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Saturday, December 16, 2017

The GOP's Idiot Preznit

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Anonymous said...

The art of the deal in action

Dave Miller said...

Just what we want to see... more of what the GOP is doing right now.

Limiting access to health care and health care insurance
Raising the national debt.
Cutting taxes for those making more than $250K annually while raising them for the middle class
making corporate tax breaks permanent while sunsetting individual tax breaks
Banning words they don't like
Nominating unqualified people as judges.
Nominating child molesters for the US Senate
Taking civil rights away from individuals in our country
Supporting the daily lies that come out of the White House
Questioning where our previous president was born
Believing that many Nazis are good people

Yep... that's just what we want to see.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I don't know what will happen before the end of the year, Dave, regarding Mueller and the Trump investigation into possible obstruction of justice and collaborating with a foreign government to win an election. If trump gets some lily livered lackey to fire Mr. Mueller, that will create a fire storm. Trump is already a record breaker where it concerns the most disliked president in modern history, and the biggest liar in presidential history. There are other records he's broken. All bad. Historians have already labeled him the worst president in American history, surpassing Buchanan, A. Johnson, and A. Jackson.

That's the Goopers' idea of MAGA.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous, more like the Artless Deal.

Jerry Critter said...

There is unpresidented speech if I have ever heard it. The man cannot get a coherent sentence out. He talks the way he thinks, in fragments totally disconnected from reality. This is a clear sign of mental illness.

Mr. Ostrich said...

I caught a bit of Mark Levin on the radio and he called this whole cabal conspiracy a silent coup against President Trump, and as more and more evidence comes out, I think he's right.

We are indeed in a building crisis, but Donald Trump is not the cause of it.

Les Carpenter said...

You might be right Mr. Ostrich. In that DJT is not totally responsible for our building crisis. But, he certainly is the wrecking ball employed in bringing the republic down.

Kevin Robbins said...

as more and more "evidence" comes out