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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Zainab Amhad

Here's a photo and profile of the person who helped Mueller's team get Flynn. (She appears to be one of thos "Moslem vermin" that the so-called "Christian" right wants to annihilate or, in Amhad's case, kick out of her own country. Zainab was born in America to Pakistani parents.)  I say we need more smart, accomplished people like Zainab Amhad. She is an Assistant United States Attorney with the Eastern District of New York. 

Well done!

From the Daily Kos:

Here's a profile of Zainab Ahmad, one of the two prosecutors who procured today's guilty plea from Michael Flynn, and who used to hunt terrorists in Brooklyn federal court.


Les Carpenter said...


Michael K. said...

We have seen an obscene, disingenuous, unpopular tax bill passed by an unpopular Congress, elected with a minority of the popular vote, using unprecedented parliamentary maneuvers to shut down debate, to be sent to a president elected by a minority of the popular vote, with an approval rating below 40%, at the behest of plutocratic donors openly threatening to shut down the money and use it to challenge recalcitrant legislators in primaries. Meanwhile, the Republicans are packing the courts, eliminating another check/balance. They are attending to the media by allowing Sinclair to dominate local TV news, applauding Fox and even Alex Jones, and likely ending internet neutrality, while denouncing and delegitimizing as 'fake media' any in opposition.. And, by every means available, they're restricting the right to vote, and threatening to convene a constitutional convention, enabling wholesale revision out of right wing ideology.

All this is a clear and present danger to what's left of American democracy.
Then, there's what passes for Trump's foreign policy, and his cabinet appointees.
The worst of pre-election predictions of the consequences of a Trump victory over Hillary Clinton are daily being exceeded. I repeat myself: differences amongst Democrats or on the left are minuscule compared to the need to oppose the Trump obscenity. There isn't much time left. There might not, in fact, be enough. Nothing for it but to unite and fight.

Les Carpenter said...

We are a Democratic Republic turning into a banana run by the oligarchs.