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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Senator Obama did what he had to do. He won big in North Carolina, and he held Clinton to less than 2 points in Indiana.

We don't know how much of the vote for Clinton in Indiana was due to Comedian Rush Limbaugh's puerile "Operation Chaos"--an attempt to interfere with the democratic process and skew the votes in Clinton's favor. It didn't work anyway, so his Stalinist attempts to hurt Obama are irrelevant.
Clinton did not pile up a huge win in Indiana (as some predicted); and if Limbaugh's people were indeed out there voting for her, then we can assume that without those phoney voters, she would have actually lost Indiana, not squeeze a razor-thin win out of it.

Senator Obama did what he had to do, even when a lot of people were sure he couldn't. Even after a bruising month of negative coverage over the Wright issue. Bravo!

But here's the really strange part of the Indiana and North Carolina primaries:

"In Indiana, McCain earned the backing of 78 percent of Republican primary voters, with exited candidates Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney gaining 10 percent and five percent respectively. Congressman Ron Paul, who is still in the race, has received seven percent of the vote.

The numbers were even worse in North Carolina, where McCain won 74 percent of the vote, with Huckabee earning 12 percent, Paul earning seven percent, and four percent of Republican primary goers simply voting 'no preference.'"


And there wasn't any Liberal radio talk host hyena urging people to vote against him!

What's up with that?

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Patrick M said...

Well, congrats to Obama, it looks like the end for the Clinton campaign is here. I'm just going to miss the "Chaos" now. It was fun. And the point was not to change the outcome, but to make the fight go to the convention. That seems much less likely now.

As for the McCain turnout, it's because conservatives really don't like him, especially after he got a bump in New Hampshire from Democrats crossing over to hang that albatross on the GOP's neck. It's been a time-honored tradition for the Dems to do that in New Hampshire, so who's got the Stalinist tactics here?

The point is that Rush probably helped Hillary not completely lose the state. But don't get me started on Indiana, they're almost half as bad as Michigan.