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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday Night Music


Dave Miller said...

Some of my favorite music. Incredible stuff. You should look up Lila Downs... you might like her too...

Flying Junior said...

The Buena Vista Social Club came through San Diego's premiere music venue, Humphrey's, last Spring as part of their farewell tour.

It was quite beautiful. Having been ten years since the movie, many of the cast members had since passed on or retired. Youngsters dominated the piano and bass and other roles. Yet a significant number remained. A couple of the old-timers from the 1940s were featured about mid-way through the show, a beautiful lady singer, and I believe an older gentleman who played guitar.

The show was fronted by a wonderful trombone player, in a bright, yellow suit, who served as the emcee. The video screen displayed many photographs and memorabilia from the early days. I had studied some of the songs by Ibrahim Ferrer and printed them out after translating them. I left them in the bar before the show, much to the delight and education of hopefully somebody, (a busboy?)

The only song that comes to mind tonight was a humorous song about a fire in a building, started by a careless lady. It was funny. They were all funny songs.

Shaw Kenawe said...

F.J., I envy that experience. The beautiful lady may have been Omara Portuondo. I have many favorites from The Buena Vista Social Club, but this one always gets to me. (It comes after the ad.)

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, thanks for the recommend. I shall look her up.

Flying Junior said...


It was actually summer of 2015. So that's eighteen years after the release of the movie. It was Ms. Portuomondo. You can imagine her singing well into her eighties. She was literally living history.

Shaw Kenawe said...



Duermen en mi jardín
Las blancas azucenas, los nardos y las rosas
Mi alma muy triste y pesarosa
A las flores quiere ocultar su amargo dolor

Yo no quiero que las flores sepan
Los tormentos que me da la vida
Si supieran lo que estoy sufriendo
Por mis penas llorarían también

Silencio, que están durmiendo
Los nardos y las azucenas
No quiero que sepan mis penas
Porque si me ven llorando morirán

Flying Junior said...

¡Muy amable! Mil gracias. Que el Señor le bendiga á ustéd y su casa.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Gracias por usted palabras amables.