Paul Revere by Cyrus Dallin, North End, Boston



Saturday, June 18, 2022



Juneteenth Youth Dancers


BluebullAmerica said...

Loved watching these charming young ladies dance. They are the human version of a field of daisies blowing in a gentle breeze. Loved every second of it. Thanks for posting it, Ms. Shaw.

Grey One talks sass said...

I've watched this video only a few times but the song continues to play inside my head. I appreciate they taped their first take and then fixed the issues to present the second take which had me very emotional.

First take I was giggling a bit at the leaders toes getting caught in their dress in a stretch I couldn't have done even when healthy and the one poor dancer whose head covering flopped over their face. To their credit and professionalism no one stopped when faced with these speed bumps. The second take was perfect, including modifying some of the spacing so no one was covered.

When Black voices are speaking, it behooves me to listen. Thank you for this very important message Shaw.