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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Donald Trump is Your Drunk Neighbor

(Wednesday's Trump Hump Day is a day early because I'll be traveling over the next few days, but I'll be checking in for comments.)

Let's begin with the headline in The Hill:

October 20, 2015, 07:45 amTrump: Obama mulling how to 'take your guns away'

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump said late Monday that President Obama is working on an executive order to take Americans’ guns away. “You know, the president is thinking about signing an executive order where he wants to take your guns away,” he told listeners during a rally in Anderson, S.C., according to CNN.

“You hear about this?” Trump asked supporters. "[It is] not gonna happen [and] that won’t happen. I think that’s a tough one for him to do.” “There’s plenty of executive orders being signed, you know that,” the outspoken billionaire added. "And we can’t let that go on.”

Donnie's ardent followers hooted and hollered over that stupendous lie, because they haven't the intelligence to know that when Donnie barks out stupidity like that, he's pandering to their ignorance, and he absolutely sounds like their drunken neighbor who'll brag about stuff he's never done and will never do. The people supporting Donnie love lies they way flies love dung.

Here's a great video on what Donnie has said in the past and how dumb his statements sound when heard through someone acting like a boorish drunk. 


Kevin Robbins said...

At least he's dumping on Jeb! He's not all bad.

Rational Nation USA said...

Love the video! Hilarious because it is a true representation of the Trumpster's rhetorical style. All bluster and brag with little to zero substance.

Ducky's here said...

Overheard on a certain blog, I want Michelle Bachman (sic) to run again.
With Trump covering gun confiscation, Carson handling the religious fever dreams there doesn't seem much room but maybe the Kochs are looking for a fresh POV.

Even with the current embarrassment of riches they are looking to expand the field.

Meanwhile, Sanders is planning a speech to explain the nature of democratic socialism .
Leave it to the Dems to inject reason and rational discussion to the political landscape. Maybe a speech mentioning Norman Thomas, Henry Wallace, Medicare, Social Security and the New Deal might remove some of the misinformation.

But we have a legitimate discussion on the left.
We need our Michele Bachmann. Don't it drag on.

Rusty Old Ford said...

The right wingers think we Liberals are "afraid" of Ben Carson? We're afraid of a guy who said Charles Darwin was influenced by Satan when he wrote about Evolution? That's not just funny, it's pathetically funny.

Hey, I got a brilliant mechanic that does wonders when I bring my rusty old Ford into his shop to fix whatever is wrong with it. He's amazing. And he's also an African-American who made it up from a tough childhood to own his own business and is doing very well. Maybe he should run for the presidency. A brilliant African-American guy who know how to repair broken down cars. He's gonna be as great as Carson. No, he'll be better because in additon to being a brilliant mechanic, he also knows Evolution is real.

Look out Ben Carson!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Kevin, I almost feel sorry for John Ellis Bush! Almost.

RN, when viewed as a loud-mouth drunk, Donnie's boasts are even more hilarious than when he actually said them. I think all of us have heard those sort of things coming out of the mouths of insufferable, boring drunks.

Ducky, I'm not surprised to read that the TeaPublicans still think Michele Bachmann would make a dandy veep or even prez. All the rational conservatives/Republicans left the GOP a long time ago, and all that is left in the local GOP parties and on the TGOP blogs are the same people who think Sarah Palin, Louie Gohmert, Mike Huckabee, and Ted Nugent are "deep" thinkers.

Their idea of legitimate discussion of the issues is to call Muslims "vermin," Liberals, "libtards," and people they disagree with "c**ts." It's no wonder the dregs of our culture are what's left of the Party of Lincoln.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Hi Rusty,

Yeah, every time someone criticizes any of their candidates, that means we're "scared" of that candidate.

Have you read how they criticize Hillary? They must poop green bricks every time she appears on the news. Talk about scared!

And remember how they attacked President Obama? They were so scared of him that their fear gave him a second term! Ha!

Ignore the poor dears. We're not "scared" of Ben Carson, we feel sorry for him.

Jean Beliveau said...

OT: a YUUUUGE victory for our Canadian neighbors!

Trudeau Upsets Harper, As 'Liberal Wave' Takes Canada's Prime Minister Post

Shaw Kenawe said...

A very good analysis by Digby on Trump's appeal to the TeaPublicans:

A very good analysis by Digby:

"The question remains, though. Why do these people love him so much? I doubt the answer lies in ideology. Rather, this is an emotional attachment and an expression of primal rage. And if you look at the other Republican circus — the House speakership battle — you can see what it might be. Both the Trump voter, the Tea Party regular, the talk-radio crowd and the Freedom Caucus are all saying the same thing: They’ve been lied to by the Republican Party and they’re not going to take it anymore.

For years, they have been loyal foot soldiers for the GOP, putting up with candidates like Mitt Romney, a milquetoast campaigner who changed his political stripes as often as he changed his underwear. They watched George W. Bush screw the pooch in Iraq, embarrassing the party and the US of A in the eyes of the whole world. They waited and waited for the Republicans to fulfill their promises to overturn Obamacare, ban abortion, outlaw gay marriage, eliminate the deficit and kick in the teeth of any tin-horned terrorist who dared to take the name of America in vain. These were all the promises the Republicans ran on. And yet nothing happened. And they don’t understand why."

Shaw Kenawe said...

And this isn't good news for the GOP:

By 59-29 percent, more Americans say Republicans’ disagreement in selecting a House speaker is a sign of dysfunction rather than reflecting healthy debate within the party, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Why would the American people want a party of dysfunctional people to be in charge of their country?

Rational Nation USA said...

The tea party and some in the leadership have worked diligently to bring dysfunctional government to reality.

Anonymous said...

The dregs of the party of Lincoln make up the GOP. And their followers believe Donald Trump would make a fine president. He said he'd love to have Sarah Palin in his cabinet when he's elected president and the nitwits in the GOP see nothing wrong with that. What cabinet post would he put her in as head? Secretary of Abstinence Only? And who would be her advisor? Bristol? How about Carson as his veep? Will the swine at the smut Hut call him a "jig" "coon" "gorilla" and other racist labels like they call Obama and other Black people? They call Dems racists when they criticize Carson and yet the. SMUT Huts Porn Queen features racist pigs on her blog every day. But stupid people never look in the mirror and see themselves for who they really are. They belong to the Stupid Party don't they.

Kevin Robbins said...

Leonard Pitts has a great piece on Carson. Things go better with guns.

Billy The Not Kidding said...

Finally a wing nut admits to what teapublicans want. Seen on a winger's blog: "Republicans want dirty air, dirty water, oil spills, trash on the streets, polluted oceans, old people without medical treatment and dead, young people without educations being paid the lowest wages possible, starving children, don’t believe in equal rights, were responsible for Jim Crow Laws and not Affirmative action,"

Anonymous said...

Carson must be doing something right if you leftards keep pouncing on him

BB-Idaho said...

Trump, beneath the PR bravado is as clueless as those that support him.

Ducky's here said...

Speaking of Ben ---
Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said Wednesday he would use the U.S. Department of Education to police speech on college campuses.

During an interview, Glenn Beck asked Carson if he would shut down the Education Department as president.

"I actually have something I would use the Department of Education to do," Carson responded. "It would be to monitor our institutions of higher education for extreme political bias and deny federal funding if it exists."

Ben's getting his message out to the cuckoo bananas Teabag crowd effectively. Should help him in Iowa where he may surprise.

... those are your leaders folks and there's no reason to expect they won't be around for a while.

Ducky's here said...

Freedom (sic) Caucus blocking Ryan

This should make him think twice about trying to organize the cuckoo bananas party.
I wonder if the party dysfunction will be addressed during the next debate.

Rational Nation USA said...

Don't forget Rubio and Cruz. They be the greatest threat to liberty and civil rights.

Trump does have one strong argument, he is not taking special interest money. Uh oh, that's right, he is his own special interest. Or, is his interest the American people at large?

H.R. Clinton likely the next leader of the "free" world. If there really is such a world anymore.

The fight for power, control, and winning at any cost now precludes the concern for individual liberty and protecting the civil rights of all.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon@ 4:52 PM OCT. 20

That's hilarious. The TeaPublicans have been koo-koo bananas over Pres. Obama for 7 years, insulting and racist he must have been and IS doing everything RIGHT!

Smarter trolls, please.