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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"Be very vigilant, America!"

Trump's chief strategist, Steve Bannon," is an anti-Semite and White Supremacist.

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If anyone thought we were exaggerating about proto-fascism coming to the White House, just take a look at Bannon and what he's said over the years:

What has Kristol's religion got to do with anything? Would Bannon have called someone a "renegade Catholic? A renegade Baptist? Hindu?"

More below:

Breitbart’s Greatest Hit (Pieces): Some Of The Website’s Most Disgusting Headlines

White nationalists see advocate in Steve Bannon who will hold Trump to his campaign promises

"Some responses from human beings to the despicable Steve Bannon's role in Trump's White House: 

'President Obama is scheduled to speak to the nation during a news conference Monday afternoon. Ahead of his appearance, a chorus of critics took to Twitter to lament what they said was a frightening normalization of the fringe views that Mr. Bannon promoted as the chairman of Breitbart News. 

The site has for years given voice to anti-Semitic, racist and white nationalist ideology. 

'The Council on American-Islamic Relations said Mr. Bannon’s selection “sends the disturbing message that anti-Muslim conspiracy theories and white nationalist ideology will be welcome in the White House.” 

'That view was echoed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups. It insisted that “Trump should rescind this hire.” '“In his victory speech, Trump said he intended to be president for ‘all Americans,’” it said. “Bannon should go.” 

'Republicans who had long opposed Mr. Trump’s candidacy also took to Twitter on Sunday night and Monday morning to warn that his choice to rely on the advice of Mr. Bannon is an indication of the way that he will govern. '

“The racist, fascist extreme right is represented footsteps from the Oval Office,” said John Weaver, a Republican strategist who ran the presidential campaign of Gov. John R. Kasich of Ohio and previously advised Senator John McCain of Arizona. “Be very vigilant, America.”'  -- Michael K.

Here's what Ben Shapiro, who knows Bannon and who left Breitbart, has to say about trump's chief strategist:

What Does Bannon’s Accession Mean? 

Bannon has goals. One of those goals is maximization of personal power, which is why he spent the last decade and a half glomming onto powerful right-wing personalities (Bachmann, Morris, Palin), kissing their asses, and then moving on up the chain. 

With Breitbart and Trump, he picked two winners in a row – and that means he’s now at the pinnacle of American power. So, what will he do with that power? He’ll target enemies. Bannon is one of the most vicious people in politics, which is why I’ve been joking for months that should Trump win, I’d be expecting my IRS audit any moment. That wasn’t completely a joke. 

He likes to destroy people.


Kevin Robbins said...

Trump's already going to have a hard time attracting qualified people to work in the WH. I'm assuming all the NeverTrumpers have blacklisted themselves. And now, who would want to work in an administration that includes Bannon?

And, I hate to criticize people on their looks. But why does he look like a homeless person? Would it be too hard to just shave every other day or so? What's up with that?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Kevin: "Would it be too hard to just shave every other day or so? What's up with that?"

Kevin, Bannon is obviously way too busy stoking his alt-right proto-fascists to be bothered with grooming.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Cory Booker:

"My statement on the appointment of Steve Bannon to key White House post:

Over the course of his campaign, Donald Trump degraded and demeaned Americans, threatened our rights, and attacked the privileges of citizenship. He will have a disastrous presidency if he governs that way, and he must show the American people with words and action how he will change direction. Many have offered to give him a chance to do so, despite his divisive campaigning, and he should not squander that opportunity to unite our nation.

Elevating Steve Bannon—a man who leads a website that promotes truly radical views about race and religion, whose appointment was celebrated by neo-Nazis and denounced by the Anti-Defamation League, and who has been condemned by Republicans and Democrats alike—to one of the highest positions in the White House installs a man with fringe and dangerous ideologies just steps from the Oval Office.

Bannon won't build bridges, he will burn them. He is unfit to advise America's commander-in-chief. Donald Trump should reverse the decision to hire him and chart a different course for the good of the American people."

Dave Miller said...

And as for Bannon's position... no Senate confirmation required.

Former FBI Agent and GOP Congressman Mike Rogers was fired today from the Trump transition team. Apparently he was too concerned with the messages being sent via the hire of Bannon and their teams inability to consider people with a different viewpoint.

There will be no Lincolnesque team of rivals in this admin.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, I'd bet a year's salary that Trump has no idea what Lincoln's "Team of Rivals" was.