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The U.S. was just downgraded from a “Full” to “Flawed Democracy.”

You can thank President Porn-Star Shagger, the one who praised a murderous North Korean dictator and insulted our closest ally, Canada.


Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tea Party Doomers and Gloomers are Wrong -- AGAIN

Visit any TeaPublican news site or blog and all you'll read is that the U.S. under President Obama has been destroyed, that America has seen its best days, and that a reality show entertainer or a retired surgeon, who shilled for a discredited vitamin company and who believes Evolution is the work of the Devil, will make America great again. The people who read and write such nonsense believe it, and who's surprised? They're the same people who believe global warming is a hoax and that President Obama is a secret Muslim who's going to confiscate their guns and imprison them in FEMA death camps.

The report below will create in theTeaPublicans what is known as "cognitive dissonance," because it challenges all the "false facts" they've repeated to each other over the past 7 years. One shouldn't be angry with these people; one should pity them. They truly believe that Americans see our country through their dung-colored glasses.

Bill Maher on how stupendously WRONG the TeaPublicans are -- AGAIN:

 Everyone knows that under President Obama the nation has suffered a horrendous setback. Meanwhile, other nations are laughing at us. They don’t respect us. That’s why we need to restore this country and become the leaders of the world that we used to be. …

That’s the refrain we hear from the Republican candidates, and one that is believed by the Republican Party. That’s why they say we need to vote a Republican into office, so we can put in place some pro-growth policies that get this country back on top again.

 Well, the World Economic Forum just released their world competitive ranking, which measures a host of economic data and determines which countries are the most economically competitive. And among countries with populations of 10 million or more the United States was, oh, #1.

Among all countries, we’re #3 behind Switzerland and Singapore. Yes, we’re beating China and Japan all the time.

NOTE:  Donald Trump in his stump speeches has asked "When did we beat Japan at anything?" That stupid statement alone should have disqualified the empty-headed blowhard, because it is proof that he's nothing more than a history moron and a bloviating demagogue.  Apparently he and his followers forgot about that World War II thingy. But facts don't matter to his followers.  Bluster and show-business antics are what they crave, and Donnie feeds them to his supporters by the pantload.

From the report:

Accelerating a Robust Recovery to Create Productive Jobs and Support Inclusive Growth

World Economic Forum 

This new edition of The Global Competitiveness Report is launched at a time when the world seems to be finally emerging from the worst financial and economic crisis of the past 80 years and returning to a pre-crisis situation: large interest rate spreads for public debt in hard-hit countries are falling; banking systems seem more robust, even if financial reform has not yet been completed; and access to credit, while still limited, is slowly recovering. 

 Overall, growth prospects in advanced economies are better than they have been in recent years, albeit very unevenly distributed. The recovery in the United States seems to be comfortably grounded with strong output and employment figures.


I'm Skippy's Mom said...

Thanks to the low=information low-intelligence Tea Party, I have recently decided the 21st Century America is 99.99% corrupted. The dearth of integrity is astounding — and it’s difficult to shock me, the cynic that I am.

Rational Nation USA said...

Low information and low intelligence is not just found in the Tea Party. Both exist within the democratic party as well.

As for corruption? Well, history shows corruption has been woven into the American body politic quite effectively. It is not new with the Tea Party.

And the pendulum swings. ..

Stupid things Conservatives say said...

Most hilarious prediction found on the internet:

"President Trump. Get used to the sound of it, cuz you'll be hearing it often over the next nine + years."

The TeaPublicans actually believe that the American people would vote for a major asshole like Trump to be the POTUS? I knew they were deluded, but not that crazy. But the person who wrote the above is obviously taking major amounts of drugs. LOL! Oh wait. I do remember Trump saying he was going to do terrific things! No wonder the person who wrote the above quote believes Trump will be president! He'll do terrific things! He'll build a wall and make Mexico pay for it!!!! And his tits and ass wife will be such a "classy" FLOTUS!

Do these people know how insane they are?

Howard Brazee said...

Which doesn't mean that the TeaPublicans are at all wrong when they think that the world is laughing at them.

Lisa E. said...

What would you expect from the Tea Party? Facts? Evidence? My dear, facts and evidence are poison to those people. They love their FUX NEWZ and morons like Hannity and Savage. Those are their intellectual heroes.

Titan you're famous! said...

The derps who support Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan either don't read or they don't know how. It's easier to just believe the ka-ka that Trump spews without putting any thought into finding out if its true. Tea Party followers? Yup. The people who supported the pit bull with lipstick and her trailer trash family.