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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Trump Supporters Tell America How to Deal With Being Offended by the Cast of Hamilton

To the people who are "appalled" and "offended" that the audience attending "Hamilton" on Friday night booed Mike Pence and that the cast asked him to assure America that he'd be vice president to ALL Americans, here's what the people who made trump POTUS think about Pence's and trump's reaction:


Anonymous said...

"Donald Trump swindled thousands of students at his sham “Trump University.” That’s not up for debate anymore – that’s a fact."

Donald Trump is the Swindler-elect for America!

Anonymous said...

So Trump was angry because the Hamilton cast said something to Pence? F**k Trump! He's not a dictator yet and the Cosntitution protects free speech. Get used to this Trumpy because it's going to happen a lot more in your criminal administration.

Infidel753 said...

I another example of Trumpanzee disdain for anyone else's feelings, a Republican state rep in Iowa is proposing to punish colleges with fines if they provide any counseling, therapy, etc. to students who are upset over Trump winning the election.

I am really not going to feel any sympathy for these people when it dawns on them that trump conned them and can't or won't deliver most of what he promised.

Kevin Robbins said...

All I can say is F**k Mike Pence's feelings.

Joan said...

Trump and Pence won Shaw. Deal with it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anons @10:06 AM, and 11:10 AM,

"Fraud," "Swindler," "Liar," Trump is all of those and now it appears he'd like "Dictator" as well because he's demanding apologies from the Hamilton cast for exercising their free speech rights, and he's demanding equal time from SNL because they hurt his tender little boy feelings when they performed a satirical skit. Such fragile little feelings from such a large tub of lard.

Infidel753, that won't happen, of course, but it is interesting to see how these fascists are so quick to crap all over the Constitution they believe Mr. Obama was defiling.

Kevin, I'd add Trump's feelings to that sentiment as well.

Joan, We're happily going to deal with it, "Joan," by ridiculing the incoming racist, fascist regime. Trumpy can't deal with anyone poking fun at him, so that will be the order of the days to come. Mockery for the man who insulted every group of Americans during his campaign except White Supremacists. So thank you, and have a nice day, "Joan."

I'm confused. said...

Poking Fun?
Is that what you call it?
Was it. "Poking Fun" when Redneck called the Moocher a Chimp?

Shaw Kenawe said...

I'm confused,

I don't understand what your comment is about. My comment to "Joan" is about Trump's thin-skin and his inability to deal with satire.

What Redneck and Rusty engaged in was rancid racism. Not surprising, since they dwell in the Realm of Excrementia. Whenever they and their little Lap Poodle, Lisa, come here to leave a comment, the stench lingers for days.

Anonymous said...

Ms.Shaw, has your blog become a cry room for snowflakes?

Shaw Kenawe said...

No, Anon, Trump hasn't posted anything at Progressive Eruptions.

The Connie from Denver said...

Shaw - sent this before but my phone is wonky. Hope this works. And awesome job!!! :)
Hypocrisy at its finest; it's what a minority of Americans decided is most important. And based on the reaction of the right wing echo chamber it is obvious the only feelings which count are those of cis gendered heterosexual men of a lily white complexion. What happened to throwing political correctness out the window?

My ghast is flabbered on so many levels. The audience exercised their First Amendment Rights. The cast exercised their First Amendment Rights and were extremely respectful to boot. This is how it starts. A holocaust is how it ends - at least in all the historical books I've read.

What disturbs me most are the reports of "important" people horrified by the actions of Herr Drumpf but who say nothing because they want to keep their power. All it takes for evil to win is good people who say nothing. In my view, there's a whole lot of nothing going on.

PS - I kept waiting for a tweet which shamed the cast for speaking like that to their betters. Only a matter of time I guess.

skudrunner said...

One thing you can never accuse a liberal of having is class unless you consider third a class grouping. This comes from their leader who said I will not go quietly into the night as all other presidents did. Now people pay to hear overpaid actors and singers give their opinions.

I guess it is acceptable to liberals to take advice from groups who are over paid and under-educated. It is the same crowd who leaves their mansion to take their limo to their private jet and fly to a climate change meeting.

As to DJT being as thinned shinned as BHO, remember he says nothing and does nothing unless it was well planned. The left will spend the next four years trying to figure out how they lost and for that four years DJT will dominate the press even more.

Kevin Robbins said...

Kevin, I'd add Trump's feelings to that sentiment as well.

Yes, it was more Trump than Pence. Mike Pence actually stayed and listened and was not that upset about it. But then, he's a pol and understands that that goes with the job.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud, yeah. The guy the Goopers put in the White House just had to settle in a racketeering and fraud laWsuit. Class.

The guy the Goopers put in the White House bragged about grabbing women's "pussies" because he's a star. Class.

The guy the Goopers put in the White House whined about a teevee show's satire about him. Class.

The guy the Goopers put in the White House mocked a disabled man and a former POW. Class.

The guy the Goopers put in the White House had an adulterous affair with Wife #2 while married to Wife #1, and screwed around with Wife #3 while still married to Wife #2. Class.

The guy the Goopers put in the White House said it was okay for a shock-jock radio pig to call his young daughter "a piece of ass." Class.

The guy the Goopers put in the White House has the distinction of being the first POTUS to have a wife whose nude photos and lesbian photo shoots are all over the internet. Class.

I've left out dozens of other embarrassments that trump brings to the White House.

This is the "classy" guy America voted to represent this once great country.

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. -- H.L. Mencken