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Friday, November 4, 2016

Republicans' and Trumpistas' Disrespect For Democracy


Judge Bars Trump Campaign, Roger Stone From Intimidating Voters In Ohio

A federal judge has told the Trump campaign to stop the dirty voter intimidation. Self-admitted sexual predator, Trump, and Roger Stone have used dirty tricks to interfere with voters. The only way the Goopers can win is by cheating and playing dirty.

BREAKING NEWS:  The Crime Syndicate a/k/a The Trump Campaign admitted that an egregious lie promoted by this presidential election cycles BIGGEST LIAR, Trump (who will appear in court to answer charges of racketeering and child rape), "damaged" Hillary Clinton. Because, as everyone knows, the Goopers can't win honestly, so they have to engage in thuggery, fear-mongering, and lying. (See Republican FBI agents, interfering in presidential elections.) 

Conway: Trump Damaged Clinton With (False) Indictment Story

I remember how the Republicans blamed the DFHs (dirty f***ing hippies) for all the civil unrest and threats to the foundations of our democracy. I remember how it was always the "libtards" whom the Republicans blamed for disrespect to the flag and every ideal this country has stood for over the past 240 years: respect for the will of the people in presidential elections and the orderly transfer of power from one president to another.

All of that and more made our democracy unique in the world.

Except the rise of Trump and his "Deplorables" has changed that 240 years of American democracy -- Trump is fundamentally changing all that we Americans respect and hold dear.

I've heard his reckless incendiary supporters chant "Lock her up!" at his rallies, and Trump himself promise, like a wacky tin-pot dictator, to throw his opponent in jail as soon as he's elected -- a deplorable fundamental change to our democracy.

Here's the NYTimes editorial board:

"Donald Trump and other embattled Republican candidates are resorting to a particularly bizarre and dangerous tactic in the closing days of the campaign — warning that they may well seek to impeach Hillary Clinton if she wins, or, short of that, tie her up with endless investigations and other delaying tactics…. In effect, what they’re saying is, Mrs. Clinton won’t be able to govern, because we won’t let her…. [T]he Republicans’ impeachment threat demonstrates their gathering disrespect for democracy. If they can’t gain control of government fairly, they’ll simply undermine it."

PM Carpenter:

"Such is the minority malevolence with which fascism — there's no apter word for it — can assault an otherwise healthy democracy and effective government. Trump's fascistic breed is democratically unelectable, hence chaos, anarchy and the destruction of democratic legitimacy are perforce his sole, post-election objectives. That which he cannot rule — government itself — he aims to sabotage from the gutter of far-right populism. 

 The most forceful countermeasure (as the NYT also notes) to Trump's absolute evil is its absolute humiliation on November 8th. It is not my commenting custom to exhort our better, democratic angels, but Donald Trump is a five-alarm fire in need of blanket extinguishment — a post-election threat of unprecedented horror. What he's braying on the stump now, you can believe, for it's the unambiguous truth; he's out to gut legitimacy, and revel in the carnage. Only Trumpism's utter destruction next Tuesday might persuade his congressional allies to think again before collaborating with his vicious unAmericanism. So get your conscientious butt to the voting booth. Its healthier future depends it." 

Recently, FAUX NOOZ reported a lie, which certain dupes on the right eagerly repeated and passed along while shrieking about Hillary Clinton's imminent indictment. The idiot who passed along that blatant lie had to appear on FAUX NOOZ and admit it was just more horsesh*t from the eminent purveyors of horsesh*t: A LIE.

So crazed and blood-lusting are the Trumpistas that they fall for any piece of crap that comes out of Trump's pie hole or any other Hillary hater's maw.


The candidate these sorry people support is facing court appearances for racketeering and child rape.

But it's Hillary they long to throw in jail.

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Candice Alexander said...
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Anonymous said...

"No one runs a hotel better than I do." -- Trump

Four years after opening, the Trump International Hotel in Toronto is in bankruptcy court this week.

Imagine what that asshole will do to the country in 4 years!

Shaw Kenawe said...

To the commenter who used the name "Candice Alexander:"

I don't publish doggerel on this blog.

Bluebull said...

The Republiscumbags survive on falsehoods, lies and phony made-up scandals, they'd have nothing at all to say. Wouldn't that be a wonderful day?

Candie Alexander said...

Well Shaw I just wanted to ask what the hell's the matter with Free Thinke posting such an idiotic picture of Hillary as he did! lI thought you would agree with me and here you are Making light of it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Candie Alexander,

You've never commented here before, and when you posted your first comment, it was a copied and pasted piece of doggerel from another blog. The doggerel was a misogynistic attack on not just Hillary, but all women. I don't know what picture you're talking about because the doggerel said nothing about a picture of Hillary. But I did peek today; and as usual, it's just another photoshopped image that seeks to degrade Hillary and older women. It's a symptom of someone who has no power to change how this country is evolving, so he resorts to puerile acts of desperation.I have nothing but pity for someone whose hatred has brought him so low, but I refuse to be a part of spreading that sort of cesspoolian (my word) filth on my blog.

The TeaPublicans have all descended into a state of madness from which I doubt they'll ever recover.