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Friday, May 9, 2008


When I heard about Limbaugh's Operation Chaos, I was p.o.'d because of the rank cynicism of the idea--disrupt the democratic process and create havoc. In other words, encourage your followers to be dishonest.

Talk about zombies. Limbaugh says do something, and his dittoheads do it!

I've been told that the Democrats have done the same. However, I don't know of any Liberal talk show host who has a daily show reaching millions of voters and whose listeners are so like lemmings that they follow what he says the way the proverbial little furry animals follow their leader over a cliff. It is a silly argument, and juvenile, as well. "He did it too" is an excuse children have used forever.

I came across this interesting piece at Democratic Underground about Operation Chaos, and it got me to think that perhaps we owe the chief Dittohead a big thank you for giving the Republican Party its brand name, the party of "Operation Chaos."

I'm not p.o.'d anymore. I'm actually ROTFLMAO!

"This 'Operation Chaos' scheme by Rush Limbaugh is pure genius, a guaranteed winner. It fits perfectly into the media's campaign narrative. Meanwhile both sets of candidate supporters are propping up Lardbutt's plot: Clinton supporters want people to believe that they're stronger than Obama against these kind of right-wing attacks, and Obama supporters want people to believe that the dittohead army are the only ones voting for Clinton. Who wins?

That's right: Captain Ass-Boil.So stop worrying about Rush Limbaugh, and ask yourself this question: Is this the best they've got? "Operation Chaos"? 81% of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction, Bush has the highest disapproval rating of any president since records began, Iraq is going nowhere, and the economy is going down the drain. And the considered, adult, conservative approach to this sorry situation is... 'Operation Chaos.' Yeehaw! Funny thing though...'Operation Chaos' seems to have been the Republican approach to getting George W. Bush elected in 2000. 'Operation Chaos' seems to have been the Republican approach to counter-terrorism before Sept. 11th, and the way they've run the Department of Homeland Security since.

'Operation Chaos' seems to have been the Republican approach to dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 'Operation Chaos' seems to have been the Republican approach to the occupation of Iraq. And 'Operation Chaos' seems to have been the Republican approach to the economy.In fact, 'Operation Chaos' seems to have been the Republican approach to governing in general. So by all means, Rush, please keep on branding away..."


Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Ironic of that party that is supposedly the most "patriotic" and "American" is abusing the cherished right to vote in such a manner.

Patrick M said...

Well, why not?

Conservatives (as opposed to Republicans) don't really have a candidate. Many of us will suck up our pride and pull the lever for McCain just to keep Obama's hands off the White House. The rest of us (including me at this point) are just waiting until 2012.

Democratic Underground, while coming up with an amusing and colorful little post, unfortunately seems top have lumped conservatives and Republicans into one bin. Obviously, that doesn't work, and if McCain wins in November, it will be because moderates and some liberals voted for him instead of Obama. It won't be the old Reagan coalition doing the deed.

And for clarification, it was Democrats who have been crossing over to vote in New Hampshire, most notably in 2000 and 2008, who have pushed up McCain's numbers. In 2000, there was only one candidate, though, and McCain went down. This year, all the more conservative candidates blew each other up, and McYop walked into the nomination.

Operation Chaos is a release after losing the presidency 8 months before the election. And it is a laugh.

Obob said...

I think Rush wants to lose in 08. It has been pointed out he increase in fame and profits in 1992. This is not Bleeding Kansas. But a Rush laughing to the bank bleeding the wallets of advertisers.
I voted for Huckabee in Indiana out of boredom.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I think Obob is correct.

Limbaugh has no convictions except the conviction that the people who listen to him are suckers and they'll keep him in cigars and pills for the rest of his small-minded, brutish, gasbaggery of a life.

He keeps giving them conservative "red meat" issues and they keep listening to him, and like sweet, furry little lemmings follow him wherever he may go.

Liberal talk radio is not successful, I believe, because we think for ourselves, and don't need someone to do it for us.

We don't need to tune in and listen everyday to someone whose skewed ideas about this country have been proven false over the last 8 years.

He will always have his audience, since there will always be people who need a Limbaugh to tell them what to think.

Obob said...

I disagree with on independant liberals. Most of the liberal banter I hear is talking points fed from above

Obob said...

But Rush is very savy and should be underestimated

Patrick M said...

Shaw and Obob: There are drones on both sides that lack the ability for independent thought. So why does conservative talk radio flourish while liberals can't seem to float big numbers? Here's my theory:

Despite what the liberals may say, while Limbaugh may specialize in red meat, there are two things his show specializes in: a positive message and raw entertainment value.

This actually tracks back to that article about conservatives being happier than liberals. That's what I get from the show, besides copious laughs from listening to the second biggest ego spewing ideas in the information age.

I'm #1 of course. Bask in the glow.