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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Trump's National Security Speech

On Monday, the so-called POTUS, trump, gave a speech in which he lied his Big Mac and Coca Cola posterior off -- again:

"On top of everything else, our leaders drifted from American principles. They lost sight of America’s destiny and they lost their belief in American greatness. As a result, our citizens lost something as well. The people lost confidence in their government and as a result, they lost confidence in their future. Last year, all of that began to change. The American people rejected the failures of the past. You rediscovered your voice and reclaimed ownership of this nation and its destiny. On January 20, 2017, I stood on the steps of the Capitol to herald the day the people became the rulers of their nation again. Now, less than one year later, I am proud to report that the entire world has heard the news and already has seen the signs that America is coming back, and that America is coming back strong."

Those words were spoken by a deluded nincompoop who is out of touch with the people he's supposed to be leading and listening to:

A majority of the American people wanted to keep Obamacare and improve it; trump and his goons will kill it and throw millions of men, women, children, and infants off of their insurance plans.

A majority of the American people are concerned with global climate change; trump and his goons pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, making America the only country that rejects the overwhelming science that informs the accord.

A majority of the American people do NOT support or want the GOP tax bill; trump and his goons are going forward with a tax bill that will add trillions more to the deficit and will enrich trump and other billionaires and GOP lawmakers. It will hurt the poor and middle class, the people, you remember, the Liar-in-Chief vowed to listen to and to allow them to "reclaim" ownership of the nation. The only thing they and their children and grandchildren will "reclaim" is more crushing debt.

The entire world, except for Russia, Israel, and Turkey detest the American POTUS. He's embarrassed this  once great country and is mocked and ridiculed to the point where our closest and most reliable ally, Great Britain, does not want him to visit their country. The Brits, along with the rest of the world, despise trump.

One more thing:  Here at home, the so-called POTUS is despised and mocked and ridiculed by a majority of the American people. Only 30% support this jackass and his plutocracy. He has the lowest approval numbers of any new presidency in modern American history. 

And we haven't even mentioned the 19+ women who've accused this libertine of sexual predation and harassment; the fact-checking that shows he has lied to the American people more than any other American president; and that he and his young administration is under FBI criminal investigation for possible obstruction of justice and cooperating with a hostile foreign government to win the 2016 presidential election. Members of his campaign and administration have already been indicted and charged with felonies.


Jerry Critter said...

It is hard to find anything that Trump has done that the majority of the American people agree with. He is truly a minority president.

Dave Miller said...

You left out his Bromance with the dictatorial leader of the Phillipines...

Dave Miller said...

Everything you've posted Shaw is true, but... are you surprised?

This is exactly what how many of us expected him to govern and act if and when he got into office. Sadly, without an economic meltdown, or impeachment, I expect him to win reelection in 2020. America seldom turns out a President after on e term when the economy is humming, even if there are storm clouds approaching [see nixon v mcgovern].

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, there's never been a president like Trump. What happened in the past with presidents and the economy won't matter because above all of that is the fact that trump is corrupt, mendacious, and ignorant, and he's embarrassed the United States in front of the world. Just because the economy is doing well ( and that's for now, who knows what'll happen in two years --who knows what Mueller has found out about Trump and his finances) -- just because the economy is doing well won't be enough for Americans to stomach trump for another 4 years.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Also, Dave, other presidents' numbers were not as atrocious as Trump's numbers are.

Jimmy Carter's AVERAGE approval number for 4 years was 45.5% approval.

Trump's AVERAGE to date is 35% after 11 months in office. Trump's cultists think the economy will magically deliver a second term to him. Trump hasn't hit the high 40s in approval since the week after his inauguration (a newly elected president has historically been in the 60s, but not trump). He's been in the low 40s, to low 30s ever since. The more the American people see of him, the more they detest him.

Dictators and totalitarians love him, though, so there's that.

Les Carpenter said...

I concur with Dave's thoughts. Baring impeachment or an economic meltdown Trump will win reelection.

America votes it's pocketbook and wallet. If the economy remains strong (humming) and we are not engaged in another Vietnam scenario Trump glides back into the Oval Office.

All the misrepresentations and gutter morality won't matter. America wants a winnah, and if times are good for a majority he'll be in for 7 more years.

Such is reality...