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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Move along. Nothing to see here. Just another shooting in America. Four dead. Others injured.


Just another average blood-soaked, killing-day in America.

Home of the brave and free.

Home of the gun and death.

Tulsa shooting: Police confirm four dead including gunman in ‘catastrophic’ mass attack on medical clinic 

 At least four people have been killed and others injured in a shooting at a medical clinic in Oklahoma on Wednesday, according to police. 

 The Tulsa Police Department confirmed that four people including the shooter were dead, with officers still clearing the building as of Wednesday evening.


Prdro said...

Once again, I must say that Biden’s speech about “Gun Control” was completely nauseating, and sickening. It would be nice if once in a while he said something that made any sense!
Guns are NOT the problem, I repeat for those who have a problem hearing... GUNS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM! People Are. Guns Don't Go Around Killing Any Human or Anything Else Unless You Put a Human Holding That Gun and Firing That Trigger.
Or, you can ask Alec Baldwin that, he should know! A nd if he don’t know you can ask our new Gun Czar that the Mayor appointed today!
These left loons need to get a grip. They all fly off the handle like they have been drugged and are under some sick spell because they sure cannot think for themselves.

Shaw Kenawe said...

You're WRONG "Prdro,"

We have the most gun in circulation than in any other country in the world -- estimates are 400 thousand -- more than we have people!

And we have the most mass shootings in the world!

The states with the most lax gun laws -- the red states -- have the highest number of firearm deaths.

The states with the strictest gun laws -- blue states -- have the lowest number of firearm deaths.


And you're in the minority in your flawed, wrong thinking.

There is no reason for anyone, let alone an 18-year old who isn't even allowed to purchase alcohol, for anyone to own an assault weapon like the AR-15.

Forcing little children to go through "active shooter drills" is inhumane, and it is uniquely American, to our everlasting shame!

Wake up and understand what this country has done to itself that no other country has done to its population.

You, Prdro, are on the losing side of this argument.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Watch this, Prdro.

Anonymous said...

A shooter shot up a hospital in Oklahoma.
At least 3 are dead.

He did not act alone.
He was aided by 50 US Senators & the NRA.

possumlady said...

"These left loons need to get a grip. They all fly off the handle like they have been drugged and are under some sick spell because they sure cannot think for themselves."

ALL AMERICANS should be "flying off the handle" in reaction to all the mass shootings. If your thinking about these shootings is "too bad, so sad", then you really are a sicko.

Dave Miller said...

Does President Biden and the DNC want to win the Senate in the 2022 elections? The House is already gone as the results are pretty much baked in. But the Senate is still in play.

Can anyone tell me why the Dems are not going nakedly political?

As the GOP runs generalized, lying ads that say Dems want to take your guns, the DNC and the Pres respond with nice, bi-partisan talking points.

I was in Mexico during the week of the Robb Elementary shooting. Mexicans were riveted to the TV when news came on. And they want to know why it keeps happening. To their friends. To their people.

Get native Spanish speakers to start cutting commercials saying people are scared for their kids and the GOP doesn't want to do anything. They won't limit access to guns, they won't fund mental health care. Just say it... the current elected GOP is willing to accept dead children rather than change gun laws. In spite of the fact that over 75% of American voters, across all political lines support reasonable changes.

The GOP won't register guns, they won't limit access to any level of guns, they won't ban high capacity magazine, they won't fund mental health care. Nothing.

Say it in Spanish all across the Southwest, Florida and in swing districts and areas with heavy Latino populations all over the country. Latinos are generally more conservative, but this is an issue that will resonate. And if the Dems can flip a small percentage of this vote, they can maybe keep the Senate and future SCOTUS nominations.

I've seen it and I've heard it.

The question is whether the DNC and the president have.

skudrunner said...

Rev, So you were in Mexico helping underprivileged Mexicans and they expressed to you how horrible it is. I assume they are fine with the cartels actions in a country where owning a gun is illegal. You view the gun issue as a political opportunity where most Americans view it as a tragedy. I support what you do for Mexico but to use it for a political opportunity is not very ethical. You do know that 30% of NRA members are democrats don't you but you seem to focus on republicans.
My guess is the NRA is losing members because of their stance on gun ownership but that is just my opinion as a former member.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "You view the gun issue as a political opportunity where most Americans view it as a tragedy"

How the hell do we solve this problem EXCEPT through politics? The NRA gives to politicians Rs and Ds so that they'll do its bidding and keep the gun manufacturers rolling in $$$. It is politicians who propose and pass laws, and we need laws to stop this madness.

So, yes, it is a political opportunity to do something. Or we can wait for the next massacre of children -- that's seems to be what all of the Rs and some of the Ds think is the answer to children being massacred in schools.

The true tragedy is that this will continue to happen because of the cowardly politicians!

Dave Miller said...

Give me a break Skud...

You know why Mexicans are upset at what is happening here in the US? because they believe in us. They believe the US is a place where the law matters, as opposed to Mexico where the law matters only to those with pesos.

Of course I see what happened at Uvalde as a tragedy. As I do what happened in Tulsa, as I do what happened in Racine.

But I also think politically. Because all of our laws are based in politics. I was only speaking at what i believe it will take to get real solutions. I'm not real interested at fiddling around the edges. I want solutions. And let's face it, the GOP has stood against even the most lenient of chamges.

Today Congressman Gomert [R-TX] no one in the GOP sees as extreme, said the policies of the Dems "are getting people killed."

Why no outrage over that yet I'm unethical because I'm fed up, even as I run 100% free clinics for marginalized Mexican people because I want them to see Americans as good people?

BTW... you seem to have a reading problem. In past posts, you said I slammed Republicans, even those I purposely avoided that term. Now you're calling me out on the NRA, after I never mentioned them.

I love that you respond to my comments, but where did I ever mention the NRA?

I'll save you time... never. I never did. Not here. Not at Always on Watch. I'd just like conservatives to own up to their seemingly clear position that we can do nothing. No registration, no age limits, no red flag laws, nothing.

Death among kids, doctors, etc, is simply acceptable for may conservatives as a price for having guns.

Les Carpenter said...

I am amazed at the level of denial, delusions, and ignorance on full display among the ranks of the NRA (by skuds accounting that would bev70%), tRumpublicans, republicans, and conservatives in the discussion around America's gun and death culture.

And children continue to die as a bullets with their name on it rips through their flesh and into their vital organs killing them.

As the terrorist NRA and gun manufacturers lick their lips as the money keeps pouring in.

We live in a very sick American culture in 21st century. And it keeps getting sicker and sicker... with no end in sighr

Anonymous said...

It's simplistic to say more regulations on guns will stop these killings. We can probably not solve this problem, but a step ahead must be a multi-pronged solution. Getting rid of the NRA is not an instant solution.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous @11:37PM: "It's simplistic to say more regulations on guns will stop these killings. We can probably not solve this problem, but a step ahead must be a multi-pronged solution."

SK: "A well regulated militia..." It's right there in the Constitution. So more regulations WOULD solve this. What this country is experiencing (the most mass killings by firearms than any other country on the planet by the most firearms sold and owned) is a manmade problem and it can be solved by people. Just look at countries that have had firearm massacres (Britain, Australia, New Zealand) and how they solved their regulations stopped the firearm massacres. So you're not correct.

PS. No one here, including me, ever said anything about getting rid of the NRA. The NRA has morphed into nothing more than a money-making, lobbying machine that has every Republican and some Democrats in its thrall.

And, for the record, no one is coming to take anyone's guns. The U.S. had a ban on assault weapons during the Clinton administration, and the GWBush administration let the ban lapse. While in effect, deaths from those weapons dropped by over 40% and when the ban lapsed, deaths from those weapons increased by over 200%. Check out the link to the Scientific American magazine covering this.

It is wrong to believe this is an unsolvable problem. That's what you've been programmed to believe. We need to stop believing in NRA and Republican politicians' propaganda.

Shaw Kenawe said...

This was sent to me by one of my commenters:

Seen on the Mother Ship: "GUNS kill people, when operated by a human being who’s either protecting himself and his family OR desirous of killing people. WHAT do we DO? “GET RID OF GUNS!”, they say.

Here’s a problem: KNIVES kill 2.5 times more than GUNS!!"

A simple Google search would show the person who wrote that how wrong she is:

In 2020, according to the above website, here is a chart of murder victims by weapons:

13,550 Americans were killed by FIREARMS

1,739 Americans died by knives or cutting instruments.

The people who read that blog are miserably uninformed. And they are doing a great job of staying that way.

Anonymous said...

"PS. No one here, including me, ever said anything about getting rid of the NRA."
Then you don't read your own writing, or the comments of your readers.

Dave Miller said...


Well, let's just say precision and accuracy have never been strong values at the HMS Mothership of Denial. Reading deeper, we see that what she was trying to say is that more people in the US are killed by knives, than are killed with rifles, at least as if 2018.

And like Skud, she then makes the leap to Hey, why aren't we talking about banning knives, or rocks too? You guys are inconsistent.

I've seen few semi-automatic knives outside of Thanksgiving when lots of people bust out those old electric carvers, so I am guessing in the number of stabbing deaths, darn few happened in churches, stores and elementary schools and saw numerous deaths as the result of a crazed knife, or even rock throwing maniac.

And that is where we are.

The conservatives basically say us libs are trying to solve a non-existent problem by penalizing the 99% of people who are responsible gun owners...

Likening our worry about mass shootings, the resulting deaths and a search for a solution to "...totalitarian[s] who [are] dishonest or who possesses poor thinking skills [and] would punish 99.99% of people for the actions of a minuscule few."

It's interesting how when we ask for evidence of voter fraud, false votes and election chicanery, all of which has been debunked by GOP Secs of State, GOP election officials, the Trump Admin, multiple Attys General, GOP Governors across the country and judges appointed by Presidents Bush, Clinton, Obama and Trump, we get nothing.

And yet they seem okay with totalitarians seeking solutions to non-existent problems as long as it is connected to elections.

Even though there was not a single child's death directly attributed to the 2020 elections.

Les Carpenter said...

Right anon @9:52 AM... It was me that suggested the NRA be removed from existence. The organization out lived its original purpose years ago. Which is why I quit the organization. It has, in my opinion become a very negative force bordering on being a terrorist organization. It is evil and somebody must state it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Thanks for that reminder, RN. I read that and forgot. I can’t be expected to remember everything my commenters write. Also, I heartily agree with you. The NRA, IMO, is responsible for much of the human carnage we’ve been witnessing.

PS. It’s clear nothing will be done again, thanks to the corrupt Trumpublicans and a few cowardly Democrats. A majority 80% of Americans want something to be done, but we are being held hostage by the criminal NRA and Trumpublican pro-death thugs.