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Saturday, November 7, 2015

In His Own Words


What Dr. Carson said at his contentious presser on Friday night in Florida:

Ben Carson's defenders rallied late this afternoon, focusing in on whether Carson "fabricated" a story about his admission to West Point or simply told a story that was demonstrably false numerous times over several decades. 

But Carson seemed to dig himself deeper in an angry exchange with reporters this evening. This snippet from the conservative Washington Examiner, captures the moment ... 

 "Politico, as you know, told a bald-faced lie," Carson said. "I never said I received a full scholarship. Nowhere did I say that." 

A member of the media interjected: "You just told me you got scholarship offer." "I never said I got a scholarship," Carson replied, making a distinction between "scholarship" and "scholarship offer."

From an interview with Charlie Rose, October 2015:

 Meanwhile, Trump has this to say about Kindly Dr. Ben Carson: 

 “You know if you think about what Carson is saying. He hit his mother over the head with a hammer. He hit a friend in the face with a lock. He tried to kill somebody with a knife and said he suffers from pathological disease. When you suffer from pathological disease, all right, you’re not really getting better unless you start taking lots of pills and things. He went into a bathroom and all of the sudden he found religion.” 

As O’Reilly tried to defend Carson, Trump called the host gullible. Trump went on, “You know what’s amazing, Bill? He's trying to prove he did it, so he’ll have credibility. 

Who would want to prove this?” O’Reilly pulled out a version of the standard Republican youthful indiscretions excuse, and Trump said, “I never hit my mother over the head.”

There it is, Nation. Dr. Carson wants you to make him POTUS because he once wanted to hit his mother on the head with a hammer, but didn't. 

Trump wants you to make him the POTUS because he never wanted to hit his mother over the head with a hammer.

Your modern Republican Party.



This comment, found on the blog, First Draft, nicely sums up what happened to Kindly Dr. Ben Carson when his personal narrative came under scrutiny:

"Gee, we went from oh-so-honest Ben Carson to hey-that-was-50-years-ago Ben Carson. Actually, it’s closer to 45, but who’s counting? While it’s true I don’t remember everyone I talked to 50 years ago, I’d like to think if I “wrote” a book about it, I’d get it nailed down pretty well, sift my memory, run through every personal paper I could scare up, and get it right. 

 As for Carson, he couldn’t just say that he considered going to West Point, like thousands of other young men. No, in his telling, he had to meet with Gen. Westmoreland. None of this sending letters to his Congressman or Senator like some kid with a dream for Dr. Destiny; he gets an on the spot offer directly from the General. 

 Yeah, it’s too bad that this puffery has tripped up Carson, instead of something substantive. But on so many levels, the story reveals a lot more about Carson than he intended it to. There’s the puffed-up sense of self-importance, the grandiosity, and when called out on it, the petulance that sounds like a man not accustomed to having his work reviewed, his word vetted." 


Jerry Critter said...

That's one of the difficulties with telling lies. You must remember exactly what you said. The truth is much easier.

Craig's Listless said...

A Zombiechurian Candidate, sheeple!

Dr. Brain Surgeon said...

If the Westpoint 'scholarship' was the only questionable statement he had made- i would give him a pass. An alumni suggesting he could get a full ride (scholarship) if he applied due to his ROTC work isnt a stretch. Obviously he couldve phrased it clearer,but really its not that big a deal. However, when you look at the sheer volume of questionable statements and fabrications, if not bold faced lies..... he isnt just unfit for the highest office in a field he has zero experience with- hes unfit to be anything above a walmart greeter!

Les Carpenter said...

Or, a gifted neurosurgeon. Which at one time he was.

Clearwater, Florida said...

Carson is just another tired old pol. He's no difference than any other politician trying to get elected. He doesn't want people sniffing around in his past to see the contradictions and lies he's gotten away with all his life. He claims this wasn't done to Obama? Another lie. To this day the Baggers are still whining about Obama's "sealed school records" --a lie. And his association with madrassas in Indonesia (he was there from 6 years old to ten, and had no choice -- he was a child).

So the whiners on the right are bitching about researching Carson's past on things that happened decades ago? Too effin' bad. The whiners had and still have no problem with digging up Obama's past, do they.

What's driving this anger on Baggers is that they've just discovered that their brain surgeon "hero" is just as much a liar and con artist as any other politician. And they can't handle that truth.

Kevin Robbins said...

“I never hit my mother over the head.”

That's a wonderful campaign slogan.

Kevin Robbins said...

Here's Trump concern trolling:

“It's a strange situation when you talk about hitting your mother on the head with the hammer," Trump said on ABC's "This Week." "It's a weird deal going on and I hope it all works out because I don’t want to see Ben have problems over this stuff.”

Yeah, it'd be terrible if he had problems over it.

Les Carpenter said...