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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Marco Rubio Wants You To Know EXACTLY What Barack Obama Is Doing To This Country...

so he tells you FIVE TIMES in one debate. 

Because nothing says you know what you're talking about more than repeating yourself on the same talking point FIVE TIMES.  BTW, that's FIVE TIMES Marco said the same thing. FIVE TIMES.

It's hard to believe, but true. He said the same damn thing FIVE TIMES!

It was like a deja vu Ground Hog Day all over again.

And it made Marco "Barack Obama Knows Exactly What He's Doing To This Country" Rubio looked like a rank amateur.  

Not so dynamic now, is he.

Christie ate him for his mid-evening snack.

And there's this:

Rubio also believes that God's rules supersede our secular laws -- the laws set down by the Constitution. How do people who support Rubio square that? What makes him different, say, from the religious prelates in Muslim countries that promote Allah's laws above all else? Why do TeaPublicans tolerate this nonsense? We are a secular country. Our laws are not based on the Bible.



Rational Nation USA said...

Inculcate. Surely this is the Rubio strategy. Repeat something enough times (I can't remember the number) and it will be remembered. And, I'm sure Marco is hoping and banking on it being believed.

Rubio, the Cuban-America lightweight.

Very Dead Andrew said...

The more we see of these TeaPublicans in the debates, the more we understand how whacked they are. Imagine any of them, Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Christie as representative of this country.

Imagine hearing Rubio repeating the same talking points forever as president? Marco showed the country what a little derp he really is.

Rational Nation USA said...

Christie a tea party Tea-publican? Who knew?

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

In Rubio's case, repeat something often enough and the bull jumps from the TV screen into your lap. Kinda reminds me of the dead bear scene in Revenant.

Ducky's here said...

Marco Rubio simply isn't very bright and that's coming out. And he really looks lost when he starts getting knocked around a little.

I still laugh at his statement that we need to close mosques and diners where the jihadists congregate.
Just worry the the Teabags really buy into that.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Conservative pundit, David Frum, explains why Rubio is a dangerously naive and untested candidate for the presidency.

Doctor Tomato said...

Yes, Barack Obama knows EXACTLY what he's doing. And Rubio is a weenie.

"The president’s approval rating is flirting with 50 percent, giving him the highest favorable rating of any active national political figure by far. When Gallup asked Americans last month whether they’re better off now than eight years ago, 50 percent said, “Yes.” In this ultra-partisan atmosphere that is the closest thing you’re going to get to a consensus.

Marco Rubio, on the other hand, is forced to flee his immigration bill, which is the closest thing to an accomplishment in his Senate career. Whenever he has been faced with a major challenge — in his State of the Union response, when House Republicans refused to even vote on his bill, during Saturday’s debate — he has crumbled.

But Rubio is right about Barack Obama. He clearly knows exactly what he’s doing Because despite inevitable imperfections and failings, especially in Syria and the Veterans Administration, and amidst multifarious disasters that he inherited, Obama’s successes far outshine his limitations. Today, our first African-American president heads towards his home stretch as the first president since Eisenhower to conclude a second term without being personally implicated in scandal."

skudrunner said...

Kind of reminds you of obama and his economy is good and jobless rate is low. Tell that to the people that can only get a PT job, well at least it is a job. Or maybe everything I did bad is the republicans fault or obamacare is a success just ask those who have dropped it because they can't afford it.

The reason marco keeps repeating things is he thinks he is talking to democrats.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner: "Or maybe everything I did bad is the republicans fault..."

Many people agree with that, and it's good of you, skud, to admit it.

As JEB! said the other day, if Marco gets the nomination for the Repubs. and Hillary get it for the Dems, Hillary will "scrape the skin off of Rubio." Heh. Even Marco's fellow Repubes know he's a light weight.

Howard Brazee said...

I have heard all of the candidates make their points repeatedly. Even if the point is just "I'm very rich".

Shaw Kenawe said...

Yes, Howard, I agree.

Even if the point is just "I'm great!"

skudrunner said...


-H- is the DNC nominee and the only thing that can change that is if she is indicted, or if Bloomberg runs. The likelihood of her being indicted is slim at best because the person who would have to issue it is a big -H- supporter and her boss will not let her.

Bloomberg on the other hand is a possibility. -H- is falling our of favor even with the yellow dogs. The true corruption of the clintons is exposed more every day and she is loosing favor. She is neck in neck with a 70 year old socialist and can't get out of her own way. Hard to say it is a right wing conspiracy when a democrat socialist is the one saying it.

I think Joe should step in. He could not do any worse than BHO and he would be entertaining.