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Tuesday, May 7, 2024


Fox host: What's wrong with Congress? Why can't you secure the border?

GOP Rep. Self: The problem is the Republicans, not the Democrats. My Republican colleagues are unwilling to vote to secure the border.

Congressman Keith Self is currently serving his first term in Congress as the Representative of the 3rd District of Texas


Les Carpenter said...

A rare truthful statement from the otherwise gop red sea of lying hyenas.

skudrunner said...

If that was intended to be a question it is an easy answer. Because the border is a political issue and the republicans hope it will overshadow their anti-abortion stand.

Securing the border is not complicated, just shut it down and turn them back to where they came from until they have the proper documentation to enter the country. The problem is the democrats see the open border as a win and the republicans don't want them to have a win.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

yet he seems not to know that the Senate will inevitably undo all necessary changes to immigration policy. Newbies.

Dave Miller said...

Skud states well the current ethos of so many here in the US. He only missed "deport the illegals" that are here too.

Those two steps are the fever dream of conservatives. Conservatives who are not looking at data and "think' they know what they're talking about. It all sounds so good and simple though, that it is almost impossible to resist.

Here's Skud's solution...

"Securing the border is not complicated, just shut it down and turn them back to where they came from until they have the proper documentation to enter the country."

This line conservatives want people to wait in does not exist in reality. Take for instance immigration from India, a huge source of "high benefit" people for US businesses. The current wait list Americans want them to join is over 100 years long. They'll be dead before they can come here and benefit our country.

To enter from Mexico and work, the wait is over 12 years. China is over 13 years. Guatemala is over 52 years, Honduras is over 37 years and El Salvador, 33 years.

Effectively, outside of employer based VISAS, a very small number and only awarded by a lottery, the lines for those countries to get a work VISA, do not exist. No matter how much economic benefit someone has to offer.

Even though US employers are screaming for more workers, people that no longer exist in our rapidly aging country.

People like Skud are effectively arguing for an end to immigration, albeit in law and order sounding terms. Because they never also argue simultaneously for an increase for the immigrants we need to keep our economy growing and functioning.

The irony of it is this... blocking increases in legal immigration and not giving those immigrants the right to work will ensure the end of a prosperous America, still the economic idol and driver of the world.

Les Carpenter said...

Usual trumpist conservative personal beliefs that are not tethered to actual reality. As per usual practices.

skudrunner said...

No Rev you are incorrect on everything I have said. How many of the illegals are going to work or have even tried to get work permits, few. Why should someone who went through the proper procedures take years and illegals just cross.

Employers are seeking workers who provide some kind of skill and value. Why is it you expect taxpayers to pick up the bill for the illegals. That's right just tax the rich and that will solve all our problems.

Here is a solution fix our immigration policy that has been antiquated for decades. Of course it is all the republicans fault, common chant from the left, even though both sides have had multiple opportunities to do that but it is not a priority. Maybe follow Mexico's or Canada's.

Yes I do favor deporting illegals just like I support arresting people who break the law. Guess we just differ in what we expect.

Dave Miller said...

Truth hurts doesn't Skud? Your crowd thinks all this stuff exists in a vacuum.

It does not.

US employers and the US economy NEED foreign workers, otherwise our economy stalls, vegetable die in the fields, chicken and meat rot in packing houses etc.

We're currently in about a million home housing shortage nationwide. Who builds those houses? Out west, the trades are dominated by immigrant labor, not native born people. Florida itself is seeing food rotting in the fields right now, unable to find immigrant labor because of the climate towards immigration there.

Those are facts.

We need immigrants. Period.

Any "solution" on immigration that does not also work to solve these realities is just not serious. Worse, it's xenophobic, infantile and unserious. I get it feels good, but it does not solve our issues.

You're right, the immigration has been antiquated for years, but you've never posited any solution other than deport the illegals and shut the border.

Right now the US admits one million people a year. Again, your side is not calling for that to be increased. If we deport 10-11 million people here illegally, we'll instantly be short millions of workers who in addition to the work they do, also help fund social security.

Until I hear even one of you clowns calling for deportation also calling for a massive increase in legal immigration, I'll continue to call you folks uncredible on this issue.

Because you are.

Les Carpenter said...

When my better half and i were out to Utah visiting our son and grandchildren in 2019 we stayed at at a nice resort area. It was relatively new and there was still roofing going on on two of the buildings. And, just as you said, most of the of laborers we were immigrants. Most if not all were Mexican. Most of us spoiled white Americans would not be found roofing in 90 degree weather in the blazing sun i'm willing to bet.

So, skud, and the rest supporting deportation, WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION for the guaranteed labor shortage, loss of tax revenue, and the shortages of food that WILL result.

We'll patiently waiting your answer.