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Tuesday, December 26, 2017


We all know that, above all his other horrid character traits, trump, aka, Lord Dampnut, is a B.S. artist. He's a champion liar, for sure, but bull$hi++ing is his real talent.

He's been patting himself on his larded carcass for bringing back "Merry Christmas," as though no one has been saying that here in the U.S. for generations. 

Well the fact is that we Americans have been saying "Merry Christmas!" for years, especially while Mr. Obama was POTUS.  And that Christmas message from the Obamas was better than anything the current occupant of the people's house has said. Trump hasn't the dignity, warmth, or humanity to express what the Obamas say in that link.

Lord Dampnut is just spreading so much horse manure around for his simple-minded supporters to eat up when he gives himself credit for everyone saying Merry Christmas "again." It's just the sort of  fake grievance he shovels into their empty heads so that they can look to him as some sort of superhero when, in fact, Lord Dampnut is nothing more than a bloated carnival barker gorging himself on Big Macs and drowning his insecurities in Coca Cola. (BTW, we hope trumpie continues with that diet.)


 "Back in 2012 Trump tweeted about this subject too:


He also shared what others tweeted at him without correcting them:

We all know that Trump blubbering about saying "Merry Christmas again" is bull$h!+, but that's what Lord Dampnut does best. He bull$h!+s the less intellectually gifted among us, and they lap it up.

The above tweets from #45 in 2012 show that Lord Dampnut himself said "Happy Holidays!" instead of "Merry Christmas."  

See what I mean about trump and bull$h!+?


More proof that Trump is a trouble-making horse's ass:


Les Carpenter said...

Those who are clueless on this at this point will remain clueless. No amount of reminding the clueless that they are clueless will change their cluelessness.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, you're correct. I write these posts as a documentation of all the b.s. trump and FAUX NOOZ spreads to the clueless. Trump believes his own b.s. and lies, and sells them to his clueless supporters. Happily they're only 30 percent of the voting public, and they're going to get a huge dose of reality very soon.

Les Carpenter said...

A great sage once said, I've long since forgotten the name, The clueless shall forever remain clueless.

May the rational and informed turn out in great numbers in 2018, and especially in 2020.

Anonymous said...

It's the other 16% that gave Trump the 46% that won him the White House.

When do we blame the voters instead of claiming Putin brain washed 10's of millions of American voters that made up that 16%?

When the Democrats get back to reality, drop the conspiracy theories about the Kremlin casting votes in American ballot boxes, and convince the American voter that they have answers to our deep problems instead of waiting for the Republicans to self destroy and give a victory to Democrats maybe we as a country can get back to our ugly as usual politics.

The next time Democrats put up a candidate that appears to be a shoe in winner, I'm placing bet on the Republicans to win again.

Muller is our only hope, but Trump is still president even if he is convicted of crimes and it will take many Republican votes in Congress to impeach Trump and Republicans have already proven they will support Trump no matter what he says, or does.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous, The FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies all agree that Russia did interfere with the 2016 elections. To ignore that is to deliberately stick one's head in the sand. It wasn't just the Democrats' fault. We have yet to understand fully how Trump and some in the leadership of the GOP allowed the Russians to help Trump win the election. We will have to wait to hear what the investigations reveal.

Ducky's here said...

The war on Christmas seems to be tough to revive now that Bill O'Really is gone.

Just more fringe right idiot wind.

Anonymous said...

No doubt Russians interfered in our election. Are you saying the Russians were directly responsible for the votes of tens of millions of Americans? How did they force Americans to vote for Trump? Do Russians have mind control over millions of Americans? Maybe they have invented a Vulcan mind meld, or some super Voodoo. Who is sticking their head in the sand?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous: "Are you saying the Russians were directly responsible for the votes of tens of millions of Americans?"

No. You wrote that, not me. Go back and read my comment.

Anonymous: "Who is sticking their head in the sand?"

You are.

Learn to read accurately what people actually write instead of making up strawmen arguments.