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Friday, May 3, 2024


Had another lovely walk in the Laguna hills today

Then came home and read this:

Good morning: I regret to inform you that the "independent" accounting firm for @realdonaldtrump's Trash Social was just charged by the SEC with "with widespread fraud and accused of operating a 'sham audit mill.'" I know you're as surprised as anyone. —Rick Wilson

Anything Trump gets involved with ends up being deceitful, illegal, and/or venal. 

And his cultists want him in the Oval Office again?!

Today, outside the courthouse:

“You know our country is being inundated with criminals,” said Trump, who’s facing 88 criminal indictments; who has been adjudicated a sexual assaulter/rapist; a tax fraudster; and is currently on trial in criminal court.  


Les Carpenter said...

Yup. It is what it is. We're living in a very degenerate time. A time exactly right and ripe for the emergence of a narcissistic self serving charlatan con artist like trump.

Unfortunately we may very well be marching headlong into conservative tyranny with trump as head of the gop sanctioned dictatorship.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

It rarely ends well for those close to him. Governor Kim Reynolds of IoWA is apparently lobbying for a position in Trump's cabinet now. After she endorsed DeSantis. Trump will appoint her to fire her a short while later. I think she's too stupid to get it.

Les Carpenter said...

Probably JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly.

Once upon a time there were conservatives with ideas worth considering and implementing. But damn, it seems those days are ancient history.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Yeah. The movement was ripe for hijacking Les. Both sides were to some extent. Politics has become like religion. A twisted mess anyone with an agenda can misconstrue and lie about to seize advantage. I remember when blasphemy was as bad a sin as one could commit. From the growing up Catholic view anyway. Now I stopped going to church cause a priest spent a half hour telling the congregation it was a sin to vote for Biden. 70 million people believe that nonsense.

Dave Dubya said...

"Law and order!" "Equal justice under law!"...but not for Trump, the godfather of the GOP crime syndicate.

Yet still conservatives howl about America losing it's moral grounding, totally blind to the fact THEY are the guilty party.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave D., Les, JoeBama,

The Trumpublican Party can never claim to be the “Family values “ party. They support a sexual assaulter, serial adulterer who even cheated on his mistress! He had a log-term affair with a playboy model, then had a one- night stand with Stormy Daniel’s, while married to his 3rd wife, while she was pregnant with his 5th child!

It’s really hilarious to see these self-righteous types support and defend an immoral creep like Trump. It’s a real indictment on their idea of a decent family man.

Dave Miller said...

As we think about the current GOP, let me relate something I heard the other day that sent chills down my spine.

The prior GOP, the party of Reagan GOP, lasted more or less 30 years after his death. Even if Trump loses, many of the youngest GOP voters will only have known one GOP president in their adult lives... Donald Trump.

And his legacy will inform the party for a generation, like Reagan's did.

30 years. 30 years of the Trump legacy, apart from the SCOTUS.

God help us...

Mike said...

It's always fun to have to look up a word I don't know. Venal!

Dave Dubya said...

Dave M,
Trump's legacy had better be one of extreme dishonor to reduce his toxic effect on posterity. He MUST be defeated and convicted.

The urgent lesson for the present is: Without accountability for Trump, the republic is dead.

The lessons for posterity need to be constantly emphasized to every generation.

1. Fascism and white nationalism have been around for 100 years, and they aren't going away soon.

2. The struggle against authoritarians, racists, and fascists never ends.

Les Carpenter said...

Truth - Life is a flow of energy. We are but a tiny speck in the continuously evolving and changing flow of reality. Emptiness and Impermanence of all phenomena is the only constant in our ever changing universe.

If we ever stop grasping after things desired, and stop expending energy avoiding things we don't like or approve of and simply accept things as they are, and that we have little to no control over events, life can take on a more relaxed and effective existence.

Recognizing that we are part of a great interconnected web of consciousness and our individual lives are but a dream is the pathway to ultimate liberation.

BB-Idaho said...

Did the bribed physician note? that Trump's bone spurs were in his head

skudrunner said...

You should demonize both sides and look for a solution which would be a different candidate or maybe a different party. We have trump who has not been convicted of a felony except by the media and biden who is freewheeling his give anything for a vote mentality.

Joey b learned from his mentor. Don't cross the red line or else and attacking Israel my word is don't. At least barry had russia to dig him out, joey b just stays out of sight and is told not to talk.

The republicans are not trying to ban you gas car, ban your gas stove, allow millions to enter the country illegally, say it is OK to steal up to $900 and then blame everything on the other side.

The choice is do you want control of your life or do you want the government to continue with their 1984 mentality.

Shaw Kenawe said...


“A jury in Manhattan has found former President Donald Trump's company guilty of a long-running criminal tax fraud scheme that lasted into his presidency.

Though Trump and his company have repeatedly faced criminal investigations, this case marks the first time his company has been charged, tried, and convicted on criminal charges.

Trump built his political brand, in large part, on his claim that he was an aggressive and successful businessman.

In all, the jury found two entities controlled by Trump guilty on 17 counts of criminal tax fraud and falsifying business records. The maximum penalty is $1.6 million.”

You don’t like President Biden’s POLICIES, and that’s your right. But do not think for a minute that Trump and Biden are the same moral human being.

Trump is an adjudicated rapist and tax fraudest, and is in criminal court on criminal charges.

Only a hopeless partisan conflates the two men as the same.

Your Republican Party supports a rapist, a tax fraudest, and a man facing dozens of felony counts.

President Biden annoys you because he’s a Democrat and advocates democratic policies.

Joe Biden has not been indicted by any grand jury for felony crimes. Trump has.

skudrunner said...

Ms. Shaw, Glad to see your trip to the socialist republic is going well. I depart for there next week fo a bit.

Now as I am sure you are well aware trump was not found guilty of rape but for sexually abusing and defaming a person in a public dressing room during business hours 30 years ago.

The trump organization was found guilty not trump. That is like saying biden is guilty of accepting bribes of gold because menendez is. If trump as the boss is guilty so is joey b because he is menendez's boss. You must admit that is a correct analogy unless you admit joey b is not in charge.

The democrats no longer exist and neither does the republican party. Both are controlled by extremes. The republicans are controlled by a few nuts and the democrats no longer support the working middle class but the rich.

Les Carpenter said...

Thanks Shaw for pointing out, again, the truth for skuddy.

Les Carpenter said...

Truth skuddy will likely file in the circular file and return to to his both sides are the same, false prespective..

Reified garbage is hard for some folks to discard i suppose.

Shaw Kenawe said...

No Skud, Trump was found liable for sexual assault, and the JUDGE who presided over the civil case, I.e., THE LAW, affirmed that, by definition,Trump raped Ms. Carroll. That is the truth of the matter, not what you posted. Sorry.

Trump signs off on the Trump Organization taxes. It’s a privately held company, and he’s the boss.

Man oh man! It still amazes me to read what willfully blind people will post in defense of a lying, cheating, rapist, fraud

PS, you analogy of Menendez and Biden is awful, not even close.. Donald Trump is the head of Trump Org. And he’s been criming all his cheating life.

Also, you’ve been living iin and enjoying “socialism” since you started receiving SOCIAL security, Medicare, ridden on state and Us highways, been protected by police and fire departments, and borrowed books from your local library!

You are a bona fide socialist if you’ve enjoyed even just one of those things.


Les Carpenter said...

I really wish skuddy had been around when i was a manufacturing manager of a satellite plant for a multi state billion dollar corporation. You see i was always under the impression that as "the boss" i was ultimately responsible for the the results, both negative and positive because i was responsible to see that all employees understood and adhered to all company policies and reasonably consistently met production standards. As well as acting with honesty and integrity in their actions while working for and representing the company that paid their wages or salaries.

Glad you cleared things up skuddy. Although now it matters not really, me being retired and all.

skudrunner said...

"After Donald Trump was found liable for sexually abusing and defaming E. Jean Carroll, his legal team and his defenders lodged a frequent talking point. Despite Carroll's claims that Trump had raped her, they noted, the jury stopped short of saying he committed that particular offense"

If trump is guilty of something his company did than so is joey b as mendendez boss, it does go both ways although you do give joey b a lot of allowance. I signed off of my companies tax returns but paid and accountant to do them. If he made a mistake I was responsible. This is one reason I am a believer in a fair tax because then everyone pays their fair share.

I paid into SS and still pay for medicare so it is not socialism. I pay taxes for roads and for fire and law enforcement. I don't borrow books from the library but do pay for them as well as public schools.

Grey One talks sass said...

skud appears to me to be fixated on the size of the former losing guys manhood. Are you sure that's the hill you want to die on skud? Sexual assault is rape as the judge already clarified for the rubes at home (that would be you skud), but nope, no genitals, no rape according to you, arbiter of all things legal. I could get graphic about how penetration by an object is indeed rape. In fact if it happened to you I'm sure your rhetoric would be different. I guess privilege for you skud means you get to repeat a lie not knowing the harm you are doing. Stop it. Just stop.

As for President Biden being responsible for Sen Menendez's corruption one could just as easily say it was Biden's administration which found the corruption and is prosecuting the crimes, exposing them to the light of day. Yes, crimes happened under his time as President but they were also brought to the authorities. skud, can your hero say the same? In fact the crimes at Trump organization happened during the former loser guys admin. Why no condemnation from you skud? You'd think a charitable organization committing crimes is an issue. Well, it was for another charitable organization (looking at the Clinton org and the number of times skud brought it up when HRC was running for president. Guess it's only a crime when a member of the Democratic party does it, amirite?)

By the way skud, don't bother telling me you don't worship the former losing guy. Every comment you make, every point you bring up proves your bona fides as a card carrying trump lover. Admit it, you have a crush, don't you skud? Why else bring up the lack of trumps prowess in the manhood department? Projection much skud?

skud, you drive on a road, you contact a cop, your neighbor or your house is protected by your local fire station - yeah, you practice socialism even if you want to call it something else. You've said you have kids - guess what, the schools they attended unless 100% paid for by you and you alone are socialism.

Socialism is defined as "a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole."

Items such as schools, roads, firefighters, police... all socialism. What the definition doesn't say which you claim without evidence (in other comments of yours) is businesses must be owned by the public. That is communism, a political ideology which has never worked.

Words have meaning skud. Please use the correct ones, k?

And that concludes todays rebuttal for the latest gallop of the Gish variety from skud.

***Lies may fly around the world in the time it takes facts to put on their pants, but once dressed, lies die. Always. Facts don't care if anyone 'believes' in them. Facts undergo strenuous testing to see if they change, ever. Once it has been vetted time and again (i.e. gravity works!) it is deemed a fact, no belief necessary.***

skudrunner said...

Thanks for clearing this up for me. You are a socialist and I am not.

Where did I say companies must be owned by the public. The government has been very successful at owning businesses as is evident by Amtrak and the post office. Stunning successes and so successful that the USPS prohibits an independent company from using your mail box which you bought and installed and Amtrak losses millions. When it was discussed to allow people to direct part of their SS to private investments our elected elite had a cow because they control SS not you.

You make some very valid points and I applaud you for admitting the government can control your life better than you can.

Grey One talks sass said...

skud, if you live in the USA then yes, you practice socialism. If you say you don't then you don't live in the USA because only socialists drive on our roads, send kids to public schools, depend on the fire department to make sure the house doesn't burn down... the list is endless.

So you don't want to get your mail? I wasn't around when the rules were written but according to what's on the books only the USPS can place mail in the official mail box. Not sure why you are complaining about but then again, you are like your idol - if you don't have something to whine about you get very fussy. Seriously, if the issue matters to you so much Change The Damn Rules. There is a process and while not the easiest task modifying what was written back in the day to address needs here/now can be done.

Wait - that means you have to get off your duff and do something more than complain. Yeah, you'll do nothing because nothing is what you do skud. No facts, no evidence, just opinion after opinion of whining and complaining.

If you want a better country skud, be a better citizen. HT Stonekettle Station

PS - I never said you conflated the business owned by the public with socialism on this post. I said you've argued the point in bad faith before. I can go find where/when if you insist but be aware, if I do such a task I will find EVERY example you've used in the past and bring it up every time you claim you've never said a thing we've all witnessed you say. I'm petty that way.