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Monday, June 13, 2022


“Liz Cheney, an American patriot, honored her oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, while the rest of the Republican Party abandoned their oath, and the country.”


Dave Miller said...

Even while I disagree with her politics, in this, she is 100% correct.

I challenge any conservative to show where they differ from their newly crowned RINO Liz Cheney on policy. Not on Trump fandom, but on actual policy.

What policy votes has she taken with which conservatives disagree?

Anyone? Can you cite even one?

Mike said...

Liz Cheney is an actual Republican.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Liz Cheney is a real Conservative/Republican, and I, too, would not support her policies. I'm old enough to remember the Watergate hearings and to remember Republicans who put America above party. There were a lot of honorable Republicans who did so.

Not so this time. Cheney and Kinzinger are the only two patriots in the GOP. Sadly, Trump has been able to con a huge chunk of the GOP and millions of Americans with his terrible lie. Those Americans truly believed him when he lied to them.

This is what is so frightening about this whole sordid affair: That so many Americans were so easily conned by ConMan Trump! It's frightening to understand that of my fellow Americans, and that forebodes what anti-democratic destruction those fanatical Trumpers could bring upon this country.

The people still supporting Trump are in thrall to a personality. Not values, decency, or even policies that would improve the lives of their fellow Americans -- NO -- Trumpers worship a personality. And we've seen what that disease can do to courtries whose citizens refuse to see what's in front of their noses.

Les Carpenter said...

The fact that millions of scared whittle Americans still support tRump should tell anyone that is truly thinking and being honest with themselves that this nation, once the beacon of hope throughout the world, is quite possibly damaged beyond repair. What fRump and his tRumublican party have done to politics and this nation's integrity workdwide is unforgivable IMO. They are no better than any authoritarian party or authoritarian tin hirn dictator. Unless a broad majority of truly patriotic Americans vote the current tRump supporting republiscum outof office I fear this representative democracy is screwed and we can kiss our liberties goodbye.

VOTE DEMOCRATIC 2022... across the board if you value freedom and liberty. Cause tRumpublicans want to take as much as they can away fom you.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... if you'll indulge me. And if not, I get it...

From the Captain of the Mothership come her comments regarding the ongoing Congressional hearings…

Her comments are pretty representative of how some of our extremist or conservative blogger “friends” think. I decided I would post a few answers to her questions here, because no one in her echo chamber is going to do so, lest they lose their posting privileges.


No Z, it is not a trial. It is a Bi-partisan, complete with Republicans, investigation of the events leading up to and including January 6.


Of course not Z. You have not heard that because you don’t let people with whom you disagree post on your site. You don’t actively seek out views contrary to yours. The fact that this has been debunked is all over the internet. And in today’s hearing, Fmr Atty Gen Bill Barr explained why the “2000 Mules” was deemed mostly not true.

Z… What makes me laugh is Cheney’s opening statements telling everyone what will be happening …Who DOES that? It’s almost like she wanted to do this just for the pure joy!.

Outlining what is coming up is how lawyers work. They state what they will share, and then proceed to do so. Just like the Republicans did during the Benghazi hearings. It wasn’t for “pure joy” it was because that’s how lawyers build and present a case.

Z… Honestly, it kind of makes me laugh when I watch a few minutes here and there!!! They’ve clearly been told to LOOK SOBER, LOOK VERY UPSET AND KEEP SAYING EVERYONE KNEW THE CLAIMS WERE FALSE.

Again, you’re complaining that they are saying that “EVERYONE KNEW THE CLAIMS WERE FALSE.” It keeps getting said because it was true. His campaign manager, his Atty Gen, the campaign lawyers, governors, election officials and judges, all of them, told Trump and anyone else who would listen that in fact, his claims, and the claims millions of people like you believe, were false.

There is simply no proof of any fraud that you, or any of your friends, or the former president can point to that has not been debunked. Absolutely none.

Z… They have [to] show and read from text saying things like Trump TOLD THE PEOPLE TO GO UP THERE….but they leave off the part about “GO PEACEFULLY”, etc.

Well, Trump did tell the people to up there and “fight like hell”. And yes, in fairness, he did say go peacefully. The question many have is this… If Trump really wanted them to go peacefully, when they did not do so, and they stormed the building and attacked numerous police officers, why didn’t President Trump do anything to stop it?

Why didn’t he call out the National Guard? The FBI? The ATF? As president, he certainly had that power and authority, independent of anything Nancy Pelosi or anyone else did. And we have the memos from the Admin stating that.

Why in the end, did it take Vice President Pence to make the calls for security forces to clear the capitol while President Trump stood by?

Z… Now Rep Lofgren is doing the third OPENING STATEMENT this morning TELLING US WHO’S GOING TO SAY AND SHOW WHAT. Can’t they save time just SAYING AND SHOWING versus telling us what they’ll show and tell!?!

Once again Z, this is what lawyers do. Maybe you don’t like it because you don’t like hearing what, with plenty of evidence, they are showing.

I think that’s about it.

Les Carpenter said...

We have one going forward.. the other is not running for reelection.

I am not on board with her ultra conservative views, but I trust her honesrty, decency, integrity, and true patriotism. Republicans, whether most realize it or not (most definitely not) need a hell of a lot more with her character. If the majority were of her character and lntegrity tRum would have been indicted long ago.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave Very good. Very, very good answers. But she and her fellow sailors will never see them, and they're all the poorer. They're in an echo chamber; they get their info mostly from FAUX; they're in a cult.

I will NEVER understand how this self-professed Christian folks can continue to support and admire a character like Trump! He's everything a Sunday school teacher would tell his/her students NOT to be. But this is how I know they're cultists. They stick with this corrupt person because of their tribalism. One of them, his name is Ed Bonderenka, believes with his heart and soul that the elections was stolen and Biden is evil.

I read their blogs because they are real-time examples of how Trump's cultists think and how they see the J6 Select Committee hearings. They are, in the end, my fellow Americans, but I have to admit, sometimes I don't think we live in the same country, because I don't understand how an American could follow a despicable person like Trump who is, IMO, the antithesis of what it means to be an American and believe in truth and democracy.