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Wednesday, March 22, 2023



Student shot 2 faculty members at Denver high school, police say; suspected shooter at large 


Mike said...

And if the two faculty members had been armed they would have still been shot.

ralph said...

Once we determine we do not need police at schools we Open up schools to more violence. We give freedom to some so they can take freedom from others. The defund police movement has caused serious problems for many so we don’t offend someones senses.

How many have to die before we need to reinstate police and allow them to do their job.

Grey One talks sass said...

ralph, you are misinformed. The Denver Police Dept has not been defunded but please, don't let facts get in the way of a perfectly good temper tantrum.

If humans in the USA had placed physical and mental health as a priority perhaps We The People would be having a different discussion.

I've been reading/hearing the "We give freedom to some so they can take freedom from others" cry ever since civil rights was a baby. Here's the thing though - freedom isn't a zero sum game where one person wins all the freedoms. It's a community effort because if one person in the community isn't free then no one is. We all have to do our part which is to change our individual efforts to make life for those around us (including ourselves) better.

I know, I can hear y'all... But Grey One, that sounds like (horrified gasps) work.

Yep. It is work and it behooves us to get started because as much as I'd love for some hero type to sweep all our issues away so far the only hero in the picture is (insert picture of yourself here) me.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Grey One talks sass,

"ralph" apparently forgot or never heard of Uvalde where there were police at the school, but they did NOT protect the children who were massacred.

PS. I believe "ralph" is an escapee from the WYD blog. Those trolls generally do not know what they're talking about. All they repeat are talking points from FAUX NOOZ.

possumlady said...

The saddest thing I heard yesterday on the news was a reporter talking to one of the kids at the Denver school. He said something to the effect: "No, this doesn't shock me or anger me, this is just the way things are."

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... as it relates to Uvalde, some of the police have stated one of the reasons they went so slow was fear of an AR 15.

I guess the good guys with guns need bigger guns?

BTW, I've not heard too much on schools choosing to get rid of their safety/police officers at campuses. Not sure where Ralphie gets that. Probably a WYD "Alternative Fact".

Les Carpenter said...

If anyone doubts that inculcation works look no further than FOX "News". And the NRA as well.

skudrunner said...

Grey and Ms. Shaw,
According to news reports from CNN, so it must be true, the shooter was being searched when he pulled a gun. His past history has made this necessary and the school did not have an officer assigned to it because of (wait for it) funding. They have decided to place two officers at the school.

These incidents are becoming more common and instead of placing blame we should find a solution but that would mean working together which is something our elected elite cannot do.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave M. and Grey One talks sass

But skud believes we need to have police presence at all schools in America, because that's just the way it is in a country where children can buy AR-15s and other weapons of death without a license or training and in some state, Texas for example, they can conceal carry those weapons, even if they're 15 years old.

Now anyone who thinks this is a good thing for a country of 340+ million people has to be, IMO, nuts. It's not just me who thinks that; it's the rest of the civilized world.

No one will ever convince me that the 2nd Amendment was meant for 15-year olds to conceal-carry an AR-15.

But that's where we are.

We are also living in a country where 30% of its population think Donald Trump should be POTUS again, and those folks see nothing wrong with someone who may soon be criminally indicted to hold the highest office in our democratic republic -- a creature you screamed to his adoring cultists that he was "YOUR RETRIBUTION!"

We are a sorry country.

Shaw Kenawe said...

-- a creature WHO screamed to his adoring cultists that he was "YOUR RETRIBUTION!" not "you."

Les Carpenter said...

Responding to skud's comment... Many would likely walk away from compromise to resolve problems. Unless the solution mirrored their druthers. Especially trumpers. Probably true of some conservatives as well the far lefties.

Grey One talks sass said...

The young man involved with the shooting unalived himself. There is a story here. A tragedy to be honest.

skud if you'd looked beyond the end of your nose you would have known this fact. It's telling you looked no further than to find an example which fit your bias.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works to help folks at risk of permanent incarceration but it takes money. Enough personal resources helps too - jobs, housing, food.... the necessities of life made scarce by humans with more power than I've ever coveted in all my lives. Humans with more money than they can spend in a hundred years and they sit on it like bloated dragons. I have some ideas on spending but pretty sure they don't want to talk to the likes of me.

skudrunner said...

Leslie you never know until you try and that is just not happening.

Ms. Shaw, the Texas concealed carry law which went into effect in September 1, 2021 for people over 21 so if they were 15 they would be outside the law as it would be in any state. Concealing an AR would be difficult at best and I believe the shooter in Colorado used a handgun.

grey, Can you point out what I said that was not true. Granted this was a tragedy in the making for all parties and it is sad we need law enforcement in our schools but that is where we are. In this case he lived at home and was subjected to a search when he got to his second school after he was thrown out of the first but you have your own ideas.

Howard Brazee said...

Apparently, their solution is to bring back armed cops.

Les Carpenter said...

Who said there hss been no trying? You skud?

Grey One talks sass said...

skud, can you please show me where I said you lied?

Judging the kid skud? How very.... Christianist of you.

I have to add the following or those like skud will make assumptions: violence is the first choice of the incompetent. There are always solutions other than resorting to a firearm. Always. That said... how does one have the brain to think if their belly is empty? How can a child think if they don't have a warm safe space to sleep? How can a child make wise decisions when hormones and society are stacked against them?

These are all the issues I want addressed. I understand none of my issues are a priority to those who have enough food, shelter, and safety. Apparently if an issue doesn't happen to them, it's not an issue. (The them are humans in charge who could do better but choose not to do so because greed, bigotry, lust for power... you know, the usual)

Howard - the kids want fewer firearms in the school, not more. They want what I want - the issues surrounding perceived need of a firearm to be addressed. So much work to do and all I'm getting from higher ups are bumper sticker slogans.

skudrunner said...

Grey, Why would you post that I said you lied. I just said show me what I said that is incorrect.
Who would you judge if not the perpetrator. I guess it was the cops fault he got shot not the kids. Lived in a household yet you assume he was hungry and had no place to sleep.

We spend a lot of time and money excusing bad behavior. We spend billions helping illegals yet little helping the homeless especially vets. Our humans in charge are only interested in their well being and only pay lip service to anything else.