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Friday, October 23, 2015

The Benghazites: They Failed in Every Attempted Strike

BENGHAZI HEADLINES around the 'net:

PM Carpenter Nails It: 

October 22, 2015:   Today I learned only one thing. Tomorrow, the tea party types will be angrier than ever. 

When listening to Republicans call in to C-Span3's line during recesses, I noticed they all sounded like the frantic, election-night Karl Rove in 2012: We're not losing, we're not losing, and the enemy is not winning. Well, of course the enemy had won, and today Hillary won. 

The ideological Benghazites positively exhausted themselves trying to hit her, and they failed in every attempted strike. I could hear the panic in the Republican callers' voices. They knew the day and this battle were lost — and reality, as you know, doesn't sit well with these people. 

They were pissed. 

There was no rejoining whatsoever in their dial-ups. They'll want fresh meat tomorrow to satisfy their bloodlust. And from what I saw of the committee's Republican members today (and let's recall, these are the more "responsible" Republicans that the chairman wanted, to avoid a Gohmertlike freakshow), the GOP will be desperate to provide … whatever. 

Today settled nothing for Gowdy & Friends. It only made things worse for them. 


Ducky's here said...

What an idea, Shaw. Appoint Louie Gohmert (R - Asparagus) as special prosecutor.

He can get to the bottom of those questions raised on Breitbart .
Has Faux Snooze checked in with the final verdict?

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Has Faux Snooze checked in with the final verdict?"

Not yet. They're still biting each other's ankles over the mess the TGOPers made yesterday when they thought they finally got to Hillz. Their plan was to ruin her chances for the presidency, instead they made them even better.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Wow! You can always tell when the TGOPers have a terrible, awful, very bad day grilling Hillary Clinton, hoping to make her look bad. They failed miserably, and Hillary ate their lunch, dinner, and drank all their delicious tears.

The goofball trolls come to my blog and in CAPITAL LETTERS! and EXCLAMATION POINTS! shout about how bad Hillary is and BENGHAZI!

Give it up guys, you lost. Badly.

Lisa E. said...

Seen on a Gooper blog: "Before you crow too loudly, consider how your vote to make the incompetent fumbler Hillary the next president will bring about more Benghazis, more Syrias and more refugee crises.

If you're for all those things, go ahead and pull the lever."

Reading this knucklehead's comment explains why they keep losing.

I guess the person who wrote this believes if we vote in a Republican we'll be safe from having jihadists fly planes into buildings or we'll be safe from having 250 Marines killed in their barracks, or we won't invade a country that didn't attack us. To the dumbass who wrote the above quote, all those things look like competence when the GOP is in office. The fact that people die tragically in dangerous places when we are fighting enemies doesn't enter their cemented shut skulls. It's only incompetence when the Democrats are in office and these tragedies happen.

I'm surprised they haven't blamed Hillary for the death of Jesus Christ.

BTW, she was magnificent and we'll be lucky to have her as our next president.

Can anyone with any intelligence imagine a gas bagger bully like Trump or a somnolent Carson taking on the blood thirsty jackals on that committee? Trump would pee his diapers and Carson would call them Nazis.

Les Carpenter said...

I think what is important is that left alone the teabaggers will destroy themselves soon enough. Unfortunately we have no reasonable, thoughtful, and intelligent conservative opposition party anymore. They sold their souls to the devil in the hopes of destroying the bogeyman they imagined. It backfired.

I'll enjoy watching FOX's Hannity and O'Reilly with their usual bloviating and more often than not blathering guests tonight. Certain comedy...

Infidel753 said...

Even most right-wing pundits agree that Gowdy's Howlers blew it and Hillary won the day.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Yes, Infidel753, the majority agrees that Hillary did great and the TGOP sucked.

I can tell that is true by the number of comments in my Comment Moderation where they're screaming about Benghazi and Hillary and saying nothing. They lost; Hillary won. And she made a fool of them. That's hard to take, I know, so it explains their filling my comment section with howls of outrage and stupid comments. I love the "delete" button.

Ray Cranston said...

"The New York Times editorial board called the Republican members of Congress “spiteful” and their grilling “pointless.” The Washington Post called it “unfortunate,” saying it “elicited little new information” while giving Clinton the chance to mount a “stout” defense of her conduct following the attacks. Even Fox News had to call her “visibly measured.”

Basically, Clinton’s enemies gave her a chance to display a gravitas befitting the leader of the free world for eleven hours straight. She didn’t slip, she didn’t stutter, she didn’t lose her composure. Even people who aren’t Clinton fans could see plain as day that she looked presidential as hell."

Shaw Kenawe said...

From Josh Marshall TPM report:

"Clinton's time under questioning sent a number of messages. One was simply the scope of her knowledge and experience that made her questioners look increasingly insipid and small. But there was also a simple toughness and resilience under pressure. She knows her stuff and she's a pro. You could not watch that testimony and not come away with that conclusion. This engagement gave her a live telecast opportunity to demonstrate that fact, which is almost invaluable. It is very difficult to imagine any of the Republican presidential candidates - even the ones serving in the Senate - able to roll with that kind of questioning or show the range of knowledge and clarity that was required to do so. It is difficult to express the difficulty of being questioned for almost half a day and not slipping even once, not even the kind of negligible slip that only has any impact or resonance when repeated and distorted in endless repetition on Fox News.

Seriously, can you imagine Marco Rubio in the same chair under the same sort of questioning? Not to mention Donald Trump or - God forbid - the increasingly Chauncey Gardner-esque Ben Carson?"

Ollie Northumbrerland said...

Americans dying a horrible death overseas that could have been prevented is indeed a scandal. When Ronnie Reagan was pres 250 Americans died overseas Remember how the Goopers investigated that 8 times? No neither do l. The Goopers lost their nuts over Benghazi! But when Ronnie got. 250 Marines killed overseas the Goopers just yawned. Cuz when a Gooper president is responsible for people dying horrible deaths, it's just not as important as when 4 die under Clinton.

skudrunner said...

Granted this investigation should have been over months ago because there was no way anything would have been discovered. She did wipe her personal server clean and I doubt the justice department will indict for laws broken.
What really needs to be decided now is do you trust her. Most on this board will just close their eyes and pull democrat but there are some voters who will use their brains when they vote. If the think H is capable and vote for her OK but to many, especially LINO (libertarians in name only") will just vote yellow dog.

Les Carpenter said...

You're a real trip skudrunner.

skudrunner said...

I am surprised at the compliment but thanks Les