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Thursday, May 19, 2022



Trump signed legislation that restricted importation of formula from Canada. 

In 2019 Trump signed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement – (which replaced the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement enacted in 1998 by then-President Bill Clinton) – that restricted baby formula's import from our Northern neighbor.

Trump planted the seeds for this with his "rewriting" of NAFTA in 2018. He put a nearly thirty percent tariff on baby formula being imported from Canada.  Do you suppose that he got any financial support from Abbott Labs or other corporations who manufacture baby formula? 


skudrunner said...

But it took the biden administration to turn it into a full blown crisis. The best description of the biden administration is the crisis daily administration because that is all he is good at. The media is overworked trying to spin everything he does as positive but even they can't stay up. They divert attention away from his incompetence by howling that the republicans didn't condemn the mass murders in the correct way or they support the new jim crowe even when voter turnout is at record highs. The problem is most people get their ideas from talking heads instead of looking for the truth. May the biden thought police division will change that, oh that right she quit.

Dave Dubya said...

Gotta love it.

Skud's first sentence after the facts were presented showing Trump was instrumental in the baby food shortage is to blame Biden.

Never mind holding the baby food corporation responsible for negligence in sanitation.

Is he projecting about "people get their ideas from talking heads instead of looking for the truth"?

The "Projection Card" is one of the most popular cards on the Right. Up there with the "White Victim Card", "Conservative Persecution Card", the "Commmie Card" and the "Blame Biden Card".

Skud never misses a chance to play the "Blame Biden Card", and will blame Biden for corporate greed at the gas pumps, as if Joe himself cranked up the prices.

Imagine how drunk we'd all be if we played the drinking game for every time Skud blames Biden for something he wasn't responsible for.

Rational Nation USA said...

Well skud, someone with smarts and the desire to do RIGHT has to manage the chaos left behind by the tRump administration. When history is written it won't be at all supportive of the cons of America's record of failures.

And skud, dems are not perfect by any means. But, they sure as hell beat the republiscums hand down.

Shaw Kenawe said...

So skud, the fuel companies responsible for gas prices and the baby formula companies are private businesses, not run by the government. If they were run by the government, that would be true socialism, wouldn't it? But they're not. They are the product of Capitalism -- free enterprise!

And you're in favor of that, are you not?

Or would you have the government take ownership of these entities, so that you can rightly blame the government when fuel prices are hiked and baby formula is scarce?

Are you seriously blaming President Biden for the decisions PRIVATE companies make?

Tell us how that works.

If you took the time and were honest, you'd read where the problem comes from:

"How did a baby formula crisis spring up in one of the world’s richest countries? Experts say a recall by one of the industry’s largest manufacturers, persistent supply-chain issues, and a market dominated by only a few players have combined to form what one consumer goods expert calls a “perfect storm” affecting the supply of essential formula to millions of babies across the U.S. And the shortage could last for months."


Shaw Kenawe said...

But it took the biden administration to turn it into a full blown crisis.

That's simply NOT true. The Biden administration interceded in February, and things would be a lot worse had they not! Put the blame where it belongs -- with Abbott, which supplies 40% of this country's infant formula.

Only THREE COMPANIES provide infant formula for the entire country. This is a function of Capitalism. We need more competition and more companies so this never happens again.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its skud who gets his info from talking heads because what he posted is bullshit.

skudrunner said...

Dube, who has been president for 18 months and who was president in February 2022. I realize it is a stretch but think back all of three months and you will come up with an answer. Even you can come up with an answer even if you won't admit it. This may stump you but Ms. Shaw can give you the answer because she may be a yellow dog but she exercises her brain.

So in your opinion biden is not responsible for the border crisis, gas crisis, murder crisis, afgan withdrawal crisis, covid death crisis, russian crisis, iran crisis, inflation crisis, disinformation crisis. Just what is he responsible for. After all he was elected because he has a plan. What was that plan intended to do other than harm the poor and middle class and see covid deaths exceed one million.

The fuel companies are taking advantage of supply and demand and the government is far to inept to do anything. If you look to politicians for answers you will always be disappointing. Look at the squad and lizzy's answer to student debt. Transfer it from the one who benefited to the taxpayer who didn't. Brilliant and typical.

The government started looking at baby formula in February so why has it taken so long for approval to be issued to begin production. You do know that one plant was found non compliant and the other facilities were cleared but still could not begin production until now there is a shortage. The administration now said they were looking into Abbott in February or when Abbott issued a recall out of precaution of four reported cases.

We will shut you down was the biden cry to the oil industry and we will restrict you from federal lands. Rally cry until now we have shortages and we are running to Venezuela to buy some of their dirty corrupt oil because Saudis will not take his calls.

BluebullAmerica said...

Poor Skid, so desperate to have the nonsense he posts be true and so incredibly wrong about everything. That's a common problem with phony 'conservatives' like Skid, though. They think they know so much, and they do. Problem is, everything they know is utter nonsense and makes no sense to anyone other than another phony conservative.

skudrunner said...

Why is it that the only answer to everything is to throw money at it. There is a shortage of baby formula because the government is working against the manufacturers and not with them. How is 28 million going to solve this. It is a blame game because the administration dropped the ball and didn't mention it until a week ago. Spin, Spin to make incompetence look OK and as biden does well, blame everyone else instead of taking actions to fix something. How many things has he screwed up that were someone else's fault. Start with Afghanistan, it was their government, then the people, then their soldiers, then the civilians then our soldiers. It is a never ending blame others and do nothing.

Rational Nation USA said...

Repubs do everthing they can to feed the wealthy while ignoring the fact greed is one of America's biggest problem. Along with repubs growing ignorance of reality.

Grey One talks sass said...

Wow, skud! Well, lets get to it.

First - I'm amazed at how your comments are filled with your preconceived notions and 'just asking the questions' when the answers are either in the post or provided by fellow commentators. Way to prove your lack of reading comprehension skills.

Second - you've never answer anyone's questions with anything other than opinion or misinformation (except for that once when you were brilliant. Lack of talent is not your weakness). You are a cheeky fellow for demanding, expecting, and receiving such an unequal debate stage. And then whining about it. Be grateful for what you receive. Seriously, this is an awesome space.

Third - as it's been stated before and most likely is again in (at this moment in time) unpublished comments, the current administration has been limited in what they can do because the past administration decided to addressed perceived insults to the America First movement by ending a trade agreement which had been working nicely for more than a day and replacing it with the train wreck we have now. It takes time to work around bad administrative rules but yeah, this is all Biden's fault.

Fourth - skud, skud, skud...... only those who've never had to worry about if they would have a roof over their head for the night or food for the day says throwing money at an issue solves nothing.

Literal me has to add - I understand you did not say nothing is solved in the above response but it was implied based on your comment history.

And you are wrong. Money solves many issues and is a thing either you know because you've experienced the absolute nothing of no money and no prospects or you don't know because you've always had enough to scrape by *one person's scraping by is another's idea of easy street*.

Fifth - please explain why the GQP on one day is telling anyone who will listen that the Biden admin is doing nothing to address formula shortages and then the next day vote no on the legislation which will open up resources to ensure the shortages are ended. Please explain to me like I'm five because I just can't handle that level of cognitive dissonance and I've got skills so...

When a person tells you who they are, believe them. For over thirty years the Christian Nationalists have said what they were going to do. They talked about it in their churches in violation of our nations laws but not their ultimate goal of Dominion over all things. Governmental regulations in place to prevent these sorts of incidents (babies dying and sick from their formula) were lifted in the former guy's administration. The supporting actors all said when they got into power with the twice impeached former guy what they would do. They did it and here we are but yeah, it's the current admin that is the issue.

Rational Nation USA said...

Well said GOts!

When the only real agenda is to amass power and exclusive wealth (for the chosen wealthy) you get republiscum goverance. Something skudo is fully on board with apparently.

skudrunner said...

Grey, Very well thought out diatribe I commend you even if some of it is incomprehensible.

First make no sense so I don't even know where to start

Second Refer to first except nothing I have said has been disputed except to say it is trumps fault. Some day the democrats will have to have something to stand for except we hate trump.

Third I do understand that any administration has a grace period where they are victims of the past but how many months will this go on. Biden had no issue with opening the border, cancelling construction of the wall, cancelling the pipeline, ending sanctions to enemies within weeks. He seems to fall short on reinstating trade agreements and only seems to be aware of issues after the barn door is open bu some group or publication.

Forth I never said throwing money at an issue doesn't solve the problem but I ask you. How does throwing 28 million at the baby formula issue solve the governments lack of working with the manufacturer's to resume production. We have thrown millions at covid and now they want to throw millions more. Why not spend the money appropriated before you ask for more. We paid people not to work so now that they are to go to work to get paid the refuse, they are not all stupid.

I will admit I graduated from college and grad school with zero debt. To accomplish that I didn't spend every night in a bar or frat house but at work. I studied and got good grades in subjects that could turn into a career and I put up everything I owned to start several businesses so no I don't know what it is like to not have a roof or meal but I do know about work and risk.

I can't address the reasons for the GOP voting against the baby formula bill other than to say is throwing 28 million at it going to solve the problem. The leftist are against profit yet they are willing to throw money at companies to perform the way they should.

I am not against government assistance but the government both state and federal are not good stewards of our tax dollars and that is not party politics just politics. I do believe we should hold our politicians accountable which is something most don't.

Rational Nation USA said...

Incomprehensible skud.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... can you objectively show where Pres Biden opened the border? Where is this coming from? Please cite specific policies and statements from the Admin advocating for "Open borders."

A difference in policy from the prior Admin is not open borders.

And saying so does not make it true, no matter how often you say it or how loudly you proclaim it. As a matter of fact, something with which the right struggles when it contradicts their narrative, the left is pissed at Biden for keeping many of Trump's border policies.

So you are either being willfully ignorant of the truth, or lying.

Which is it?

Rational Nation USA said...

Reasonable profit is wonderful... Obscene profit is price gouging... As American capitalist are fond of doing... THEY NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE WHEN THEY CAN LINE THEIR VERY DEEP POCKETS..

Grey One talks sass said...

Shaw - haven't observed you post this weekend. Hoping your absence is because of fun activities. If you, like me are working through health issues, I hope you have all the resources needed to be the best you can be.

Either way, you are in my thoughts.

Grey One talks sass said...

skud - thank you for proving all my points. Reading for comprehension isn't your strength. Perhaps you are a more verbal learner?

One point - while you say you aren't against government assistance with one breath your next breath historically has been how governmental assistance is ruining this country.

Again, you post the exact talking points pushed by Fox cable programs all while claiming you never watch their channels. Interesting how you get their wording down pat, or is that just a coincidence? Someone in your life whom you trust watches them... just saying...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Grey One talks sass

Everything's okay, except for living in chaos because of remodeling.

Thank you for asking.

I'll be back soon with lots of topics to discuss.

Take care and be well.

skudrunner said...

Remodeling is such an experience especially if you live ther while it is being remodeled. Good luck and stay sane, if that's possible.

Rev, Over a million crossings of illegals is open, in my opinion but probably not yours.

Grey, assistance and give away programs are two different things. A hand up when needed is beneficial but a hand out to buy votes is not. Simple explanation that most can understand if the choose to.

never let a crisis go to waste is a famous line now trumpeted by an ambassador after doing such a miserable job as chief of staff and a mayor, good job RN.
Remember if it not trumps fault it is putin's or covid or the GOP because it is never uncle joe's as he has shown for over a year and a half. Take your money and invest in a burqa facility because they are back in fashion in Afghanistan thanks to joey.

Dave Dubya said...

I had no idea Biden surrendered to the Taliban, agreed on a date to withdraw, released their fighters before withdrawal, and is forcing women to wear burqas in Afghanistan.

Did he do that before or after he personally spread covid, forced Putin to invade Ukraine, jammed the supply chain, jacked up gas prices, and gouged consumers through record corporate profits?

Did he force Afghan women to wear burqas before or after he contaminated baby formula at the factory, and made it harder to import from Canada?

I'll bet Biden is also to blame for the massive drought in the West as well. He MUST be blamed because he's president and a Democrat. It's also his fault the radical Trumpists are calling democrats pedophiles, communists and baby killers.

It's Biden's fault that Republicans refused to cooperate in legislating against price gouging and relief from high gas prices he personally caused.

Skud makes it much easier to know Biden is to blame for covid, Wall Street greed, and for everything Putin and the Taliban do.

How does "Sleepy Joe" find the time to do all of that?

I suppose Trump deserves all the credit for the massive $35 million in meth drug bust at the "open" US-Mexico border in April and the $18 Million load last week.

Joe must have been asleep when Trump personally went to the border to interdict the drug smuggling.

And Biden stupidly ordered the priority deportations of dangerous illegal immigrant felons instead.

Good thing Skud knows the score on all of this and can educate the rest of us.

We're just not as clever as he is, to see Biden is to blame for everything.

One simple answer offers such comfort, doesn't it? No need to think, seek information or learn facts. The simple answer is always at hand and applies to every problem.

Genius. Very stable genius.

skudrunner said...

Dube, Glad to see you agree.

Rational Nation USA said...

Should we be referring to skud asThe Great Sage?

Dave Dubya said...

Where would we be if not for Skud correcting out politically incorrect facts with his alternative facts?

BluebullAmerica said...

More like Great Stooge, RN.