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Thursday, May 2, 2024


Trump thinks his MAGAs are dumb.

Today he told the press waiting outside the courtroom that he’s not allowed to testify because of the gag order imposed by the judge.  

Anyone with half a brain would know that’s a stupid lie   

Trump MAGAs?


Les Carpenter said...

Stupid is as stupid does.>/b>

Or says......

credit to Forrest Gump's mama.

Grey One talks sass said...

Word on the street is that *rumps lawyers are the ones telling him he can't testify because yes, you are correct, a gag order doesn't apply when on the stand in court.

Also, from what I've read/heard if *rump does testify on his own behalf the prosecution will cross examine with plans to bring up all kinds of items *rumps law team would rather not be mentioned at all.

This is too delicious. I mean, yeah, deadly serious but wow...

While enjoying the slow dissolving *rumps claims I'm also not dancing in the streets. I've watched the movies about fighting fascists, I've read the journals describing how the good guys (that's us in this reality) celebrate a win over their opponent only to have the opponents followers crash everything because apparently laughter against their venerated leader is somehow worse than being killed.

I guess humiliation really is worse than having ones rights stripped away or dying/s

Shaw Kenawe said...

Grey One talks sass,

It’s typical of Trump to make outrageous statements devoid of any truth, because he’s a pathological liar and is incapable of honesty.

But his cultists will believe his lies, and that’s a tragedy. His and ours.

Dave Miller said...

My greatest hope is that Trump overrules his lawyers, because of course he knows best, and testifies.

After all, an innocent man has nothing to fear. So why wouldn't a guy, who is not guilty, did nothing wrong, is truthful and most of all, brilliant, not take the stand?

After all, that's what conservatives have said for years when lefties have gone to trial.