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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Happy News for TeaPublicans!

Kindly Dr. Ben has assured the TeaPublicans that he'll police only Liberal speech on college campuses. He clarified his statements by saying he'll police, and possibly stop, only extreme and biased Liberal speech on our college and university campuses, because as everyone knows, only Liberals engage in extreme, biased political speech.

How assuring is this Nation!? We have a prezidenshul candidate promoting "Liberal Speech Control" and he'll probably appoint someone like, Michael Savage or Alex Jones to head up the new cabinet post to ferret out extremist speechifyin' Liberal Commie perfessers. Savage and Jones will do just fine in knowing what extreme speech is all about.

We salute you, Dr. Ben, for this great idea. Because fundamental religionist crackpots understand other crackpots, and folks like you know the ins and outs of getting around that pesky "Constatushunal" 1st Amendment thingy.

Ben Carson comforts conservatives: I will only police liberal speech on college campuses

Kindly Dr. Carson 'splainin' how great things were for the Black Folks during the Jim Crow Era in America.

This post will prove to the TeaPublican trolls that we Liberals are "askeerd" of the crackpot kindly Dr. Ben.


Anonymous said...

Wait. What?

The guy who's against political correctness now promises to be the President of Political Correctness by policing college campuses for liberal bias speech? Who'll decide what liberal bias speech is? Carson? Will he get daily briefing reports about what's going on in all our liberal college and universities and then act on this information how? Will he send the conservative thought police out to arrest liberal bias speech? Will he defriend these colleges and universities on facebook, stop following them on Twitter?

Crackpot doesn't describe Carson's ideas. This is the same guy who claimed the German Jews could have fought of the German army with handguns? He's obviously a history moron because the German army defeated France, Poland, and blitzkreiged London. Does he think the English would have won the Battle of Britain quicker if they all were armed? And does Carson and his followers understand how stupid his moronic statements are?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon: "And does Carson and his followers understand how stupid his moronic statements are?"


The crazier his statements and ideas, the more they love him. They love the fact that he has absolutely no experience in elective office (but they thought the liberal black guy had a slim resume for elective office, so that was a bad thing). They love the fact that Carson knows nothing about foreign policy (but they're quick to point out Mr. Obama's lack of foreign policy creds and how that was responsible for the M.E. messes). They love the fact that he thinks Evolution is the work of Satan; that the Big Bang Theory is a "fairy tale;" and that Climate Change is a hoax -- all that denial from a "man of science." The Tea-Goopers love people who deny science. All this is acceptable to the T-Goopers because Dr. Carson is a fundamental religionist who has claimed God is directing his presidential run.

If any Muslim or any Liberal talked they way Carson does, the right wingers would demand they have psychiatric tests done immediately. But because Carson is a fundamental religionist, a conservative, and a BLAH! They disregard the political idiocy that keeps issuing from a guy who is good at brain surgery, but incredibly naive and a bit "off" on everything else.

Rational Nation USA said...

Be VERY concerned with the political mentality of this man and those who share his views. Tyranny of the minority is what they desire. They use the constitution that was designed to protect the tyranny of a majority to justify their desire to create a tyranny by the minority. Their convoluted conservative minority. Gerrymandering is their greatest weapon.

D.K.J. said...

Looking for consistency in the Tea Party is like looking for a virgin working in a brothel. Carson's newest idea is just more evidence of their irrational thinking. They've hammered Obama for 7 years because they kept saying his inexperience in foreign policy made America weak. Now comes their darling candidate Carson who not only has no experience with foreign policy, but he has no experience in government. I wonder if the nincompoops who support Carson would go to a surgeon with no experience in operating on brains? The Baggers think an inexperienced guy whose prone to making moronic statements and is also a science denier would be a terrific representtion of America? Yeah, he's a perfect representation of the Baggers and their irrational dumbness, and Carson would be an international joke on this country.

Ducky's here said...

It's all working out for Ben.

Just keep being outrageous and the base loves him.
The Iowa republican caucus is very receptive to fundamentalists.
So just keep mouthing the crazy and he could be in this for a good long while.

Call Me Hank said...

How to explain Carson's rise in the polls with the TeaBaggers?

I guess our systematically-dumbed-down electorate has become so mentally lazy, and so poorly educated in both common sense and the development of critical thinking skills, they actually prefer to let inexperienced, low-energy, power-hungry practitioners of intellectual, moral, philosophical and political legerdemain do their thinking FOR them.

The sad result is what we see: Carson a politician (and that's what he is now --he's running for the highest political office in America, so he's a politician) who has no knowledge of anything in the workings of government, and all he can feed his followers is that he's against political correctness. That's a dumb plaatform to run on. "Vote for me as president! I'm against political correctness!"

The Surfer Dude said...

the Rethuglicans know how good Hillary was last week because they're amped up their hatred of her, calling her a liar and stuff like "hag," "bitch," "witch," and worse because that's gonna really make her cry. Like she reads the crap they write about her? ROFLMAO!

The Rethugs are facing the fact that Hillary was not defeated by the Benghazi hearings and it kills them.

Lisa E. said...

Tthe weak minded wingnuts are now diagnosing Hillary via the internet. Some school teacher swears she knows all about Hillary;s medical condition because her uncle had the same thing, so it must be true. They think she's had brain-swelling and has been on steroids.They're positively obsessed with Clinton. What they can't understand with their feeble intellects is that no one with any medical condition could have lasted 11 hours of grilling and stupid question by the Tea Party if they didn't have the healthy brains and sharp intellect that Hillary has. Those Baggers can't handle the truth and they're really hilarious as they tear their hair out over how brilliant she was.

Rational Nation USA said...

Rumor has it they're working hard to concoct a new angle they hope will turn the tide against H.R. Clinton. It is believed they are consulting the Oracle of the Tea Leaves during the Council of Mystics gathering soon to be held at an unnamed location and time.

Hippo Crit said...


After being kicked out of Amtrak’s quiet car for yelling, Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie’s spokesperson is offering “sincere apologies” to those the New Jersey Governor offended this morning on an Amtrak Acela train to New York.

The Governor was on his way home after a Sunday show appearance in Washington, D.C., during which he accused some Black Lives Matters followers of calling for killing cops and blamed President Obama for this “lawlessness”. That bomb thrown, Christie proceeded to raise a ruckus in the sacred quiet car, yelling at his Secret Service because he didn’t get the seat he wanted and then barking into his phone complaints like “this is frickin’ ridiculous” and “seriously?! seriously?!”.

One of the TeaBaggers finest.

Rational Nation USA said...

Christie is not exactly a teabagger. True teabaggers would label him a RINO.

Ducky's here said...

May we properly consider Carson and idiot savant?

Rational Nation USA said...

id·i·ot sa·vant.


1.a person who is considered to be mentally handicapped but displays brilliance in a specific area, especially one involving memory.

You be the judge Ducky.

Dervish Sanders said...

An angle presented during Tonight's debate was that the MSM is part of the Clinton machine... Thus explaining why they reported that she did well during the Benghazi questioning... When she was actually exposed as a liar.

Rational Nation USA said...

Rubio is a shrewd consummate politician. Articulate and liked by the tea party. He may very well rise in national polls.

Carson and Trump did not do well. IMO. Nothing new. Few specifics and plenty of same ole same ole.

Rand won't be alive much longer and Huckabee won't be for behind.

Christie actually was at his best. He may get a bump.

Looking to next D debate. Will it be a raucous one or will it be a mutual admiration session?

Dervish Sanders said...

Christie, with his remarks on the Social Security Trust fund, made it clear that he would be "a greedy thief that is good at plundering". Is that the portion of what Christie said RN thinks is Christie "at his best"?