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Saturday, March 25, 2023



h/t Possumlady:

The culture wars, led by ignorant Trumpistas, continue:

We are truly entering into an Age of Ignorance and Fear. And it's being led by the crackpot Trumpistas in Florida, and encouraged by Florida's performative governor.

David -- by Michelangelo Buonorotti

The complaint arose from a Renaissance art lesson where students were shown Michelangelo's statue of David.

The iconic statue is one of the most famous in Western history.

But one parent complained the material was pornographic and two others said they wanted to know about the class before it was taught.

The 5.17m (17ft) statue depicts an entirely naked David, the Biblical figure who kills the giant Goliath.

The lesson, given to 11 and 12-year-olds, also included references to Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam" painting and Botticelli's "Birth of Venus".

Principal Hope Carrasaquilla of Tallahassee Classical School said she resigned after she was given an ultimatum by the school board to resign or be fired.

From a friend:

"I want to remind folks that Michaleangelo’s statue of David was commissioned to be installed in a niche in a cathedral. 

 "However, once Michaelangelo unveiled it, the people who paid for it changed their minds: they decided that it was too magnificent to be displayed up in the cathedral where it would be 80m away from its viewers. Instead they installed it in Florence’s municipal square: the most visible and public possible place of honor. 

 "Those Florida parents who objected to their children seeing it would have been considered backwards and ignorant in 1504." 

 ~ Miles Kurland, pointing out that FL parents are more ignorant than the early Renaissance.


possumlady said...

The Simpsons, as usual, was way ahead of their time when this aired over 30 years ago!!!

Mike said...

This should be a badge of honor on Hope Carrasaquilla's resume. I would think she should be getting offers for a new job soon.

Shaw Kenawe said...

possumlady, Mike

This is what happens when you give certain parents power over what is taught and over teachers. Those kind of frightened and probably fundamentalist religious parents spoil it for other students and endanger the livelihoods of teachers because of their ignorance.

The school is called Tallahassee Classical School. What did the parents who complained think would be taught to their children at that school?

Also, certain parents like the foolish ones responsible for this fiasco, need to come to terms with the fact that we are all naked under our clothes and that males have penises and females have breasts and vaginas. It's natural, but it was religion that made people ashamed of our natural state.

In certain so-called primitive societies, weather permitting, their people live their lives half naked and are not ashamed. Read anything about the Polynesian people and what happened when religious missionaries and sailors contacted them. One of the first things they did was make them cover up their natural bodies, giving them the idea of shame.

I pity the children of those ignorant parents who, by their actions, now have taught their children that their natural genitalia is shameful and not to be seen, even in the great representations in world art. (Yes. The statue of David is a REPRESENTATION, NOT REAL GENITALS!) Do they make their kids cover their eyes when they take baths? Do they cover the mirrors in their houses so kids don't have to gaze upon their shameful, natural bodies?

This incident doesn't surprise me as much as it disgusts me. Just look to fundamentalist Islam and other religions to see the similarities in this preposterous story.

I'm grateful every day that I sold my home in Florida and came back to Massachusetts where normal people are not disgusted and frightened for children to know the natural state of human beings.

Anonymous said...

Devolution of masses of asses ,the new Dark Ages will fail to rise

Les Carpenter said...

Ignorance is taking on a new life in Consville USA.

Don't believe that a modern era Dark Age cannot happen. Driven partly by X'ian fear and lack of education. How long before book burnings find a home in America?

Anonymous said...

No Matter What Lynn Biden says,Donald Trump has always done everything aboveboard and with transparency

Shaw Kenawe said...


He was certainly below board when he lied about having top secret documents stashed @Mar-a-Lardo, also below board when he tried to get the Georgia Secretary of State switch out some votes so her could illegally take the state. He's one of the best liars, cheats, and frauds America has ever put in the White House.

PS You're in a cult.

Shaw Kenawe said...

PS Who's Lynn Biden?

The Prophet Dervish Z Sanders said...

"No Matter What Lynn Biden says, Donald Trump has always done everything..."

LOL! Could be...? NO, I'm not going there.