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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Here's the woman...

who drives the Right insane.  Between the raunchy, sexist, misogynistic epithets they throw at her and their screaming BENGHAZI! LIAR! BENGHAZI! LIAR!, it's abundantly clear that this woman not only gets under their skin, but she lives rent-free in their heads, morning, noon, and night. She haunts them in every paranoid waking hour, and she fills their sweat-soaked dreams with anxiety and rage. Meanwhile, it is they who continue to give her the power to drive them mad! And they haven't the smarts to understand this. With every smear, insult, and attack the Tea Baggers throw her way, she grows in stature, respect, and power.

We Libruls are fortunate that this one woman can do what it normally takes an entire political party to do -- make the opposition howlingly monkey-shyte crazy.  If she has the Tea Baggers this poo-flingingly hysterical, this FRANTIC!, then she must be one amazing dudette. Whether you like Hillary or not, you have to give her credit for keeping the Baggers foaming at the mouth and being distracted from the damage they could be doing if they were engaged in something important.

Keep it up Hillz!

We normally judge a person's character by who her enemies are. Any sane person would welcome the hatred of a group of people who have consistently been on the wrong side of history and who actually believe Donald "Fat Mouth" Trump, and Kindly Dr. Ben "America's Just Like Nazi Germany" Carson are qualified to be POTUS; people who don't believe in Evolution or Global Warming/Climate Change; people who still call our gay citizens "sodomites" and believe they have a "gay agenda;" people who call all Muslims "vermin" and want American Muslims thrown out of their own country; and people who still believe President Obama is a Kenyan Muslim Commie, Marxist Kitten Killer. Those are the sort of losers you'd want as bellowing adversaries, because those who overreach in trying to take down a Clinton and those who underestimate a Clinton's ability to wipe their enemies' hatred off with a flick of the wrist will always be the last to understand what hit them.


Les Carpenter said...

Looking forward to the debates tonight. Hopefully Rand Paul will find a way to bring up CISA.

That and the entertainment ought to be quite excellent.

Infidel753 said...

the raunchy, sexist, misogynistic epithets they throw at her and their screaming BENGHAZI! LIAR! BENGHAZI! LIAR!

You ain't seen nothin' yet, I'm afraid. Look at all the racist filth they've hurled at Obama over the last few years and convert into sexist equivalents -- that's what we're going to see, especially after she wins next year and they plunge new depths of mouth-foaming fury.

Her steadiness in the face of it all makes quite a contrast with the other side's front-runner, who goes into day-long twitter meltdowns every time he's treated with anything short of reverence.

I don't think the voters will have any trouble seeing who it is that has the temperament to be President.

Les Carpenter said...

Following the Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi (18 month) debacle and the thus far clownish performances by the majority of GOP candidates it likely
more folks will be interested in this.

Anonymous said...

Love the gif showing Hillary brushing off the gop like so much crusty scum. They never even touched her. Hahahahahaah!

The Prophet Dervish Z Sanders said...

Would I be correct to assume that RN made a substantial contribution and is encouraging others to do the same? (Re his link to Hillary's website).

Anonymous said...

RN's post:

Les Carpenter said...

No you would not. I made a point with a link for those who may have already decided to do so. Serious concerns and reservations as a result of those concerns remain. Not being partisan (blindly so) I shall take my time in deciding and since I cannot vote in the primaries I have PLENTY of time to decide.

Les Carpenter said...

PS: I do not contribute to anyone's campaign monetarily. Has been a lifelong policy of mine with respect to candidates for national office.

Anonymous said...

Highly amusing how rattled and distracted Hillary makes the Goopers.

Anonymous said...

for example, a particularly crazed Gooper writes: "Hillary is a dirty, corrupt, ham-handed monster with a metallic voice and soulless eyes that should be looking at us through the window of a UFO."

The only people who write this sort of rage are the ones who sh*t their pants on a regular basis because they know Hillary is head and shoulders above the crap de la crap that the TGOPers offer. She smacked the Goopers upside the head during the BENGHAZI! hearings and they've been spitting nails at brick walls every since. It brings tears of laughter to my eyes to see them expend so much useless emotion over Clinton. Like she reads their pathetic rants and it ruins her day! Hahahahahaha! But that's what you'd expect from people with the emotional stability of a tantrum throwing 2-year old.

Lawn Guyland said...

I enjoyed it the CNBC Republican debate very much besides the good media beat downs,they showed to be smart,articulate (just like I am) and and so not Hillary or Sanders, who I can't understand because they use two and three syllable words.

They used numbers and facts,most of them,which I don't understand, and I think it was a toss up your cookies with Rubio,Cruz and Christie.

Even Huckabee go a good line in about the blimp Christie ,comparing it to the ineffectiveness of the government.
“If you saw that blimp that got cut loose from Maryland today, it’s a perfect example of government,”
“I mean, what we had was something the government made — basically a bag of gas — that cut loose, destroyed everything in its path, left thousands of people powerless, but they couldn’t get rid of it because we had too much money invested in it, so we had to keep it.
“That is our government today. We saw it in the blimp. That’s exactly what we saw.” Isn't that brilliant? I mean no one talks as brilliant as Pastor Hucksterbee, doesn't they?

My favorite of the night was what Rubio said about the media being the democrats biggest superpac. Man, I peed myself laughing over that knee-slapper! and when he said how Hillary was a proven liar (that's the first time I ever heard that said about the Hildabeast, that Rubio is so original and brilliant, I mean his IQ must be around 50 or something high like me.

I am sure all the left winger will run to media matters this morning to get all their talking points and I'll be sure to not miss my English class, since I'm still not sure about subject and verb agreement, but I'm a Tea Bagger afterall.

And Ted Cruz,loved his smack down of the moderators. I love smack downs because that stuff is easier to understand than discussions about complex stuff... Regardless of how the left spins it they still outshine their 2 “has been” candidates -- so you see, the left will still outshine their 2 "has been" candidates! Get it? LOL! Sometimes I crack myself up with my brilliance and cutting edge wit!

Dave Miller said...

Well Anon, apparently there is indeed quite a bit of rage out there for any Democrat...

One blind, raging antisemite, conservative loving blogger actually believes every GOP candidate on the stage the other night at the debate is better than every single candidate the Dems have put up from the "cesspits" in the last hundred years.

I'm assuming that includes Bill "Last Pres to have a balanced Budget" Clinton, John "Let's go to the Moon" Kennedy, Lyndon "Everyone has a right to vote" Johnson, Franklin "Let's lift senior citizens out of poverty with Social Security" Roosevelt and Harry "The Buck Stops Here" Truman, among others. [all quotes mine]

Seriously, there are people in this country that think every single candidate on the GOP stage would be better than all of those presidents. It isn't just about Hillary.

Can anyone imagine Trump, Carson or Cruz during WW 2, the depression or Rand "I don't support civil rights legislation" Paul over every single Dem?

It has become an unhinged world.

Howard Fineman is right... the GOP is realizing they are going to lose and is in a panic.

BB-Idaho said...

Yes Dave Miller, and I would go so far as to note there has not been an acceptable
Republican since Eisenhower. Since then, they have given us poor market returns,
useless wars, fancy talk, TrickleDown (leave that to the urologists, please!) tax
breaks for the uber rich, creative gerrymandering, voter suppression, 2nd Amendment free fire zones, enemies lists, growing debt, huge defense spending, cuts in everything else....and now pure looniness. Dave, 'unhinged' is far too kind!

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

May the Great and Mighty Cthulhu shed His grace on thee and and drown these hoods for the common good ... from sea to shining sea!

The Prophet Dervish Z Sanders said...

FYI, the anonymous comment above that contains a link to a RNUSA post about Ben Carson is from RN's friend TOM.

Ronnie's Raygun said...

Overall any one of the Tea Baggers would be a disaster of a president. Of course Trump and Carson have set a low bar to get over. Our economy is doing well considering how the Bushistas tried their best to wreck it, and all the Baggers can say is weneed to go after Medicare, Social Security, poor people and veterans, and give more s–t away to the 1%ers so the non-productive able bodied off-shore corporatists can live off the workers they underpay. The Baggers have shown they don’t care about opportunities just about yelling BENGHAZI! And losing their sh*t over the. dreaded Hildabeast.