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Monday, November 30, 2015

Christian Women and Abortion

70% of women who get abortions are Christian

Abortion Rates Highest Among Christians According To Groundbreaking Study 

 When it comes to anti-choice activists interfering with women's reproductive rights, there's no denying that it's mostly Christian groups trying to get Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers shut down. 

From the Pro-Life Action League to the National Pro-Life Religious Council, there's an undeniable link between Christianity and anti-choice activism. That's what makes a recent survey, sponsored by a self-proclaimed pro-life group, so ironic. Planned Parenthood Sees Plenty of Christians 

 The newly released research, conducted by Christian research group LifeWay at the behest of pro-life group Care Net, paints a very different picture of those seeking abortions than you might imagine. 

The study interviewed 1,038 women who had received an abortion. Surprisingly, a full 70 percent of these women were Christian.


Dave Miller said...

Liferay, the research arm of the Southern Baptist Convention is highly respected in Christian circles for how good their data is.

The more difficult number for anyone caring about the work of the church is the one that says 64% of women believe folks will gossip about them rather than help.

Howard Brazee said...

It's interesting that there as many Roman Catholics getting abortions as protestants. The Roman Catholic church calls abortion a mortal sin, and birth control a venial sin. But American Catholics tend to see birth control as an "intentional sin", and abortion as a "backed into a corner sin". So fewer Catholics use birth control.

I'm Skippy's Mom said...

Shaw re your banner about the UCCS cop who was killed by Dear. The Tea Party blogs never fail to honor a policeman killed by an African-American, but when a cop is killed by one of their own, nada. crickets. Hypocrites. The Tea Party Key Board Commandos who host commenters urging people to kill the U.S. President are furiously banging away today, accusing President Obama of treason! Imagine that! And they're the very same idiots who believe Donald Trump would be a fabulous president! Dear God!

Jerry Critter said...

Perhaps Christians should concentrate on their own and eave the rest of us alone.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to understand the Tea Party supporters. They hate Obama, call him a liar, even a traitor, but they have no prob with supporting Donald Trump who's lied to everyone since he said Mexico sends US it's rapists and other criminals, thousands and thousands of Muslims cheered the towers falling on 9/11, lied about African-Americans percentage killing white people..racist lies every one of them, but that's okay with them? These are the people who say liberalism is a mental disease?

The Prophet Dervish Z Sanders said...

If these "Christian" groups were serious they'd concentrate their efforts on raising women out of poverty, given the fact that abortion rates are 5 times higher among poor women. They would also preach in favor of contraception, given the fact that the Bible is actually contraception-friendly. Not that I believe that Christians should oppose abortion due to it being "murder", as the Bible doesn't say any such thing.

In any case, if you're truly opposed to abortion I think it's best to vote Democrat and be pro-choice... given the fact that Democratic presidents have been 6 times more effective at reducing abortions. IMO this is all about controlling women.

Anonymous said...

But they abortion providers, they are health care providers

okjimm said...

I am so sick of STUPidillians! PP prevents more abortions than it provides.....helps fight STD's,provides sex education,screens to a ton of folks who would not have access or affordability to any basic the long term...Planned Parenthood acts as a private entity that helps citizens in a area where public availability is NOT by the government. I find it so perverse that a group espouses less controls.....adds more.

Les Carpenter said...

The deeply irresponsible rhetoric of the pro-life movement