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Friday, March 31, 2023



America does not love or protect its children.

Cyndi Borowski💙🇺🇲 @BorowskiCyndi · 

The leading cause of death for American children are adults who think their right to kill is greater than a child's right to live.

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The Prophet Dervish Z Sanders said...

Great post Shaw! I decided to wait a while before saying anything on this post. Did any tRumpturds try to post their right wing extremist Nazi propaganda, calling you a hypocrite for standing up against child abuse? I figured they would use abortion as an excuse to fling poo and run a dirty smear campaign against your post. Trolls like uptheEndo, who is a reverse Chinese racist, will launch right wing extremist attacks just for kicks. UptheEndo is a pro CCP useful idiot... or should I say useless mental midget idiot for the Xi Jinping Communist Chinese regime. He pretends to hate the Communist Chinese Police invading our country, when he really prays to his master Satan to let the Chinese invade America. He's also a bigly fan of the Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, hoping North Korea will invade South Korea and take them down. Over the years, he's written trollish retorts on the blogs that I moderated comments on. I never let his trollish retorts get any publicity on my blogs, whenever moderation was on. Last year, he celebrated the assassination of Japan's former Prime Minister, hoping he was burning in hell.