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Monday, March 27, 2023

Just a reminder...


about the violence-inciting rhetoric that Trump spreads to his cultists at his "rallies."

Trump never mentions anything about policy or what he'd do to help the American people. It's all grievances, and promises of retribution.

In Waco, Texas, on Saturday, he suggested revenge and killing the "Deep State":

TRUMP:   “They're coming after you!” Trump screamed at his Waco rally cultists. 

He spent 95 minutes attacking the many criminal investigations against him: Manhattan DA Bragg, judges, prosecutors, SCOTUS. 

“We'll get retribution!!: He bellowed to the crowd; and then he promised his cultist this ominous threat:

"Either the deep state destroys America or we destroy the deep state."

Grievance. Victimhood. Vengeance. Threats. Violence. Death. 

That's it. That's his platform.


Infidel753 said...

As the walls close in, he becomes fully his narcissistic self. This wasn't a political rally at all, it was a self-therapy session for him to vent about all the things that are upsetting him, with the audience only there to absorb his complaining.

No wonder people started walking out after just half an hour.

Anonymous said...

The press and we as voters have to make a serious decision on Trump’s real status in politics.

He is simultaneously being crowned the front runner for the Republican nomination and yet his speeches to CPAC and this past weekend in Waco were not televised, despite breathless anticipation of both. That’s not a man in charge. That’s a campaign that’s struggling.

We’re telling ourselves he’s going to “beat the rap” yet there are no less than three separate, major investigations into his illegal activities. That’s not the sight of a legal eagle. That’s a debilitated chicken.

Each day we learn of a wildly disturbing rant about shredding the US Constitution; warnings about “Death and Destruction”; and open threats to prosecutors. Yet the next day (at best), we have ignored them on the basis of some vague non-retraction or removal of a visual threat from a social media site. He doesn’t have staying power. It’s gotten dull.

Donald Trump will not be President again. He won’t. I don’t care how many MTGS and Grahams and Cruzes and Gaetzes turn up on the Daily Show or Fox and Friends to declare fealty or give mealy-mouthed critiques.

We may be stuck with Trump in the media for a little longer. But we should not call him a political force. He’s done.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753 and Anon@10AM

Trump did not exactly 'win' an election. He lost the popular vote. More people voted for his opponent than him. The quirk of the electoral college put him office, not the will of the people.

What is disturbing now is that so many Republicans are on the Trump bandwagon no matter how outrageous he gets.

And many Republicans are trying to out-Trump Trump, being even more outrageous than he is. They've embraced his playbook of lies and insults.