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Saturday, December 9, 2017


Yes. He really is that petty.

The GOP's president did not invite Congressional Democratic Jews to the White House Hanukkah party.

Do you remember when the Goopers called President Obama the most divisive and racist president the US ever had?

I remember.

Do you remember Mr. Obama doing something as small, petty and damned stupid as not inviting Jewish Republicans to a Hanukkah celebration at the people's White House because they didn't support him? No, of course not.

That's because President Obama was an adult, and this Gooper preznit, is a petulant, narcissistic idiot and a national embarrassment.

What a sad, sad time this is for the United States. A majority of Americans dislike this man-child. And he gives us reasons every day.


President Donald Trump failed to invite Jewish Congressional Democrats to the White House’s annual Hanukkah party on Thursday night, demonstrating that Washington partisanship can poison even the most benign religious holidays. 

 The decision shocked some Jewish Democrats, who observed that previous presidents had invited members of the opposing party to religious holiday parties. “Why would you make partisan decisions about invitations that are entirely not partisan?" Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) told McClatchy News. "Hanukkah is something that’s important to all Jews; the tradition is to invite the Jewish members of Congress.


Anonymous said...

He is a bottomless pit of disgustingness...


Infidel753 said...

He's a toddler. The linked article says there are only two Jewish Republicans in Congress, so it may be a pretty small party. I'm surprised the Republicans still have any non-Christians.

On the other hand, a party hosted by Trump would probably be neither fun nor particularly respectful of Hanukkah

Anonymous said...

32% still support that asshole? They must be as awful as he is.

Anita Davis said...

THE ALABAMA ELECTION IS THE STINKINGEST, UGLIEST, DISGUSTING ELECTION I NEVER WANT TO SEE AGAIN ANYWHERE…But I fear these awful times are setting the pattern for our futures….our childrens’ futures.

LIARS, POSTURERS, EVIL…….but thank God for Doug Jones and his supporters!

Dervish Sanders said...

FYI, someone using the name/url posting option who entered the name "Anita Davis" and the URL wrote (on WYD) "Now Shaw is writing comments using MY name as the writer. Well it's FAKE! I did NOT WRITE ANYTHING ON HER BLOG!".

BTW, The Times of Israel says "Almost 6% of Congress now Jewish - 28 Democrats and 2 Republicans... The 115th Congress has largest share of Jews in any freshman class since data became available, analysis shows".

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dervish,I have no idea who Anita Davis is or what the complaint is. But she/he must be naive if he/she thinks he/she is the only Anita Davis in the country. Like their president, it's always always about them.

PS Living next door to me in the home where my children grew up was a Davis family, and my friend's mother-in-law's name was Annika (which I think is a German name). The complainer must be a troll, and a troll can post any url he or she finds on the internet, so that url means nothing.

Ignore the troll.