settled that any judge or justice that commits high crimes and misdemeanors, that certainly includes giving aid and comfort to an insurrection against the Constitution which is close to treason, that any such person is subject to impeachment.

The very fact that the House will not do its duty is not an excuse for the Senate not to at least initiate serious investigation into whether or not impeachable offenses have been committed…"

Les Carpenter said...

Religions, particularly and especially Christianity, which is really the religion of the RCC, Judaism, and Islamn are the religions that created the otherisms we see daily in our lives. Monotheistic religions are autocratic and authoritarian by design. The design of the churches, synagogues, or mosques that facilitate control over the beliefs of their flocks through creating a fear of eternal damnation.

There is a reason, fully legitimate, why surveys point to more and more people are turning away from organized monotheistic religions. Many are turning to a more open and true spirituality founded in truth and a much greater openness.

Everything and everyone is continually changing and evolving. One day we will all die. The efforts expended attempting to keep things exactly as we might like them is a fools errand, causes a good deal of suffering, and is from the start doomed to fail.

When dualism and dualistic beliefs die, if they ever do, life will be what life has always been meant to be. Peaceful, serene, blissful. Something no monotheistic religion, political party, or movement can EVER accomplish.

Turn inward. In noble silence and meditation. Eveything one needs to know already exists within. Unsullied by the muck of the external environment.

Dave Miller said...

This one is less troubling than the previous one. I'm assuming though that he knew nothing about this either...

Dave Miller said...

Anon... I'm not a big fan of many who tar those on the right with the worst labels like Nazi and racist.

But that's who I am. I would to get an answer to this question... and maybe one of our right leaning friends can do it in language a fifth grader can understand, because sometimes I struggle with big words...

Why do people who are racist and have Nazi, neo or otherwise, and fascist sympathies, feel so comfortable within and around the MAGA crowd?

skudrunner said...

Ms. Shaw, You do mention an insurrection which jan 6th was not. It was a demonstration gone wrong because if it was an insurrection they would have brought guns. I realize that the insurrection of Jan 6th is the democrat rally cry but it just wasn't just like the violent clashes with the anti Israel crowd. It is a protest gone wrong. The protesters are disagreeing with government policy much like Jan 6th but it is not an insurrection.

Now what is joey b going to do to gain voters. He has a campaign speech and has a difficult time filling half the seats in a small venue. He keeps buying young voters with his tuition taxpayer funded give a ways yet he is not increasing in the polls. The left has to preach the "insurrection" that trump didn't participate in and paying off a hooker because that is all they have.

There is also fear that if joey b gets reelected cruella will end up in the seat. It will be comical but not good for the country. Wouldn't surprise me if he selects nikki as his running mate to get a reasonable replacement and some more of the female vote.

Leslie, May the Force Be With You

Les Carpenter said...

I am that anon above Dave. And i am absolutely sickened by what has happened to my former party and the neo-Nazi and Christian Nationalist path it has willingly and knowingly set its feet on.

I realize there are some MAGA folks that do not approve of some or maybe much of trump's rhetoric and beliefs. So why is there so much support for a fatally flawed agenda? Fear? Ignorance? Stupidity? Lack of education? They just don't give a damn about the very real ramifications? Or what? Absolute power lust perhaps?

I have no idea what clouds their view so they are willing to accept trump and his insanity. And insanity is what it is Dave. Sorry, but I call it exactly as I see it. And that is exactly how I see it. History trying repeating itself with the help of American conservatives and republicans.

I guess neo Nazi sympathizers and racist are so comfortable around MAGA because MAGA has accepted them with open arms. Why is that Dave? Cause I sure as hell have no idea.

Les Carpenter said...

Other than trump IS MAGA. So, if one supports trump one is then supporting trump's agenda and insanity. Neo-Nazism and Christian Nationslism. One cannot have it both ways on this IMO.

Les Carpenter said...

With your head buried in your conditioned beliefs and alternate reality skudsy you march to the drum beat of your masters.

Have a delightfully day skudsy.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Skud, you disappoint me. By definition, J6 is EXACTLY an insurrection. The mobs tried to stop the electoral vote count, as Trump incited them to do.

Trying to stop a Constitutional requirement by force and to breach the Capitol to do so (have you forgotten that the Capitol is part of the United States government?) is an insurrection against the government.

Also, you’re wrong about guns being present at the insurrection. If you had listened to the January 6 committee hearings, you would have learned the truth from witnesses who saw them and were there that day. So you’re wrong on that. Terribly terribly wrong. You seem to be very selective in what you know about what happened that day.

It was an insurrection against the government of the United States led by Donald Trump. And the goal was to stop. The electoral vote count so that Donald Trump could remain in power illegally.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

The real danger is now that the magats know they can get away with revealing their true selves is what will be the line they're afraid to cross. I don't think there is one now.

Shaw Kenawe said...

July 2021, CNN report:

The question of whether rioters were armed on January 6 has been among the most debated issues surrounding the insurrection – with some Republicans claiming the assailants were not armed, despite court documents alleging otherwise.

During Tuesday’s House select committee hearing on January 6, we got fresh details and first-hand accounts from four police officers who came face to face with rioters and the weapons they brought, once again debunking this false narrative.

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, one of two Republicans Speaker Nancy Pelosi chose to serve on the committee, ridiculed the idea that January 6 “was not an armed insurrection” and asked the four officers testifying to respond to that claim.

In February, GOP Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin made waves for questioning whether the events of January 6 were really as violent as they appeared and suggested it wasn’t an armed insurrection. And in May, Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas claimed there was no evidence the riot was an “armed insurrection,” adding that “Not one person has been charged with bringing a firearm to the Capitol.”

As Kinzinger noted during the hearing, all of these claims are inaccurate.

Facts First: While it’s impossible to know precisely how many firearms were brought to the Capitol on January 6, it’s already clear that at least some of the people present were carrying guns that day. And as the police officers who testified at the committee on Tuesday made clear, rioters also used numerous other objects as weapons such as knives and bats.

Weapons used
US Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell told Kinzinger that “(c)ommon things were used as weapons, like a baseball bat, a hockey stick, a rebar, a flagpole – including the American flag – pepper spray, bear spray.”

The rioters “had all these items,” Gonell said, “used to attack us. Those are weapons.”

As CNN has reported, rioters also used knives, stolen police shields, a stun gun, fire extinguisher and more. Hand-to-hand combat led to more than a dozen officers being sent to the hospital, some of whom had bone fractures and concussions.

So far, with the investigation still ongoing, three individuals have been charged for allegedly bringing a gun onto Capitol grounds on January 6. At least two other individuals have also been charged with gun crimes in relation to the events of that day, though they are not accused of carrying on Capitol grounds.

According to police testimony, Christopher Alberts was arrested leaving the Capitol grounds on January 6 while trying to flee from officers after they suspected he was carrying a firearm on his hip. Alberts was carrying a loaded pistol and 25 rounds of ammunition, according to court documents.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Trump said he knew Jan. 6 crowd members had weapons, ex-White House aide testified
JUNE 28, 20225:46 PM ET

From the link:

"SHAPIRO: So we heard from Cassidy Hutchinson that there were a lot of signs that January 6 could turn violent. We've seen where that all came to a head. Lay out what the early clues were.

GRISALES: Right. The committee shared police radio traffic from the day of the attack, documenting reports of individuals at the rally carrying weapons such as assault-style rifles.


UNIDENTIFIED PERSON: Underneath the hooded jacket, complainants both saw a stock of an AR-15. He's going to be with a group of individuals, about 5'8", 5'9", skinny white males, brown cowboy boots. They had Glock-style pistols in their waistband.

GRISALES: And this followed what Hutchinson told the committee was repeated warnings to the Trump White House that violence was expected.

For example, she testified that Trump knew that members of the crowd had weapons, but that he didn't care. He said that they were not there to hurt him, and they could march to the Capitol after the rally.

SK: So Trump KNEW there were weapons there, but since HE wasn't a target, he didn't care.

That meant TRUMP didn't care if LEOs were injured or killed! Or anyone else.

That's who skud is defending and who Haley thinks would be better than Biden as POTUS!

Shaw Kenawe said...


I don't recognize my country anymore.

I'm relieved that my father, a union man, isn't alive to see this surreal transformation.

Les Carpenter said...

Like all truths skudsy and the MAGAverse continue to ignore the above. It is but a fart in the wind to them. Facts, truth, integrity etc. apparently mean squat to them as only the word of their Fuhrer means anything. Cultists know and accept only what their cult leader approves of.

America has been beset with a great ignorance affecting upwards of over 80 million. This disease of the mind will only be eliminated after they are actually faced with and subjected to the tyranny trump and his sycophants are planning on subjecting Americans to.

So yup, this country is rapidly becoming unrecognizable. The pain is only just beginning. But as in Germany, under the Third Reich it will ultimately touch all Americans in a horribly negative and destructive way.

Shaw Kenawe said...


I don't understand folks who deliberately ignore facts. Or who will not take the time to find the facts.

These sort of people seem to be attracted to pols like Trump, who knows his cultists well and depends on them taking his word on any and every thing.

possumlady said...

"PolitiFact reviewed the case files for hundreds of defendants who were arrested and charged for their actions at the Capitol on Jan. 6 and found several defendants who police say were found to have brought firearms. Some were charged with having firearms on Capitol grounds while others stashed them nearby:

Lonnie Coffman of Alabama was found with multiple weapons in his vehicle and on his person. Coffman’s truck, which he had parked in the vicinity of the Capitol on the morning of Jan. 6, was packed with weaponry, including a handgun, a rifle and a shotgun, each loaded, according to court documents. In addition, the truck held hundreds of rounds of ammunition, several large-capacity ammunition feeding devices, a crossbow with bolts, machetes, camouflage smoke devices, a stun gun and 11 Molotov cocktails. When Coffman was detained, questioned and searched, police found two more handguns on his person. None of the weapons were registered, documents state. Coffman pleaded guilty and was sentenced in April to 46 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release.

Guy Reffitt of Texas was charged with bringing a handgun onto Capitol grounds. Court documents showed that Reffitt, reported to be a member of the Three Percenters militia group, told his family he brought his gun with him and that he and others "stormed the Capitol." A jury found Reffitt guilty of five felony charges in March, and he remains detained pending sentencing.

Christopher Michael Alberts of Maryland also brought his handgun onto Capitol grounds. An officer saw that Alberts had a gun on his hip and alerted fellow officers. When Alberts tried to flee, officers detained him and recovered the loaded handgun, along with a separate magazine. He has been indicted on ten felony counts.

In his conspiratorial documentary series "Patriot Purge," (Tucker) Carlson featured a man named Mark Ibrahim, a former agent for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, and falsely claimed that Ibrahim was forced from his job and indicted for simply being near the Capitol protest.

But court documents show that Ibrahim had already submitted his intent to resign from the DEA weeks before Jan. 6 and was indicted because he brought a gun with him onto Capitol grounds and made false statements to federal agents."

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

It's called "freedom of religion"... NOT "freedom from religion". Got it?

Shaw Kenawe said...

-FJ: It's called "freedom of religion"... NOT "freedom from religion". Got it?

Actually I DO know. I'm guaranteed by the Constitution to NOT have the US government IMPOSE any religion on me. So that gives me freedom FROM religion.

Meanwhile, any American is free to practice his or her religion as he or she wishes, so long as I am not forced to obey, by law, their religious beliefs. Y'know, like people have to in countries like Iran and Afghanistan.

This, for example, applies to the abortion issue. The Catholic religion believes an ovum becomes "ensouled" at the moment of fertilization. "Ensouled" is a religious idea, not a medical science idea. The Catholics on the SCOTUS, like Alito and others, have imposed this Catholic doctrine on the entire nation.

For the first 12 hours after conception, the fertilized egg remains a single cell. After 30 hours or so, it divides from one cell into two. Some 15 hours later, the two cells divide to become four. And at the end of 3 days, the fertilized egg cell has become a berry-like structure made up of 16 cells.

Many Christian and non-Christian religions (and NO religions) do not believe abortion in the days and few weeks after fertilization is wrong, yet we have the Catholics on the SCOTUS deciding Catholic doctrine (ensoulment) for the entire nation AND FOR ALL RELIGIONS.

Where is the freedom in that?

PS. The maniac, Trump, keeps telling his cultists at his rallies that Democrats believe in "after birth abortion."

That is a lie.

There is no such thing as 9-month or after birth abortion. And anyone who believes Trump is speaking the truth in this matter is cognitively impaired.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Leave it to one of the many faces of my friend from the magaverse to post something as meaningless and without merit as he just did. Of course it's only meant to sate the horde of deluded fools or which he is a part. Thomas Jefferson said a man can worshio 20 gods or no gods. So now FJ hates atheists. Not a surprise. He hates whatever he's told to hate. Why do you hate freedom FJ?

Shaw Kenawe said...


For reasons unknown, skudrunner does not research what he posts. There are reports about armed insurrectionists all over the internet as well as first-hand reports given during the J6 Congressional hearings.

I don't know where skud gets his information, but it appears it's skewed toward a Fox News- like reporting. IOW, half-truths, fictions, and outright lies.

I'm beginning to understand why he so dislikes Joe Biden and is sympathetic to Trump and Trumpism.

skud often complains that Joe Biden is "buying votes" with $$$ giveaways.

But he ignores the quid-pro-quo that Trump offered just days ago to his billionaire oil exec donors.

Trump promised them that if they donated billions of $$$ to him, he would overturn environmental regulations that address climate change when he becomes POTUS.

Nine oil companies, including ExxonMobile and Chevron, were at the event where Trump sought $1 billion in campaign contributions in return for promises of policy changes to benefit their companies.

skud has nothing to say about that, which shows me that he's only against "buying votes" when Democrats do it.

Joe Conservative said...

So that gives me freedom FROM religion.

No it doesn't. You still have got to live with and among religious people of all sorts and respect THEIR rights to speak their religious values, whenever they want to, and no matter what official capacity in which they serve, including SCotUS Associate Justice.

Les Carpenter said...

So that gives me freedom FROM religion.

Shaw is correct jc. Absolutely so.

See, the Constotution giving ALL Americans the right to freedom of religion, free from government mandate or influence, means anyone can worship and practice ANY religion or spiritual path they choose. Which means an atheist, one with NO religion is free to not believe as they see fit. Hence, they are FREE FROM religion.

As is commonplace jc you are again incorrect.

Les Carpenter said...

PS: No one or any government has a right to force their religious beliefs on anyone, ever jc. So Christian Nationalists can go pound sand when and if they ever attempt to force their views on anyone else.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Joe Conservative said...

"So that gives me freedom FROM religion."

No it doesn't.

"You still have got to live with and among religious people of all sorts and respect THEIR rights to speak their religious values, whenever they want to, and no matter what official capacity in which they serve, including SCotUS Associate Justice."


In that case, SCOTUS is the government! Alito and the other Catholics on the SCOTUS are imposing their religious beliefs on the entire country through laws they interpret and/or overturn.

Alito and his fellow religionists are free to practice and speak their religious beliefs as PRIVATE CITIZENS in their churches, temples, mosques, and homes, but they cannot IMPOSE those beliefs onto other religions or non-religionists as a member of the judicial branch of government in their interpretations of civil law.

You'd be singing a different tune if the majority of SCOTUS were Muslims and imposed Sharia Law into civil law interpretations.

Leaving it to the states is no solution. Louisiana has already outlawed mifepristone, which aborts a cytoblast in the first hours and days of fertilization, before a brain, heart, or nervous system is present.

Les Carpenter said...

Why is it that judicial activism at the highest level of our Justice System by conservative Justices sitting on the SCOTUS Bench is a-okay with you jc as well as other inhabitants of the MAGAverse.

skudrunner said...

I do believe it is against the law to carry a firearm in DC. If the police saw someone carrying a firearm they should have arrested them. A stick is a weapon a gun is a firearm and I said no one has been charged with carrying a firearm/gun.
Again it was a protest gone wrong as a lot of them do and I do need to review the information on the crowd because I missed trump leading it. Should he have done something after it got out of control, yes, but he didn't lead it he just didn't stop it.

Have a safe Memorial Weekend to all.

Les Carpenter said...

It was an insurrection attempt supported and encouraged by trump in an attempt to ILLEGALLY retain power skudsy. Lying to yourself and others does not make your delusions true. They remain a lie.

Mike said...

"The founders are rolling in their graves."
Or trying to dig them deeper out the bottom of their caskets.

Dave Miller said...

Skup opined... "I do believe it is against the law to carry a firearm in DC.

Yes Skud, it is. That's why 13 people have been arrested for firearm violations in connections with the Jan 6 insurrection/riot/tourist visit.

It's pretty widely available information to find, which leads me to ask why you would assert something that is provable false? Or why you did not check what you thought to be true before posting it?

The Mothership Crowd does that all the time and when called on they fall back on how us libs find the one thing false to discredit their "story". Others call expecting precision and accuracy when using words to speak about actions and potential "lawfare".

As for Trump's role, he did not personally lead the Jan 6 insurrection/riot/protest gone wrong/tourist visit [the list of pseudonyms keeps getting longer] a la Teddy Roosevelt at Bull Run. But he did lead it through his encouragement, incitement and support of many of the leaders.

And, as you have said, he did nothing to stop it. Nothing we now know, besides watching televised coverage of it for three hours.

Let me ask you Skud... during that three hours, while Trump was watching from the White House and people were looking for VP Pence so they could hang him, was the president derelict in his Constitutional duties and his oath?

Shaw Kenawe said...

dave M.,

I'm guessing skud will not answer that.

It's party over country for him, now, IMO.

Les Carpenter said...

I second your opinion Shaw. Only someone not paying attention to skudsy's meandering commentary would think otherwise.

skudrunner said...

Rev, Trump should have done something to stop it even taking the tank over and say stop. There are a lot of things he should and shouldn't have done while in office and he shouldn't be running again but neither should biden. Both of them are incompetent to hold office but IMHO biden can do more harm to the middle class and the poor and the very thought of cruella stepping is frightful because she makes joey look competent.

But as to your observation that I don't do my homework before I post. You are correct on some things but when I read an article by the conservative network MSNBC saying " Six men were arrested that day for having guns in the vicinity of the U.S. Capitol, and a seventh who arrived after the riot ended was arrested the following day." You will find firearms in every crowd but to say that was an armed insurrection is stretching it for effect.

The party over country doesn't hold up. I don't have a party because neither is conservative and just want to spend our taxes so they can keep their job and get richer. The democrats are better at wasting money and buying votes, another few billion on buy votes with tuition just went through, than the republicans but both of them are incompetent. I am a states rights advocate and believe states should vote on firearms and abortion not let some hacks choose which side your state is on.

Dave Dubya said...

How much neo-Nazi rhetoric do we need to hear from them before we can call them neo-Nazis?

Trump's ally and fellow traitor Mike "Q" Flynn met with III %ers, J6ers, neo-Nazis & Q cult members at neo-Nazi paramilitary training camp called “88 Tactical.”

H is the 8th letter. "88" is neo-Nazi code for the "HH", which represents "Heil Hitler".

Trump’s dinner guest Nick Fuentes told Jews to "get out fuck out of America": "You serve the devil. You serve Satan. ... I piss on your Talmud."

Nick Fuentes on his podcast 11-9-22:
"There are too many nonwhite people in the country.

People like abortion. Hate it, but it’s true. And you can thank the Jewish media for that. Abortion’s popular, sodomy’s popular, you know, being gay is popular, being a feminist is popular, sex out of wedlock is popular. Contraception is—it's all popular. That’s not to say it’s good. That’s not to say I like that. Popular means the people support it. They do.

And it sucks, and it is what it is, but that’s why we need dictatorship."

Trump: “He (Fuentes) gets me.”

“Just a quick reminder for liberal Jews who voted to destroy America & Israel because you believed in false narratives! Let’s hope you learned from your mistake & make better choices moving forward! Happy New Year!”

“Any Jewish person that votes for Democrats hates their religion” Trump

Some questions:

What do you call Nazi supporters? Nazis.

What do you call neo-Nazi supporters? Neo-Nazis.

What do you call white nationalist neo-Nazi supporters? White nationalist neo-Nazis.

What do you call Black neo-Nazi supporters? Black neo-Nazis.

What do you call Catholic neo-Nazi supporters? Catholic neo-Nazis.

What do you call Jewish neo-Nazi supporters? Jewish neo-Nazis.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” ~ Maya Angelou

Any more questions?

Joe Conservative said...

Flying a flag at his home forced Alito's opinions on you, Les> Maybe Joe needs to stop "Rainbow Flag lighting" the Whitehouse. So either get over it, or tone your own secular religion down.

Les Carpenter said...

Sorry jc, again you willfully avoid the TRUTH.As you always do to satisfy your conditioned ego beliefs.

Flying the Rainbow Flag over the White House signals to every human being, regardles of orientation, that there exists acceptance and a recognition by our government of the legitimacy of their lives JUST AS THEY ARE. Unlike the bigoted hateful beliefs SO many on the extreme right project with pride.

We are NOT a Christian nation, nowhere is Christianity mentioned or found in the US Constitution.

To bad you dislike showing those unlike yourself respect and love for just who they are.

Now, a flag flown over a Supreme Court Justice's home carrying a religious or political message IS Inappropriate. Completely so. Why, because Supreme Court Justices should NEVER display any personal religous or political positions. Certainly keeping their personal beliefs private is fine. And if you jc don't understand why this is i certainly do not have the time nor desire to explain it to one who SHOULD know.

BB-Idaho said...

Maybe we need to re-read Robert O. Paxton's 'The Anatomy of Fascism' written 20 years ago
but eerily prescient. And ponder a spoiled rich bully who kept Mein Kampf at his bedside,
but had to have his intelligence briefings done in cartoons. Black and White then and now.
We have a choice between USA and 4th Reich - simple as that.

Thersites said...

Gay pride isn't a political message? Who knew? Meanwhile...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Joe Conservative said..."Flying a flag at his home forced Alito's opinions on you, Les> Maybe Joe needs to stop "Rainbow Flag lighting" the Whitehouse. So either get over it, or tone your own secular religion down."

Amazing! You Don't know the difference between a rainbow flag flying over the WH and the flag ALITO DISPLAYED showing solidarity with insurrectionists, who desecrated the Capitol with feces and beat up LOEs, and who sought to stop a Constitutional requirement through violence against US government?

The rainbow flag is a symbol of Inclusiveness and acceptance of our gay brothers and sisters who have in the past been discriminated against and even MURDERED for being who they are. It is not a symbol of violence and hatred, except for people who hold hatred in their hearts and wish them to disappear from sight — those people are a distinct and sorry minority, thank Darwin!!

There’s no comparison between a flag that is in solidarity with violence and stopping a Constitutional requirement and one that shows solidarity with a minority that has been harassed, abused, discriminated against, and murdered.

I’m not at all shocked to discover that you don’t know the difference.

Les Carpenter said...

So true BB-Idaho. The choice is as simple as it is stark.

The folks who need to read and digest Paxton's book likely never will. Those now opining in support of trump will most probably continue and will be voting 4th Reich USA November 2024.

Shaw Kenawe said...


We may have to suffer through a period of fascism ( Trump is promising that) before the Americans who support him understand the damage to democracy Trumpism is.

History shows that people who support dangerous and mentally unstable people like Trump come to regret it in the worse possible ways.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Thersites said..."Gay pride isn't a political message? Who knew? Meanwhile..."

The gay pride rainbow flag is a political message only to those with hatred, religious prejudice, and fear toward our gay brothers and sisters.

Accepting people for who they are is not a political statement, it's a decent and human one.

But I'm not surprised you don't understand that.

Shaw Kenawe said...

PS. A Supreme Court Justice who flies a flag in solidarity with an armed mob who wantdd to stop the electoral count, a Constitutional requirement, is a rogue justice and, IMO, should be impeached for his scandalous display of anti-American and anti-democracy behavior.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Gay pride - good
white pride = evil
black lives matter

Nope, nothing political to see here... just 'moral' hubris.

Dave Dubya said...

Yes, even Jews can be authoritarian bigots, as -FJ/JC/Thersites insists on demonstrating.

Once again he demeans minorities assertions of their equality and human rights to advance white privilege. Who could nazi that coming?

What do you call a Jew who supports neo-Nazis?

A neo-Nazi Jew, like Trump's token racist Jew Stephen Miller.

Does he actually think we don't know the sort of racists who parrot "white pride"?

He must be a real "Proud Boy".

Shaw Kenawe said...


Only a grievance-filled person thinks other people believe "white pride" is vile. You appear to be upset that people of color have visibility in America in the 21st century!

Not bad for a country that bragged about "liberty and justice for all." /s/

You don't remember how people of color were invisible in this country for so many years.

Little Black girls had no black baby dolls, they didn't exist, crayola crayons had one color for flesh, PINK.

Bandaids came in one color -- for white skin.

Black entertainers were limited to certain roles on tv and in movies: servants or entertainers or only in all-Black films. Why? Because the South would not watch or accept Blacks in any other roles.

Black entertainers were not allowed to stay in the hotels where they performed.

I've read your pal Geeez complain that there are so many people of color, Black people, in tv adds. She complains that they're only 14% of our population but they're in all the ads!

How pathetic. She doesn't remember when people of color WERE NOT IN ANY TV ADS. NOT ANY! There were no Black supermodels; few, if any, Black Congressmen and women, governors, SC justices, CEOs! THEY WERE INVISIBLE TO WHITE AMERICA.

Now that people of color have visibility and pride, finally, to be seen in normal American situations, people like your pals on the Mother Ship are bent all out of shape over it and complain about it.

Since the founding of this country, whites have run the place and been in all the starring roles. It's time you and your pals on th Mother Ship get used to sharing the stage with your fellow Americans of color.

Les Carpenter said...

We wonder why the Christian Nationalists of America missed these spiritual enlightenments possessed by Jesus and the Buddha. Seems it must be willful ignorance.

Craig said...

Justice Alito has every right to fly those flags. Here's a little civics lesson for Sybil, I mean, JC or whoever you are today.

The White House, executive branch, is almost by definition, political. They're charged with executing the law. Being LGBQ is legal in this country and if the White House wants to celebrate them and petition congress to expand protections for them, what's the problem. If you don't like it you get a chance to vote for your favorite homophobe every 4 years.

The Judicial branch is charged with administering the law without fear or favor. The justices all swore to impartiality during their confirmation hearings. They would just call balls and strikes. Alito has shown he isn't impartial. He tried to use his wife as a human shield, but apparently he was just fine with insurrectionist flags flying over his residences. How can anyone believe he can be impartial when cases around J6 come before him. He's not bound by ethics rules and has a lifetime appointment. So, yeah, he's a disgrace to the rule of law and a disgrace to the court. Calling for him and Justice Thomas, whose wife is neck deep in Stop the Steal and J6 and he not disclosing lavish gifts from wealthy donors who stand to benefit from his rulings, to recuse in those cases is justified.

Let's compare the treatment of Alito and Thomas to that of Judge Merchan by the GOP. Merchan is supposedly compromised because his grown daughter who lives a life of her own has done work for the DNC. Alito and Thomas share their lives and homes with insurrection sympathizers and, somehow, they can be fair and impartial. Pathetic. I'm sure you and the Right would be just fine with Justices Kagen, Sotomayor and Jackson displaying BLM or Antifa signs in their front yards.

Grey One talks sass said...

Shaw, you asked a very good question at the top of this post. You asked:

"Sometimes, in sickness, a person has to experience an almost fatal fever before it breaks and the person is returned to good health.

I see Trumpism as that fever. Will it finally break and restore sanity to this country?"

If the kids I follow have anything to do with it, not only will the fever break in time for our next presidential election, the soul of the nation will shake itself off and choose Democracy instead of fascism.

While there is much hope in my declaration there is evidence too.

It all comes down to purity and the tests True Believers will enforce on the rest of their fellow believers to ensure no one can infiltrate the inner circle.

I've already found several posts (no clue as to where - I accidentally poisoned myself on Wednesday and was poisoned by the Bug Guy at the dorm - double whammy! Whee - wish I felt better but I'm still not up to snuff). Anyway that's why I can't remember where/when I read a thing, only that I read a tearful tale of how this person was Trump all the way until that one line they didn't think he or his followers would cross was not only crossed but obliterated and they shook themselves off to discover team Trump had left them in the dust of their ruined beliefs.

I felt for them so hard because that's exactly what happened with me when I got out of the cult I'd been in for 9+ years. Everything I'd believed in was false. Hard hard hard, all I can say.

All the teaching stories tell me to beware the mob you control for if they find out you've lied and/or played them for the fool, they will kill you. I'm sure the Trumpsters have it all under control. What could go wrong? /s

Grey One talks sass said...

I see skud is back to spouting how January 6 wasn't an insurrection. Wow. After all the facts presented, the conversations we've all held on this very site, and still they just can't let go the lie. Honestly I'm surprised skud manages to survive as dumb as they appear with their statements here. Seriously, I have a box of rocks smarter than skud, just saying.

And our three faced troll just has to spice their false equivalency with hatred of others. Heavens forbid anyone but white cisgendered heterosexual males get celebrated. After all they've only been in charge for (checks notes) two thousand years?

Equality always feels like oppression to those who've never shared a thing in their life. The old epoch has ended, I welcome the new one and look forward to how our young folks define their world. We Old Ones have left them a mess. Heard on a podcast that the summer of 2023 was the hottest one in 2000 years as verified by tree rings. Trees and by extension science does not lie. It's too late to stop Climate Change, we now live in Climactica Incognito. We can do some things to make the journey not so horrible but if the Seven Mountains Dominionists aka Christian nationalists have their way, no, the horrible will have just started. See, they don't care because their deity is due back any second now to whisk them all off into their idea of heaven to watch the rest of us burn in a lake of fire.

Not sure about anyone else but I'm voting Democracy all the way down the ticket because screw those Christian nationalists. They want to be the boss of me but nope, I'm unmanageable or so says some of my less effective bosses. I plan to be exactly who I am, a Grey One who always talks sass. Missed y'all. Glad and happy to read your replies to ignorance and outright lies. Well done, all of you. Not that you need my approval, just expressing joy at your intelligence.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Craig, well said.

The multi-personality commenter is feeling white oppression because people of color are part of DEI, which he and his confreres dislike.

Grey One talks sass said it perfectly: Equality feels like oppression to those who never had to share a thing in their lives. And I might add to those whose religion taught them to hate homosexuality.

We absolutely know that JoeCon/ Minus EffJay/Thersites would be in a spitting rage if Justices Kagen, Sotomayor and Jackson displayed BLM or Antifa signs in their front yards.

That is why it is difficult to take their dismissive remarks over the ALITO- flag scandal seriously.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Grey One talks sass,

Glad to hear you’re recovering. I’m sorry you had to go through that. You were missed!

Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

Joe Conservative said...

Since the founding of this country, whites have run the place and been in all the starring roles. It's time you and your pals on th Mother Ship get used to sharing the stage with your fellow Americans of color.

I actually remember back to when white men with no property couldn't vote. That changed in the early 1800's. Then Blacks got the vote. Then women.

And somebody had to produce the first baby doll. The first band-aid. The first movie. All those people were white men. So instead of saying, "why wasn't the world structured to be fair to all?" You should realize, somebody HAD to be the first. And it was almost always a white man.

You're welcome.

Shaw Kenawe said...

How many of these Black inventors did you learn about in school?

Traffic lights: Garrett Morgan invented the three-light traffic signal in 1923
Lawn sprinklers: Black inventors also invented lawn sprinklers
Peanut butter and potato chips: Black inventors also invented peanut butter and potato chips
Home security systems: Mary Van Brittan Brown invented home security systems in 1966
The modern ironing board: Black inventors also invented the shape of the modern ironing board
Blood banks: Black inventors also invented blood banks
Laser treatment for cataracts: Black inventors also invented laser treatment for cataracts
The Super Soaker: Lonnie G. invented the Super Soaker children's toy in 1990

Other inventions by Black Americans include:
Automatic elevator doors (Alexander Miles, 1887)
Folding chairs (John Purdy, 1889)
Gas heating furnace (Alice H., 1919)
Golf tee (George Grant, 1899)
Modern toilet (Thomas Elkins, 1872)
Pacemaker (Otis Boykin, 1964)
Thermostat/temperature control (Frederick Jones, 1935)
Touch-tone telephone (Dr., 1987)

Grey One talks sass said...

Joe Conservative you Men's Rights Activist!!! How absolutely incel of you.

I can't keep track of the number of inventions/music/scientific discoveries I learned as a child were brought to humanity by white men only to find out later they coopted the discovery from either a person of color, a female, or both. History may have been written by the victor but the arts are filled with the unsaid truth.

You're welcome.

White men like our many faced troll have had over two thousand years to show their mettle and instead of an amazing thriving society filled with problem solvers our world teeters on a precipice filled with those humans who continue to blame the situation on others they ostracized and supposedly eliminated time and again. Check history - many genocides, many times a society was 'purified' with the death of the other and yet, here we are. Again. Almost as if the other wasn't the issue in the first place.

Some terms:
MRA = Mens Right Activists aka Men Going Their Own Way aka Alpha Males aka .....

White men - not all white men. I know. My Dad was a white male and who do you think taught me to think for myself? To stand up for myself? - that would be my late husband, another white male. Dad was a pacifist and a member of the governmental Deep State - dedicated to do as much good as he could for as long as he could. At his funeral his team from years back said he was the most influential and best boss they'd ever had. They were grateful for the time he spent with them, the empowerment he gave them, and the mutual respect they earned with each other. THAT is the human ideal. Not the appearance of the external but ones character, how we treat each other. period.

Last note: If no respect is given, none shall be offered. Good faith means both have the receipts. This isn't rocket science but wow, it appears to be a harder class for some than expected - looking at you skud-ster. What happened? I thought we were communicating!!!

Grey One talks sass said...

Great minds Shaw!

I was thinking back to the 1700's - there were some plays that touched on the subject - great hilarity ha ha and the usurper usually got was was due them as morality plays had to have a moral.

Thersites said...

George Washington Carver even made MY history books. Who invented the transistor (a far more important invention than golf tees). Is he in the History books?

btw - Shockley is better known for his eugenics ideas than the transistor. How our herstorical priorities have changed, huh.

Cancel the all white guys. They don't deserve your thanks.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Don’t be so insecure, Thersites, no one wants to cancel you. This isn’t about you anyway.

The problem is the white folks who get upset with people of color having visibility. A lot of visibility.

Same problem with some straight folks not happy when they see gay people being affectionate in public. They don’t mind PDAs when straight people engage in them, but straight people say gays are “shoving it in our faces” when they’re affectionate in public.

IMO, a lot, not all of course, of white folks and straight folks not wanting to share this planet with what they fear and don’t understand.

Grey One talks sass said...

Oh many faced troll, there there... you seem stressed. No one except you said cancel all the white guys. So why do you hate yourself so much? Have you tried therapy. I know it helps when you need that extra bit of a confidence builder.

Back on topic - Alito being a perfect example of why we need Supreme Court review -

I just read that if Nancy Pelosi hadn't reconvened Congress hours after the rioters departed on January 6th to complete the vote count Alito (he doesn't deserve the honorific) was ready on Jan 7 to invoke the 12th amendment to declare Trump the winner of the election.

We came that close and Alito was ready to pull the plug. Puts the flags at his houses in a whole new light for me. Wish our DOJ could address these issues but hey, I'm just glad the whole mess is seeing the light of day, may he reap the unforeseen consequences of his treasonous acts.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Joe Conservative. “I actually remember back to when white men with no property couldn't vote.

White men made that law.


“That changed in the early 1800's. Then Blacks got the vote. Then women.”

I remember John Wilkes Booth murdered Lincoln after he learned the freed slaves would get the right to vote And I remember the decades and decades women fought (and some died) to make the white men give them the right to vote.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Grey One talks sass,

Where did you read that???


Grey One talks sass said...

On the blog Joe My God, 5/25/24 Alito's Wife: Flag Was "International" Signal of Distress, the commentator worstcultever said:

"Also too, a Wapo commenter reminds us of this:

This was not a brand-new or hastily organized plan [to flip the election]. I wrote on March 13, 2020 Trump folks were planning this exact strategy.

And, sure enough, here it was, with Sam Alito as the inside man.

The invasion of the House chamber by the “stop the steal” traitors was, by the theory of this plan, supposed to delay the counting of electoral college votes at least for a day, to give Alito time to act on the next day, January 7th. He and the courts would then rule that the 12th amendment took precedent to law made since then, Congress would declare Trump the winner, and that would be the end of the discussion.

But Nancy Pelosi got wind of the plot and blew it up by re-convening Congress at 8 pm to count the votes, just two hours after the last of the rioters had left the building and before Alito could rule. As Trump‘s senior attorney [Sidney] Powell told Peters:

“Nancy Pelosi had finagled to file an amicus brief in it so she got notice when we made our filing because she’d filed an amicus brief. And then everything broke loose and she really speeded up reconvening Congress to get the vote [count] going, or [Bill Barr’s] Justice [Department] might have issued an injunction to stop it all, which is what should have happened.”

In the end, Alito had to turn down the lawsuit on the morning of January 7th because Congress had already voted to certify the election for Biden.

As a result, we’ll never know how close we came to having a single corrupt Supreme Court justice overturn the election, but that flag flying outside his house gives us a pretty good clue as to what he may well have done the morning of January 7th had Pelosi not quickly acted the previous evening.

Alito needs to be brought up on charges of participating in insurrection." end quote.

I knew Nancy did some fancy dancing on Jan 6, never really appreciated the level of chess the amazing former Speaker of the House played that day. I am so grateful for her service.

Les Carpenter said...

Your storyline jc is the dog whistle bullshit that white males love to regurgitate to justify their former colonialism and oppression of people that didn't look, think, or behave like them.

Good job defining western white supremacist theology jc.

Les Carpenter said...

Your narative defines you Thersites and no one else.

Sorry dude.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Between 620,000 and 750,000 mostly white soldiers dead, along with an undetermined number of civilian casualties, giving black men the right to vote.

You're welcome.

Les Carpenter said...

Reciting the white supremacist mantra are ya jc?

Trying to pump up belief in white supremacy by ignoring or trying to negate the accomplishment of other races and cultures merely highlights white ignorance jc... CONGRATULATIONS.

Les Carpenter said...

Action plan of the facists failed on 01/06/2021. Don't anyone believe for a single moment that a) there isn't a second act planned and b) the next time the insurectionists will have learned from prior mistakes.

If trump escapes accountability, a very likely scenario, and he loses the election this November, another possible scenario, get readily for facist coup attempt #2.

And dirty dog alito sure as hell out to be impeached if this story has confirmed evidence.

The experiment in American self rule appears to be going to hell in a hand basket. Like Franklin said, a republic if you can keep it. It is looking like the keeping is wearing thinner and thinner, and the fever is getting hotter and hotter.

America continues to face an existential threat to its continued existence as a democratic republic.

A vote for Biden/Harris is a vote for democracy, self rule, and self respect.

A vote for trump/? is a vote for facism, tyranny, and the rule of personality and narcissistic egoism.

The writing on the wall couldn't be much clearer.

Shaw Kenawe said...


40,000 Black American soldiers died in the Civil War that was started by WHITE MEN so that they could continue owning Black people as chattel.

You’re welcome.

BB-Idaho said...

I grew up in northern Wisconsin. On the hill in the cemetery was a cluster of Civil War
graves. White uprights stating 'he fought to free the slaves'. Since there were no blacks
up in the pine woods then, we assume they took seriously "that all men are created equal'.
Very seriously - read about Wisconsin's Iron Brigade which bested Jackson's Stonewall brigade a couple of times and ponder whether 'states rights' or slavery was the cause. Ponder as well the current similar divide in the US...separate values, separate facts, no middle ground.

Les Carpenter said...

True ignorance, leading to delusional false beliefs, continues to be our American Democratic Republic's number one threat to its continued existence.

As -fj continued to double down.