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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

TIME'S Person[s] of the Year 2017

Never forget that the "Family Values" GOP supports a self-admitted sexual assaulter (accused by 16+ women), Trump, and it's about to send a sexual predator on young girls and lawless Alabama state supreme court justice, Roy Moore, to the U.S. Senate. Repeat: The GOP's POTUS and future US Senator are sexual predators.


Anonymous said...

President tRump is the biggest divider of the American people? Remember when Civil Rights organizations told President Obama to stay away? Yeah Neither do I. This is what happens to a country when a minority chooses a racist for its president.

BB-Idaho said...

The ugly problem has been endemic in the private sector as well over the years.
It seems to arise from men in powerful positions unable to resist using that power in inappropriate, sometimes immoral actions. We ponder the politics of such, when
Democrats apologize and step down, while Republicans threaten to sue...and get elected. We ponder what Bible directs the Christian Right to be so eager to elect
those immoral types? Is birth control, the right to carry an arsenal, rob the poor to pay the rich someplace in the beatitudes that I missed? We wonder- what if a baker refused to make a wedding cake because the couple were Baptists? We are victims of the old Chinese curse...May you live in interesting times.

Infidel753 said...

A good choice by Time and one which will hopefully further raise the profile of an issue that is finally getting some long-overdue attention.

It is striking that as Trump and the RNC are coming out in open support of Roy Moore, there's a crescendo of pressure from prominent Democrats on Al Franken to resign, as the growing number of accusers makes it harder to escape the conclusion that Franken is probably guilty of the behavior described.

It's important to show that one party does not try to trivialize abusive behavior or make excuses for it even when the perpetrator is on our own side, while the other party does.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I heard the right wingers scream night and day that Mr. Obama was a racist, then they elected a racist who is on record saying an American judge of Mexican heritage cannot be fair because of his heritage, a racist who wants to ban people from entering this country based on their religion, a man who said Nazis are nice people.

BB-Idaho, the Senate leaders are on RECORD saying they would not support Moore and would not seat him should he get elected. Now they're all walking that back and Trump has fully endorsed the child molester. And why wouldn't trump do that? Trump is a moral pig.

Infidel753I hope Franken resigns. That will make the seating in the US Senate of Roy Moore all the Moore sordid. The GOP will then take the title of Grand Old Perverts.

Dave Miller said...

Infidel... have you noticed that the GOP has members coming out in support of Franken? Gingrich said what Franken did was what everyone in Hollywood did and that he was lynched by the female senators.

Shaw... here's the question every Republican Senator should be asked... "Why has the Senate changed its view on Roy Moore?

Clearly something changed over the last couple of weeks. Let's make them explain it to us.

Ray Cranston said...

The Dems have set the stage by doing the right thing while the Grand Ole Perverts resist doing anything about their perverted ways. If nothing else these recent actions FULLY delineate the good vs evil differences between the GOP and Dems.

The Democrats can now call themselves the Family Values party and the Republicans will now be saddled with the Perverts Party.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the way Franken became the sacrificial lamb