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Saturday, June 4, 2022


June 4, 2022

1 dead, 8 injured after shooting at Arizona shopping center

June 5, 2022

At Least 3 Killed and 11 Injured in Shooting in Downtown Philadelphia

A Philadelphia police inspector said that officers “observed several active shooters shooting into the crowd” on South Street, an area with many restaurants and bars.


Anonymous said...

One dead? Why don't you report every gun death in America? There's about 50,000 a year.

Shaw Kenawe said...

8 people were injured. We don’t know the extent of those injuries. Some could be maimed for life. It’s not just about counting the dead.

I’ll keep reporting the shootings as long as I want to.

Apparently, it gets to you.

Les Carpenter said...

Them frightened whittle cons sure do get their knickers knotted up when their NRA death culture mentallity is challenged.

Keep reporting. The more it's out their (the reporting) the stronger reason and right become and maybe, eventually, compassion will win the day, the NRA will die, and gun violence and human carnage will be slashed by passing nationwide consistent and strick firearm ownership law.

It's time the gun culture nation moves on to a more civilized, compassionate, loving and safer society.

It is no longer 1776 or the wild wild west of the 1800's.

Anonymous said...

It just shows your blood lust.

Shaw Kenawe said...

No, Anon. It shows you don’t want to see reality.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, THANK YOU. I intend to do just that.

Dave Miller said...

Add Chattanooga to the list.

BluebullAmerica said...

Without even being smart enough to realize it, 'anonymous' pointed out the biggest problem of all facing our nation -- Republiclowns just don't give a damn about 50,000 people (I think it's much more, actually) getting shot so long as their penile substitutes are allwed and even encouraged to be taken out and shown everywhere in our nation. The sickness with these folks is obvious to all but themselves. It's a total lack of concern for people who aren't exactly like themselves. It's a complete lack of morals and values -- something the GQP once used to beat the country over the head advocating. No, they've let all that go in their desperate attempt to mollify the gun manufactures of America without even realizing they are nothing but sheep headed for an unkind shearing with very rusty scissors by a man with advanced parkinsons disease.
I agree with my friend RN, Ms. Shaw - keep exposing these rats. Clearly, you have them rattled or they wouldn't be sputtering their pathetic little deflections.

possumlady said...

I'm in a running commentary battle on the Washington Post comments from some jerk named Bodebo.

Here is his latest:
"Democrats are willing to compromise someone else's rights but they are giving up nothing with these proposals. It's not like they offer national reciprocity for concealed carry in exchange for support of some other proposal."

skudrunner said...

44% of gun owners are republicans while 20% of democrats own a firearm. The remaining are independents so buleballs is spewing hatred against republicans which is a pattern

The current background checks are a joke and do little to screen buyers. Permits to own with a comprehensive background check would be a better approach. De funding police is not helpful nor is the progressive DA's and no bail release in many large cities. We need more LEO's, mental health professionals and better screening of all gun owners. We live in a time where blame others instead of taking responsibility for everything is the norm but it is everyone's fault except blueballs of course.

BluebullAmerica said...

As usual, Skidmark completely misses the dock and crashes his dingy into sunbathers on the beach instead. If 44% of the gun crazies are Republiscumbags, so be it, Son. I don't give a flying crap what party if any they belong to -- they are a danger to our people. period.

So would you be okay with a one week or two week background check? Nobody is defunding the police, Skippy -- ya'll need to give up that fish already - it ate your bait, flossed it's teeth with the fishing line and is currently using your pole as a slip and slide. You don't even understand the terminology, don't be out waving your lack of understanding around, Skid.
No bail release is rarely used and only at the discretion of the judge in cases of non violence. Are you saying no bail release caused any of the mass shootings we've suffered?
No? I didn't think so. What would have stopped several of these mass murders of children is a limit to military style weapons and high capacity magazines being sold to 18 year olds. these weapons are not used for hunting unless you are the worst Elmer Fudd kinda hunter bumbling his way through the backwoods of America hunting wabbit.
I own two weapons. Neither of them can do the type of damage an AR15 can do and I'm fine with that. I don't fear our government coming to take me away (or whatever stupid thing gun fetishists believe) and I don't think of myself as Rambo. Frankly, I'm more than man enough to care for my loved ones without sending us into a living war zone. My daughters are more than woman enough to do the same for their families. What went wrong with you, Skid?

skudrunner said...

Blueballs, You seem to have some mistakes in your post and as a courtesy I will point them out

"Republiclowns just don't give a damn about 50,000 people" seems to contradict your " I don't give a flying crap what party if any they belong to"

Cities where “Defund the Police” was voted in, Minneapolis , NYC, Cook County IL, Portland, Austin, Baltimore, LA, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, 12 major cities led by Democratic mayors broke homicide records in 2021, a result of trying to defund the police (USA Today)

No Bail is a recommendation from the DA/ADA and normally the judge accepts his/her request.

I cannot speak as to the ability of your daughters but I do agree that an 18 year old should not be allowed to purchase any firearm not just an AR.

Les Carpenter said...

Hey BluebullAmerica, don't waste your time with skud. He's too obtuse to really ever get it. By it I mean the actual reality behind America's gun culture and the NRA's culture of death.

BluebullAmerica said...

You got that right, RN. I still try though with Skidmark. He's like that one baby duckling you see trying so hard to keep up with his siblings and mother and constantly bumping into curbs and tree trunks. He lands on his soft little behind, shakes his head to clear his vision, lumbers back to his padded feet and begins the cycle all over again. You can't help but root for the little guy, even if you know his whole life will be a constant struggle to keep up.