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Thursday, December 28, 2017

This is just one reason why so many Americans intensely dislike Trump...

Trump lies and bull$h!+$ himself and his gullible supporters on a daily basis. It is so easy to refute the b.s. he spreads, and thankfully the media does that so we Americans who are paying attention understand what a malevolent, mendacious vulgarian Trump is.

He's a championship liar and moron*!

From Slate:

You know if Donald Trump is pushing some sort of record or achievement or a Time cover, you should probably run the numbers again, you know, just to double check. On Wednesday, while totally not golfing at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, Trump reflected on his first year in office in a way only Trump could. That is, he basically made it up. Ruminating on what he considered his achievements, Trump explained at an event with fire fighters in West Palm Beach that he had set a record for the most legislation passed in a year. At least that’s what it appears he was trying to say:
We got a lot of legislation passed… I believe—and you would have to ask those folks who will know the real answer—we have more legislation passed, including the record… was Harry Truman, a long time ago. And we broke that record, so we got a lot done.”
That is, predictably, not the case. In fact, Trump’s version of history is the exact opposite of reality. Trump has signed fewer bills into law than any other president in his first year in office since Dwight Eisenhower in 1953, according to GovTrack.


Jerry Critter said...

Damn that fake, liberal, biased media for reporting the truth...what Trump actually says, and what is actually true.

Trump has yet to learn that just because he is president and he says it does not make it least not yet! He is not above the law nor above the truth even though he may think so.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jerry, his constant and falsehoods never seem to bother his supporters, so that must mean that they support and admire liars. They deserve the best liar of all. They own him.

The Prophet Dervish Z Sanders said...

I think that the truth has no meaning for Trump. What's "true" is whatever is good for Trump. "Fake news" is news that represents him badly, even if it is true. He's a sociopath, so sees absolutely nothing wrong with HIM lying.

Re Jerry's comment "Trump has yet to learn that just because he is president and he says it does not make it true"... he NEVER will. In fact, I think his personality was the same previously (sociopathic in nature) and becoming president has likely strongly reinforced his belief that what he's doing is "right". Right in that it gets him what he wants. Re right v wrong... it's right if it gets Trump what he wants and wrong if it doesn't.

Which makes me think that he likely DID collude with Russia. It got him what he wanted and he was therefore 100% justified in doing it. And he's justified in lying about it now, as what he wants (the praise and ego stroking he's receiving as president) would be lost if he told the truth.

BTW, being an incredibly vain and shallow man, I think he'd be destroyed if he lost it (the constant ego stroking) and was, instead, facing humiliation. Which, given the fact that Mueller is coming for him, might be a reason for concern (what with his access to the nuclear football).

Mr. Whatch Macallit said...

President Donald Trump hit 45 Percent Approval in the daily Rasmussen approval tracking poll this past Wednesday, marking his highest since November 15.

But the Anti American Leftist’s won't accept it because they prefer to believe the MSM BS. And their lies rather than face the truth.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Mr. Whatch Macallit is another Trumpista who thinks one right-leaning poll is indicative of ALL polls.

It isn't of course. But what is even more tragic about Mr. W.M's comment is that he's proud of the fact that Lord Dampnut is still underwater in his approval rating, even with right-leaning Rassmussen's pathetic 45% approval! Trump has NEVER gotten to 50% in what is usually a very high approval year for new U.S. presidents.

IOW, Trump is universally disliked by the American people, and Mr. W.M., thinks that's something to be proud of? SAD!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dervish, that's a good assessment of Trump's damaged personality. His latest impromptu interview with the NYTimes reinforces your take on why Trump will never change and why he is unable to discern fact from fiction. Fact is what makes him a winner in his ego-driven mind, and fiction is everything that disputes it.

Sorta like the pathetic Mr. W.M. above who came running here to post Trump's pathetic poll number by Rassmussen, thinking it made Trump look like a winner, when, in fact, it shows everyone that's he's an epic loser:


Elwood P. Dowd said...

OK, so Hillary Clinton lost, but it’s not the end of the world.

And it’s CERTAINLY NOT the end of Hillary.

So, lets punt the ball and move on.

No, not at all the end of the world. The fact that Hillary came so close with the full force of the RNC, the GOP, AND Russia, I’d say that she didn’t really do so badly, what with winning 3 million more popular votes than Trump did!

Martin Cinzano said...

Shaw, this may -- remember I said "may" -- smarten up your troll Mr. Whatch-a-Ma-No-Brain:

"In reality, Rasmussen is the only major pollster to have Trump’s approval rating as high as 46 percent.

An analysis of polling averages by FiveThirtyEight shows that Trump currently has an average approval rating of just 37.7 percent, which makes him by far the least popular presisdent at the end of his first year by far. For comparison, Obama had an average approval rating of 49.6 percent at this point in his president, George W. Bush had an approval rating of 82.9 percent, Bill Clinton had an approval rating of 56.2 percent, and Ronald Reagan had an approval rating of 49.2 percent. (Obama slightly more popular than Raygun.)

Similarly, a comparison of Trump’s average approval rating with Obama’s average approval rating on Real Clear Politics shows that Obama’s approval rating at this point in 2009 was 49.8 percent, whereas Trump’s average approval rating now is 39.3 percent."

Your troll is stupid if he thinks Rasmussen's poll is what The Trumper's average is.

Jerry Critter said...

Following Mr.W.M.’s lead, let me pick the Lucid poll which has Trump’s approval rating at 32% or the American Research Group that has his disapproval rating at 62%.

Clearwater, Florida said...

Found this in a GOPer's comment section blog:

“Roughly 50 percent of Americans do not possess the competence and drive necessary to carve out a meaningful role for themselves in society,” said Texas Senator Ted Cruz. “We can no longer stand by and allow People of Inability (POI) to be ridiculed and passed over, therefore, we, the GOP, have installed (with the help of Putin) one of them as our POTUS to embarrass and ridicule America in the eyes of the world."

This message was approved by Steve (Bat-Shit Crazy) Bannon, Newt (I Had Three Wives) Gingrich, Sarah (I Can See Russia from my House) Palin, Kellyanne (Alternative Facts) Conway, Donnie ("I Love It!") Junior, Ivanka (Nepotism R Us!) Trump-Kushner, Melania (Lookit My Bare Bottom) Trump, Mike (I'm On My Knees...for Don the Con) Pence, & Jeff (The Keebler Gnome) Sessions -- all Republicans With No Abilities whatsoever!

Clearwater, Florida said...

Happy No Collusion! New Year! LOL!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Clearwater, that was hilarious and true! Happy New Year to you.

Jerry, Trumpistas live in a universe of alternative facts. Never forget that. So all of their comments make sense when you take into account that they do not deal in reality -- just like their preznit.

M.C., no matter how many facts you bring to a discussion, the Goopers will tell you it's FAKE NEWS, just like their demented leader. SAD!

Mr. Dowd Did you copy and paste that from last year's election results? We know more people voted for Hillary than voted for the Orange Clown. But thanks anyway.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Mr. Whatch Macallit said...
President Donald Trump hit 45 Percent Approval in the daily Rasmussen approval tracking poll this past Wednesday, marking his highest since November 15.

But the Anti American Leftist’s won't accept it because they prefer to believe the MSM BS. And their lies rather than face the truth."

Mr. W.M., you came to my blog and accused Leftists (of which I am one) of being "Anti American" for not believing one poll's numbers as "the truth."

You obviously know nothing about polling or averages or how to behave on someone else's blog, therefore, I am not obligated to give you a platform to advertise your rotten manners and ignorance.


Dave Miller said...

Shaw... it's because Trump himself cited that very poll in stating, wrongly of course, that his numbers are "the same as Obama's" after a year.

Rasmussen, as you noted, a historically right leaning poll, had Obama at 49.5% approval after his first year. Of course, because of the poll's bias, that was the lowest of the polls used in the, wait for it Mr WM, "p o l l i n g a v e r a g e s" generally used to determine presidential approval numbers.

Anonymous said...

It seems the folks here are only interested in polls that support their views. You do realize that between the mountains in flyover America Trumps approvals are over 50% and with republicans it's over 80% and it was these areas that put him in the white house.

Anonymous said...

I have quite a few family members who are sane Republicans and that live in the Midwest. While I'll admit they helped put that POS in the White House - it was inadvertent as they didn't vote. I can assure you they are quite embarrassed by him and refuse to even talk about him.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous said...
"It seems the folks here are only interested in"> polls that support their views."

That is absolutely false. We look at the average that is calculated by factoring in several (13) polls. The only poll that consistently shows Trump in the mid to high 40s is Rasmussen. So you are wrong when you make that claim. I look at all the polls. You are the one who looks only at polls favorable to trump. Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania and won the presidency by 78000 votes.

The states you refer to did not deliver the E.C. to Trump.

And Trump is losing support in his own base. The Alabama election where Doug Jones beat Trump's endorsed candidate, Roy Moore, proves this. Trump backed a loser.

You need to get out of your bubble and understand reality, not the lies and garbage that Trump and FAUX NOOZ feeds you.

I've backed my claims up. You did not. Why should anyone believe you?

Shaw Kenawe said...

The link on Wisconsin, Michigan and Penn. is broken. HERE IT IS AGAIN.


You're welcome.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Possomlady, I think that's true of most sane Republicans.