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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fidel Castro is Dead

Here are the responses to Castro's death.

One from an intelligent, decent, statesman, President Obama. The other from a clueless clown, an American embarrassment.

The clueless clown will, in 50+ days, be representing the United States of America to the rest of the world.

Darwin help us!


Rational Nation USA said...

And his beat goes on.

I understand Trump had more to say that pleased his supporters.

I must say I didn't shed a tear at his departure. He was the last of the communist cold warriors and he refused to move from his 20th century outdated positions. Unfortunatly his death likely won't improve the lives of the Cuban people.

Vox had a good article yesterday covering FidelCastro.

Flying Junior said...

I don't see how any self-respecting leftist could have anything other than sympathy and at least some admiration for Fidel Castro. Surely history defeated him quite soundly. But he did confront and never once concede any ground to the great paper tiger embodied in the U.S.A. It is not surprising that we prevailed, having waged economic warfare since its very inception against the communist government of Cuba. Insofar as the treatment of political dissidents by Castro’s government, how do we, the people of the United States of America, treat those who would seek to violently overthrow our own government? Edward Snowden never even called for or advocated revolution, yet he remains in criminal exile, threatened by political prosecution.
I love the U.S. as much as any other citizen in this fair land. Some might agree that we mostly love the land itself and the great people that inhabit our country. We enjoy our prosperity and prestige. And yet we are grateful for our system of governance that has ensured that freedom to every generation. But that prestige has never been available to all Americans. Indeed that very system of governance seems to be threatened by a rogue president-elect. If recent political developments are any portent of what is to come in the twenty-first century, we may never truly become a state of equal opportunities and welfare for all Americans. We appear to be rapidly losing much of the progress of post-war liberal policies and even, perhaps, to be losing ground to the reforms instituted by the great American lion, Theodore Roosevelt, against the double-edged sword of monopolies and robber barons.
Castro was a man who believed that there was another way. He gave his life to prove that the wealth and prosperity of the earth need not be owned by the wealthy few, but owned in concert by all of the peoples of the earth. To me, he was a lot like John Lennon. Surely we nailed the coffin of Communism tightly shut many years ago. But Castro was a dreamer. No one else ever stuck it to the man in such a powerful way as he did. And for that one gesture, I believe that he must be forever commended. And he may be remembered and loved by those who choose to do so.

Shaw Kenawe said...

FJ, it was interesting to read Trump's scathing indictment of Castro in a statement obviously written by someone on his staff. He talked about human rights violations. Irony is dead.

At the beginning of the Cuban Revolution in 1953, human rights violations were rampant in certain parts of the USA, where our own citizens were denied equal protection under our vaunted Constitution, and many were murdered by a homegrown terrorist organization, the KKK, simply because of the color of their skin. That is recent history.

Right now, Native Americans are being attacked on their own lands. Irony is dead.

That Trump had the cojones to talk about human rights violations in Cuba while he and his gang of thugs promise some sort of registry for Muslim-Americans is shameful. Irony is dead.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, despite the misery following the Cuban Revolution and the embargo we placed on that small island country, Cuba did manage to provide admirable health care to its citizens. It has a far better infant mortality rate than this big, rich, technologically advanced country.

Rational Nation USA said...

I shall never admire Castro or Totalitarian socialism. Period.

A couple of good things does not erase the overwhelming number of bad (evil) thins.

BTW, wasn't literacy improved as well.