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Monday, November 9, 2015

Kindly Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben's quote:

" I do not remember this level of scrutiny for one president Barack Obama."

Wait. What?

Dr. Carson has a convenient memory, as do his apologists.

Here's a short list of the grinding-down, never-ending scrutiny President Obama endured (and is still enduring -- since Kindly Dr. Carson brought up the falsehood that Mr. Obama's student records are sealed):


*  endless questions, investigations, expeditions, and God knows what on his birth certificate.

*  investigations on his religious affiliation assertions

*  and inquiries made about his sexual orientation

*  endless demands for his college records

*  investigations into his family, including the father he really never knew, in some “guilt by blood” accusations

That is just a short list and there is more that can be added.

Did Ben deal with any of this bullsh*t? Literally any of it? Of course not.

 After making the comment about Obama, Carson then went to list ALL the topics of scrutiny that Obama has been under for the last several years.

The guy just said that Obama has not been scrutinized as much as him but then listed many issues that Obama was or is still being investigated on by the media, which Carson never had to deal with. Then to top it all off, Carson started complaining that the Media has not investigated Obama enough.

It’s like he doesn’t even hear himself speaking anymore.

There really is no way to describe the spluttering eruption of irrationality from Carson sufficiently, so watch the video of it below for the full experience:

Watch Dr. Carson continue to say, no INSIST, he never said he was offered a scholarship to West Point, then watch the video below this one where CARSON SAYS WITH HIS OWN TONGUE AND MOUTH THAT HE WAS OFFERED A SCHOLARSHIP TO WEST POINT.  It's clear that Dr. Carson and his campaign staff don't listen to his statements that are documented on videos. But, like a little boy caught being naughty and saying things that aren't true, he blames the media for pointing them out.

How important is this West Point kerfluffle? Not very, I'd say.  As someone else pointed out, what he said about climate change, Darwin being influenced by Satan, and then saying the Jews couldn't save themselves because they didn't carry guns to shoot at the German army are much worse because they show a man who is not operating in a rational state of mind.  Maybe he once did when he excelled in his career, but he sure doesn't show any rationality now.  


Shaw Kenawe said...

"Ben Carson and the Truth"

Lisa E. said...

IIRC, the Nutwingers said the only reason "libtards" voted for Mr. Obama was because he was black.

Can they answer why they're supporting Carson now that he's been exposed as a person who plays fast and loose with the truth and is also a wacko?

Could it be just a case of "Some of My Best Friends Are Black-ism" to prove the Nutwingers are oh so politically correct and really, really like the Blahs?

Franco Aragusto said...

Have you seen this from Little Green Footballs?

"In an interview with The New York Times on Friday, Mr. Carson said: “I don’t remember all the specific details. Because I had done so extraordinarily well you know I was told that someone like me – they could get a scholarship to West Point. But I made it clear I was going to pursue a career in medicine.”

“It was, you know, an informal ‘with a record like yours we could easily get you a scholarship to West Point.’”

The problem for Carson, though, is that he has repeatedly stated, very specifically, that he had received a “scholarship offer” directly from West Point.

In his recent book, “You Have a Brain,” Mr. Carson described how he decided which college to attend: “I still had the scholarship offer from West Point as a result of my R.O.T.C. achievements.”

More recently, in a Facebook post in August responding to a question, he wrote that he had been “thrilled to get an offer from West Point.”

It’s pretty clear that Carson chose to frame this as “an offer from West Point” because it aided in his myth-building story of personal redemption and triumph."

I'm Skippy's Mom said...

Gak! Ben Carson's homage to himself. Its like a cathedral to himself, he even has Jesus shilling for his awesomeness! Imagine if the wingers found anything like this that Obama did? Looks like Carson believes he's the Third Coming.

Anonymous said...

Let's consult Ben Carson's favorite book - the Holy Bible.

"For unless you are honest in small matters, you won't be honest in large ones." (Luke 16:10)

Kevin Robbins said...

Skippy's Mom, I saw that from a link at Chas Pierce's. Love the painting of Dr. Ben and Buddy Jesus and the Bible quote carved into the wall with the "R" missing in Proverbs. That would drive me insane (maybe it had that effect on him come to think of it).

Anonymous said...

The racists are out in force going after Carson. Can you believe he published his college syllabus. Is he trying to make obama look bad. No one has been allowed to see either one of the obama's transcripts and now Carson is publishing his. What gall, it is just a right wing conspiracy to make obama look bad.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon, I've googled "Carson to publish his college transcripts" and nothing has come up. Where did you read that Carson is publishing his college transcripts?

Meanwhile, there's this from Carson's Op-Ed "Beyond Affirmative Action":

I certainly believe that I benefited from affirmative action. When I applied to Yale University, I thought my chances of being accepted were favorable only because I was somewhat naive about admission requirements for a high-powered Ivy League institution.

In my mind, I was pretty hot stuff. Only after I got to Yale and became cognizant of my classmates' many accomplishments did I realize that the admissions committee had taken a substantial risk on me and that I had been extended special consideration. My early academic experiences were traumatic, and but for the grace of God, I would have flunked out."

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Can you believe he published his college syllabus. Is he trying to make obama look bad."

How is publishing his college syllabus making Obama look bad? Please explain.

Edward said...

"How is publishing his college syllabus making Obama look bad? Please explain.

Because Obama doesn't have the courage to do what Dr. Carson is doing, publishing his syllabus so everyone can see his been honest and truthful as opposed to Obama who has hidden his syllabus from public scrutiny.

Dave Miller said...

Edward, you, like many on the right, would discount anything Obama provides as evidence.

There are people on some of the right wing blogs who beg for someone, indeed, anyone to admit seeing President Obama on campus during his school days at Harvard. Yet when my family personally attested to this fact, because my brother in law was a fellow student at the time, they claimed I was lying.

Everything that has been produced as evidence of Barack Obama's life here in the states has been discounted by many on the right. Why is that?

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Do you know the difference between a sillybus and a transcrypt? In either case, some things are private and best kept that way ... such as toilet paper after you use it!

Rational Nation USA said...

... so everyone can see his (sic) been honest and truthful...

Actually the facts point to Dr. Carson often being less than honest.

Ducky's here said...

The past that he's constructed for himself should be instructive.

Why the need to construct a past where he wanted to smash his mother with a hammer.
Why construct an attempted stabbing that can't be substantiated as his come to Jesus moment?

Was Westmoreland really at the dinner in question? That should be possible to establish.

It all fails the smell test for me.
Then there's the real Ben. The Darwin was a tool of the devil Ben.
The guy has some sort of mental impairment and he certainly isn't our next president.

However, he is likely the next Sarah Palin.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Lisa E., I've read that's the reason that the right wingers are so passionate for Carson: It means they're not racist, except when the emails and photo shopped images of the Obama family are passed around in secret emails that depict them as apes or worse. Also, there's the slimy racists on the Stench Trench who publish the most disgusting images of black people -- but only black people who are liberals.

Radical P.L., Carson is having a hard time because the media aren't slobbering over him. POssibly that's the first time that's happened in his illustrious career, and he doesn't know how to handle it.

I'm Skippy's Mom, I saw that. Can you imagine how the wingers would have reacted had Mr. Obama decorated his home as a homage to himself? When Carson does it, it's okay, because he's one of their tribe.

Anonymous @11:30 AM, don't know that passage from the Bible, but I'm sure Carson does. But he's ignored it. Obviously.

Kevin, with all his money, couldn't Carson have hired a carver who knew how to spell?

Edward, you obviously don't know the difference between a syllabus and a transcript. I'm not surprised.

Dave, there's no reasoning with people like "Edward." People who don't even know what a syllabus is.

(O)CT(O)PUS answered "Edward's" nonsensical comment perfectly.

RN, I'm not sure if Carson is dishonest or just plain confused. Confused is not a trait one wants in a president. He won't be president, of course, but what a shame he's tarnished his medical legacy with his goofy pronouncements.

Ducky, what about Dr. Ben's promise to crack down on political incorrect speech (only liberal speech) on college campuses? How totalitarian of him. Notice how the blogs that constantly call Mr. Obama a dictator are so silent on that.

Edward said...

I know what a syllabus is and I know that Obama is afraid for people finding out about his.

Paula said...

Edward is an escapee from the Stupid Party blogs.

syllabus outline or other brief statement of the main points of a discourse, the subjects of a course of lectures, the contents of a curriculum, etc.


a short summary of the legal basis of a court's decision appearing at the beginning of a reported case.
a book containing summaries of the leading cases in a legal field, used especially by students.

Dr. Brain Surgeon said...

I followed "I'm Skippy's Mom's" link to look at Ben Carson's pad . You gotta love the plaque with the biblical verse about humility in a house surrounded by umpteen huge oil Paintings of The Humble Doctor. The decor makes Rush Limbaugh's NYC pad (the one that looks like a Bordello decorated by Mae West) look positively Klassy by comparison .

If there had been only one portrait, and it was the one of him with Jesus, that alone puts any ego trip Trump ever took in the shade.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Oh my! Richard Cohen of the WaPo:

"I have come to the conclusion that Ben Carson is a bit nuts. I say that not because I disagree with him politically, but because he doesn’t seem to know what the truth is. Donald Trump, in contrast, does. When challenged, he becomes more forceful. He exhales a gale of fibs and just shoulders his way through until his interrogator, some hapless journalist, surrenders. Carson, though, is unusually serene. He gives me the willies. [...]

Carson’s lies fall into a troubling category. They seem to be entrepreneurial, created by him to advance his own narrative. They are not defensive attempts to explain bad behavior. Bill Clinton lied about his extramarital sex, but, then, who wouldn’t? Trump lies when confronted with the truth, since any crack in his narcissism might spread like an Ebola of the soul and he would deflate like one of Macy’s balloons on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Carson has struck back in a so’s-your-mother fashion. He has accused the media of being both cynically and secularly distrustful of him while having given Barack Obama a free ride when he was a candidate. This is not the way Obama would see it. He was questioned about his mad pastor, his middle name and even his birthplace. Had Carson looked down the debate dais, he would have seen The Donald himself, who, in his own telling, dispatched private investigators and possibly the doormen of his Fifth Avenue building to prove that Obama was born not in Hawaii, but in Kenya or someplace. How’s that for scrutiny?"