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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Firearms are the leading cause of deaths for American children and teens:

5-year-old fatally shoots 16-month-old brother in Indiana apartment 

 RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina residents can now buy a handgun without getting a permit from a local sheriff, after the Republican-controlled legislature on Wednesday overrode the Democratic governor’s veto — a first since 2018. The House voted 71-46 to enact the bill, which eliminates the longstanding permit system requiring sheriffs to perform character evaluations and criminal history checks of pistol applicants. 

The Senate overrode Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto in a party-line vote on Tuesday. The permit repeal takes effect immediately. Cooper and Democratic lawmakers warned it allows a greater number of dangerous people to obtain weapons through private sales, which do not require a background check, and limits law enforcement’s ability to prevent them from committing violent crimes.


Les Carpenter said...

As evidence grows confirming the insanity of gop lawmakers throughout the red states of the DSA (Divided States of America).

Ray said...

The 2nd A has the word REGULATED in it
And guns that can destroy the body of CHILDREN in 8 Seconds needs to be REGULATED

skudrunner said...

In the case of Nashville the firearms were acquired legally. The use of a 45 caliber pistol would have had the same effect so it may not be the guns fault and maybe blame can be put on the legal system and the mental state of the shooter. It has come time to collect all firearms, except from criminals who won't give them up, and melt them down to build a Studebaker, battery operated of course.

When king barry had total control of congress why didn't he pass a law outlawing AR's. Maybe it was because he spent all his powder on taking over the healthcare system to care. He signed EO requiring background checks and AR's ban instead of trying to make them a law. Why would that be, because taking it to congress would require all congress to cast a vote and there were to many democrats who would vote against it. Try as you might to cast OTG doing all these things against AR's when all he did was take the political easy way out. Every gun owner should have a license to own which means a background check and AR's are not for hunting or personal protection, leave that to a shotgun.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Oh. My. Gawd!

skudrunner blames President Obama for this gun culture and for allowing AR-15s to be sold to teenagers without background checks, training, or permits. That's what the governors of Texas and Missouri have done, not former President Obama, and it's insane!

Skudrunner conveniently ignores the fact that when Mr. Obama became president, the economy was in the crapper. He had to figure out how to rescue the country from that mess first and foremost. And when Obama signed an EO to make it harder for mentally ill people to purchase guns, Donald Trump overturned that in Feb. 2017 -- one of the first things he did as POTUS.

It is absolutely true that from 2009-2011, Democrats and President Obama had "total control" of the House of Representatives.

It is true that Obama had the House, but laws are not passed by just the House. And skudrunner conveniently ignores these facts:

"Total control", then, of the Senate requires 60 Democratic or Republican Senators.

On January 20th, 2009, 57 Senate seats were held by Democrats with 2 Independents (Bernie Sanders and Joe Lieberman) caucusing with the Democrats...which gave Democrats 59 mostly-reliable Democratic votes in the Senate, one shy of filibuster-proof "total control." Republicans held 41 seats.

The 59 number in January, 2009 included Ted Kennedy and Al Franken. Kennedy had a seizure during an Obama inaugural luncheon and never returned to vote in the Senate.....and Al Franken was not officially seated until July 7th, 2009 (hotly contested recount demanded by Norm Coleman.)

The real Democratic Senate seat number in January, 2009 was 55 Democrats plus 2 Independents equaling 57 Senate seats.

An was during this time that Obama's "stimulus" was passed. No Republicans in the House voted for the stimulus. However, in the Senate.....and because Democrats didn't have "total control" of that chamber.....three Republicans.....Snowe, Collins and Specter, voted to break a filibuster guaranteeing it's passage.

Stop repeating the lie that President Obama had complete control over Congress for two years. Facts are stubborn things, and the facts are that HE. DID. NOT.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"The this: Democrats had "total control" of the House of Representatives from 2009-2011, 2 full years. Democrats, and therefore, Obama, had "total control" of the Senate from September 24, 2009 until February 4, 2010. A grand total of 4 months.

Did President Obama have "total control" of Congress? Yes, for 4 entire months. And it was during that very small time window that Obamacare was passed in the Senate with 60 all-Democratic votes.

Did President Obama have "total control' of Congress during his first two years as president? Absolutely not and any assertions to the you can plainly see in the above a lie."


Les Carpenter said...

skud...There is absolutluly zero need for AR-15's other than as a tool for killing in war. PERIOD.

Further, the 2'nd amendment ought to be modified to reflect present day realities. The indiscriminate proliferation of vehicles of death such as we see in the USA today is a direct contributing cause of the unacceptable carnage caused by firearms. We have more weapons of death in the DSA than we do people.

Weak knee gop legislators both federal and state are directly reponsible for many of these deaths due to their love of the perks and cash the gun manufacturers and the criminal NRA line the lawmakers pockets with. It is clear these heartless individuals place higher value on weapons of death than they do American lives. Including children. BTW, check out the top cause for children's death in America today. And no, zygotes do not count as a living, breathing, human vessel of cognition.

Do some research, start with any modern, democratic, industrialized nation and compare their records of citizen death by weapons of death to ours. You might want to start with Australia and move on from there.

70% or more of America wants the AR-15, and other high capacity vehicles of death to be banned for use by the general public. There are plenty of other firearms, like shotguns, lever action, bolt action, hand gun revolvers, etc that serve the purpose of hunters, sportsmen, or just plinkers. I know because iused them all up to 35 years ago when i stopped hunting upon the realization i did not enjoy killing animals.

Either one is part of the solution or they're part of the problem. 70% or more of America is part of the solution. It's time the gutless gop does the right thing. Re-ban the AR-15 and other vehicles of death from use by the general population.

Les Carpenter said...

I had stared my prior post skud before you had posted yours but was called away. So, after completing my comment and sending i went back in and saw yours. A couple of your comments have merit. The ones that didn't Shaw did a great job of correcting your errors.

Mike said...

When is the fluorine in the water going to start turning everyone into liberals? It should have worked by now!

Les Carpenter said...

Maybe they should lace it with cannabis. :)

skudrunner said...

I knew as soon as I mentioned the exalted one you would pop a cork but the truth is he took the low road on gun control. Why has it not be put to a vote in congress and make those cowards put their view on record. Won't happen because both sides get money from the gun lobbyist and not just the NRA. Just think, if OTG had the will to try he could have passed laws to curtail AR's but he knew he wouldn't get the 60 votes he needed because it would have cost our paid for elite money and they are not going to sacrifice money for principal.

As to the economy in the crapper when the great one took office. The causes were varied but they all point to frank, dodd and the marvelous maxine and their payoffs from FEMA.

Anonymous said...

Skud, you could mention former President Obama as many times as you’d like if (and this is a huge IF) you refrained from saying things that aren’t completely true. For instance you’ve gone on and on about how Obama said we could keep our doctors with the ACA, and WHEN he said it (before the GOP hatchet job) that was a feature. After the GOP was done, nope, had to use network docs. To claim Obama lied is a lie itself, something you skud are well aware but refuse to admit.

But yeah, it’s SK ‘popping a cork’ by providing facts to educate your sorry behind. And you are a sorry behind for not learning from your mistakes. Do better skud, do better.

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