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Friday, November 11, 2016



Trump just announced he will not repeal Obamacare

What will his supporters think about this development? Ryan and McConnell are NOT happy.

"After meeting with President Barack Obama, President-elect Donald Trump appears to have reversed his position on repealing Obamacare. 

 One of the President-elect’s biggest promises on the campaign trail was his vow to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, particularly in the wake of health insurance providers pledging to raise the price of coverage by double digits in coming years. However, it appears the outgoing president has convinced Trump to keep his signature legislation. As of this writing, Trump has only said he would amend it, and that repealing the law outright may not be his plan going forward."


Trump’s Call to Ban Muslims From U.S. Quietly Scrubbed From Campaign Website After Election


Rational Nation USA said...


As the nation waits.

Will the REAL DJT please stand up?

Jerry Critter said...

Let us not forget, until fairly recently Trump was a democrat. Does it matter? Time will tell. The republicans may have a bigger problem on their hands than they think they do.

Jerry Critter said...

Clinton wanted to amend Obamacare also.

Infidel753 said...

Well, Obama's a very intelligent and persuasive guy, and the stakes have never been higher. I'm sure he made a hell of a case to Trump. Let's hope Trump remains persuaded when the wingnuts go to work on him.

But there may be a bit more to it than that. Here's part of a comment I posted on a right-wing site today:

I've long thought that Trump, based on his history, is first and foremost a con man. Right now he's just pulled off a con beyond the wildest dreams of any con man in history — and it's a hell of an achievement, I'll give him that. But remember, we Democrats are not the ones he conned, even though he did defeat us (for now). He did it by conning Republicans. Once in office he may turn out to be not quite what you expected.

Trump has held liberal positions in the past. He'll say anything that he thinks will benefit him at any given moment. During the campaign he said all kinds of hateful bullshit to reel in the troglodytes and get them to vote for him, and it worked. But who knows how much of that stuff he really believed?

I'm not saying he isn't a terrible person in other ways, and we need a lot more evidence before deciding whether his political views might be less horrific than what he's been saying. But as Hillary said, let's keep an open mind.

Connie said...

I keep expecting DJT to bring in the crew from The Apprentice. Can you imagine the ratings and commercial dollars as governing the USA becomes Americas next best reality show?

Bluebull said...

With Drumpf it's simply impossible to know. The clown changes positions on issues more often than most people change underwear. Infidel is correct - he is, at his core, nothing more than a sleazy con man and he picked the one group stupid enough to fall for his BS.

Infidel753 said...

Jerry: Pretty much everyone wants to "amend" Obamacare, other than the sociopaths who just want to destroy it. It's an imperfect beginning limited by the political realities of the time, to be improved and expanded later. That's how these things normally develop.

Rational: "Will the REAL DJT please stand up?"

I don't want to fall prey to wishful thinking, but if Trump is basically still a Democrat and he just spent the last year-and-a-half bullshitting the stupid Republicans into thinking he's the Second Coming of Hitler so they'd nominate him and then turn out in droves to elect him President -- Jesus, you'd have to hand it to the guy, that would be the greatest con job ever imagined. And when the Republicans figure out what happened.....

Even if that's it, I still think Trump is temperamentally a terrible fit for the Presidency and Hillary would have been a hundred times better. We've got to do something about the Electoral College.

Kevin Robbins said...

Love the comment by Infidel. I was thinking this morning how Trump has made a career out of conning people:investors, contractors, creditors, ex-wives, Trump U students. Now he has conned 61.2 million people. That's Guinness level.

Would it drive the wingers crazy if we went around saying We Love Trump?

Kevin Robbins said...

Oh, and thanks for the news about Obamacare. I'm off to share it with some rightwingers now.